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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "In the Beginning"

Season 5, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: While on the trail of Lumen's former attackers, Dexter stumbles onto a possible ally, but when the homicide unit finds evidence linked to one of Dexter and Lumen's earlier victims, they are forced to throttle back. Meanwhile, Debra identifies two more suspects in the Barrel Girls investigation.
Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2010
Guest Cast Julia Stiles: Lumen
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Season 5, Episode 10
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Length: 54:00
Aired: 11/28/2010
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Dexter Episode Recap: "In the Beginning" Season 5, Episode 10

Dexter and Lumen discover the identity of another man involved in the barrel girls' murders, while Deb and Quinn are only steps behind in the case.

Now that Jordan Chase knows what Dexter and Lumen are up to, Dex sends Harrison off to Rita's parents' house with the nanny and moves Lumen into his apartment. The two visit Emily, the woman whose blood Chase wears around his neck in a vial. She obviously knows something about Chase, but slams the door in their faces.

Meanwhile, the team has re-opened the barrel girls' case and searches Cole's home where they find 13 discs — each featuring the brutal assaults of each of the 13 victims (Lumen being 13). Dex manages to pull the switcheroo and plant a damaged disc for Lumen's DVD. But Deb is starting to connect the dots between Cole and Dan the dentist. They bring Chase in for questioning with his lawyer, and when Dexter takes his DNA sample, Chase tells him Lumen is toxic and is not to be trusted. Hmm. Makes you wonder.

Lumen, meanwhile, returns to Emily's home and convinces her to tell her what she knows by showing her a clip of her attack. Emily tells her 20 years ago, she was a counselor-in-training and befriended Jordan Chase, one of her campers who was unrecognizable in the photo of the four boys. He drugged her and she woke up tied to a bed, where the others raped her. But Chase didn't. He just got the rest of them going by telling them to seize their destiny. Emily also gives up the name of the last boy in the photo — Alex. Lumen leaves to update Dexter, but later, in a very bizarre twist of events, we see Emily talking to Chase and telling him she told Lumen the truth, just as he asked. Chase goes on about how special Emily is to him and how she made him who he is today. Say what??

Dexter and Lumen prepare to take down man No. 4, Alex (Scott Grimes), and they check out his home while he's gone. Dexter gives his little protégé a present before they go: black leather gloves, just like his. How sweet (in a twisted way). They break in to Alex's place and find a jewelry box with 13 pieces of jewelry — one being Lumen's necklace, which she takes back. The two later prep for the kill, and Lumen takes some practice stabs in the air with Dexter's knife. Too bad Liddy is watching this whole thing on his surveillance camera.

During all of this, Alex gets freaked out when Quinn and Deb pay him a visit at work asking questions about Cole. Chase tells him to go straight home and act as if nothing is happening, but he knows Lumen and Dexter are plotting to murder him that night as well. He just wants to use him as bait. Chase calls Deb with a tip that leads them to Alex's house so that they can catch Dexter and Lumen in the act. But unfortunately for Chase (and luckily for Dexter), their kill room is another condo in the complex. And Lumen is the one who does the honor as Dexter watches almost with a smile. Deb and Quinn take a walk around the perimeter and notice a female footprint. Her theory: Victim 13 is alive and taking these guys out one at a time. Impressive, Detective Morgan.

After all is said and done, Lumen and Dexter go back to his apartment, where Dexter doesn't say a word and goes to his room. Lumen, however, follows him in and undresses herself and Dex. In a touching moment, he kisses her forehead and she puts his hand on her heart. Later, as the two lay naked and look at each other, Dexter thinks to himself, "In her eyes, I'm not a monster."

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Dexter and Lumen discover the identity of another man involved in the barrel girls' murders, while Deb and Quinn are only steps behind in the case.

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