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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "My Bad"

Season 5, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: Season 5 opens with Dexter dealing with the aftermath of Rita's murder and making a decision that will impact many of those in his circle of friends, relatives and coworkers. Meanwhile, Quinn concludes that Rita's death doesn't match Trinity's MO, and steps up to help Debra in a time of trouble.
Original Air Date: Sep 26, 2010
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam
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Season 5, Episode 1
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Length: 55:00
Aired: 9/26/2010
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Dexter Episode Recap: "My Bad" Season 5, Episode 1

Following Rita's brutal murder, Dexter struggles with his complicated grief. Meanwhile, as the team turns Dexter's case over to the FBI, Quinn can't help but wonder if Dexter was involved in the tragedy.

Born in Blood

The season premiere of Dexter picks up right where we left off. Dexter has arrived home after killing Trinity to discover Rita dead in their bathtub with her femoral artery slit and Harrison crying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood. "Born in blood, both of us," Dexter says to himself. "It doesn't matter what I do. This is fate."

The first responders arrive to find Dexter on his knees in the front yard, holding a screaming Harrison. When the police arrive and ask Dexter what happened, he responds blankly, "Rita's inside. It was me." Probably not the best choice of words at a murder scene. Deb and the team arrive, but despite Batista's protest, Laguerta says they can't take the case because Trinity belongs to the feds.

As the chaos unfolds at the crime scene, for once, Dexter is actually looking for his father to appear and help him. An FBI agent jumps all over Dexter to question his previous comment, but Deb quickly shuts the man down and brings her brother and Harrison to her apartment.

The Next Day

The following morning, the guys at the station are listening to Dexter's 911 call, and let's just say the emotion is lacking. It actually sounds like he's reading off a police report and just describing another victim. Quinn notes that Dexter's neighbor Elliot was more torn up about Rita than her own husband, and Masuka seizes the opportunity to tell him about the kiss he witnessed last Thanksgiving between Rita and Elliot. Of course, Quinn automatically assumes that this could be Dexter's motive to kill Rita.

Deb heads over to Dexter's house once it's released as a crime scene and meets Quinn there. But she's not there for evidence the feds may have missed. Instead, she's there to clean up the massive amounts of blood in the bathroom so Dexter won't have to see it. After they scrub the place down, Deb gets pretty emotional because she's worried about Dexter. As Quinn tries to comfort her, Deb kisses him and the two go at it on the floor. Everyone handles grief differently, I guess! Deb quickly realizes what she just did and bolts out of the house. While Quinn is outside, he sees Elliot and asks him about the kiss. Elliot says it was nothing, and Dexter knocked him out over it. Again, Quinn gets that suspicious look in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Dexter gets a call from Astor and Cody's grandparents, who are at Disney World with the kids. He decides not to tell them yet so they can enjoy one more day. He goes with Deb to meet with a funeral director to plan Rita's service, and Dexter is bowled over by the director's simple expression of sympathy: "I'm sorry for your loss." As soon as idea of expressing his emotions about Rita in an obit comes up, Dexter leaves the room to take a breather and winds up down the hall at another wake. He seems to be mesmerized by an old woman grieving over her dead husband and tries to absorb this "normal" display of emotions from someone who just lost a spouse.

Breaking the News

When Astor, Cody and their grandparents arrive, Dexter not-so-gently breaks the news to them. It's actually almost painful to watch how bluntly he tells these children their mother was just brutally murdered. "I'm sorry for your loss," he says, parroting the funeral director. Dexter chases after Astor as she runs out, but she can't handle the news nor the fact that Dexter isn't showing any emotion. "I can tell just by looking you don't even care," she screams. "We all would have been better off if we hadn't met you. I wish you were dead." Wow. Of course, this adds to Dexter's guilt since he knows he should have killed Trinity sooner.

Dexter has a flashback to his and Rita's first encounter, a blind date set up by Deb. They exchange obligatory formalities, but we soon notice his attention isn't on Rita, but rather a man in the back of the restaurant — clearly his next victim. As Rita tries to make a conversation, the man leaves and Dexter abruptly excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He sneaks out the back door, grabs and sedates his victim in the parking lot and throws him in the trunk. Dexter runs back inside, makes up a lie about being sick and sprints out the door, leaving Rita high and dry.

"Like your sister says, I'm toxic," Dexter says to Harrison when the flashback ends. "You'd all be better off without me."

Dexter Finally Mourns

As Deb reminds her brother of everything that needs to be done before Rita's funeral, she gets a call saying that Dexter never showed for his meeting with the FBI. She doesn't know that he spent the time wiping his computer, torching his shed of killing supplies (except some knives and his blood sides) and taking a little jaunt on his boat. But before all that, he stops by the funeral home to say goodbye to Rita and tell her the truth once and for all. "I'm a serial killer. That's what I am," he says to her corpse. "And I led you to believe I'm a human being and I'm not. That's a lie."

Later, Deb calls Dexter from Rita's funeral, which has been held up because the deceased's husband is MIA. Dexter ignores the calls and steers his boat into the wide ocean without looking back. When he stops to get gas, he encounters a horrendously callous man and kills him. But unlike his other kills, where he's calm and collected, you can really see Dexter let go as he repeatedly stabs the man with an anchor.

"That's the most human thing I've seen you do since she died," Harry says, finally appearing to his son. He tells Dexter that it's OK to show what he's feeling, so Dexter releases a scream that's a mix of anger and sadness.

Change of Heart

Everyone is restless standing around Rita's casket at the cemetery— especially Deb. Just before Quinn is able  to tell Deb about the Elliot-Dexter thing, Dexter pulls up (and it looks like there was no time to go home and change). The funeral begins and Dexter gives a very touching eulogy that seems as though it actually came from the heart.

"I wasn't even human when we first met," he tells the crowd. "I never expected that to change. She reached out and found something that wasn't even there."

What did you think of the premiere of Dexter? How do you think Dexter will fare as a single father? Do you think Quinn will figure out the truth about him?

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Following Rita's brutal murder, Dexter struggles with his complicated grief. Meanwhile, as the team turns Dexter's case over to the FBI, Quinn can't help but wonder if Dexter was involved in the tragedy... read more

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