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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Hungry Man"

Season 4, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Dexter studies those closest to Arthur in an attempt to understand the psychology behind the Trinity Killer's actions; Rita's Thanksgiving-dinner plans are complicated when her full house gets even fuller with the addition of some unexpected guests; Batista sees some closure on a troubling old case; and Debra's continued pursuit of the Trinity Killer may prove a threat to Dexter.
Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2009
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam
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Season 4, Episode 9
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Length: 52:00
Aired: 11/22/2009
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Hungry Man" Season 4, Episode 9

This Thanksgiving, Dexter is spending the day with his loved ones — and his most dangerous adversary, Trinity. While sharing in Trinity's holiday traditions, Dexter sees the killer in a new light. Meanwhile, Dexter's neighbor Elliot lends more than just a helping hand to Rita as she prepares her Turkey Day feast, and Deb makes an unsettling realization.

Everyone Gears Up for the Holiday
With Thanksgiving only a day away, everyone is finalizing what their plans are for Thanksgiving. Deb isn't too keen on spending it with Dexter and the family. But Dexter, refusing to take no for an answer, lays a guilt trip on thick by filming a home video of the kids pouting about their Aunt Deb. Deb caves in and agrees to go, but invites Masuka to tag along since he clearly has not other options.

Quinn's reporter girlfriend, Christina (I suppose the time has come to refer to her by name), tries to persuade Quinn into spending Thanksgiving with her with the promise of pecan pie. But she makes the mistake of using the term "girlfriend" and Quinn pretty much freaks and uses work as an excuse to get out of it spending Thanksgiving with her.

Trinity is in a bad mood after seeing Christina's front-page story about a serial bludgeoner. Dexter swings by and sees Trinity fighting with his son Jonah (snapping his trophies in half) and Jonah storms out and speeds off in his car. Dexter follows and tries to calm Jonah down as he begins to bash his own car in with a bat. He tells Dexter that his dad is not a good man and abuses him. Hoping his dad will not beat him senseless for destroying the car, he invites Dexter to their family Thanksgiving. Dexter agrees and later tells Rita he'll be running late to their family holiday because of work.

Thanksgiving — Trinity Style
Dexter arrives for the first part of his Thanksgiving at Trinity's, even though Jonah failed to mention to his parents that Dexter would be joining the family. But Dexter plays the "I'm so alone" card and Trinity welcomes him to stay. "Full tables, full hearts, full bellies," Trinity says.

Dexter enters the kitchen and senses the tension in the house based on the fact that Jonah is not there yet. He also finds it odd that Trinity's wife asked her husband if their daughter Rebecca "could come out now."

Since Trinity is dead set on following tradition, he has Dexter go to the garage to find the football to toss around outside. While Trinity is getting increasingly irritated with the fact that his son isn't there to partake in the tradition, Dexter comes across Trinity's coffin under a sheet. Trinity dismisses it and says it was from when he was "confused." As the two leave, Dexter asks himself, "What kind of father keeps a coffin in his garage." As always, Harry chimes in with his two cents: "What kind of father keeps blood slides in his shed." Touché.

Jonah finally decides to show up and his car is in rough shape. He tells his dad it happened while he was at his friends place, and next thing you know, Trinity comes out with a crowbar. But instead of going ballistic with it, Trinity pops out the side of the car and seems to be OK about it.

Dexter excuses himself from watching the football game with the guys and pops into Rebecca's room, which is decorated a bit too young for a girl her age. He also notices pad locks on the windows and a bolt lock on the outside of the door. Dexter sneaks outside to ask Rebecca about them and she basically throws herself at Dexter in hopes that he'll help her. "Get me out of here," she begs Dexter before trying to kiss him. Her mom Sally comes out just as Dexter is pushing her off. But here's the kicker. "Whatever you did or are going to do, I don't care. Just don't tell Arthur," Sally says to Dexter. "What the hell is he doing with these people," Dexter asks himself. Good question.

While Dexter is outside, he gets a call that Cody fell through the roof of his shed but is fine. Worried someone will find something incriminating, he heads back in to make up an excuse to leave and notices Jonah taping up his finger. Why? Because Trinity snapped it in half. "That was for my windshield," he says to his son. "Things of beauty need to be honored." Obviously, Dexter stays in fear that Trinity will start cracking more Jonah's fingers.

Once the meal is finally ready, the Miller's partake in yet another tradition by going around the table to say what they're thankful for. Everyone says the house, and each other, but no one seems to mention Trinity. When it comes time for Trinity to share, he says, "You know what I'm thankful for? My car." And that's when all hell breaks loose. Jonah says he's not thankful for his father, and his family jumps in to diffuse the situation. Too late — Jonah's on a rampage. 

Trinity calls his daughter Vera (his dead sister) and Jonah begins to smash his plaques in a rage. "F--k you and f--k Vera," he screams, adding his father is a "killer." But when Jonah smashes Vera's urn, Trinity flips out and begins to attack him. The family tries to help, but to no avail. Dexter uses his belt to drag Trinity by the neck into the kitchen and shuts the door behind him. He grabs a butcher knife, pins Trinity with it. Trinity's family storms in and screams as the see what's going on.

Dexter flees the scene and is extremely angry about how things unfolded. Harry asks his son what 18 more years of living with a killer will do to his family, and Dexter screams his family is nothing like that. 

Quinn's Gobble Gobble Day
At the station, Quinn is talking to Deb when Christina stops in to bring Thanksgiving to him since he has to work. She manages to get Quinn to come over and seizes he opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with Deb. She apologizes to her about everything that has happened and tells her she couldn't imagine what it would be like to look into the eyes of the man you love and watch him take his last breath.

The two spend the holiday together, and much to Quinn's surprise, it's not half bad. But as soon as Christina mentions the word "girlfriend" Quinn goes into anti-label mode. When she decides to give him a Turkey Day BJ, though, he finally says, "Oh, you are so my girlfriend." Classy.

Batista and LaGuerta Share an ICEE
Batista and LaGuerta wind up spending Thanksgiving together for the "official business" of telling a man that the murderer who killed his wife has finally be caught. But they arrive on the scene to find their next of kin is now on his death bed. This man's vegetative state prompts Batista to later proclaim his love for LaGuerta out loud on the beach as they share spiked ICEEs. At first, LaGuerta is nervous at the idea of saying she loves him back assuming she'll ruin a good, but she finally brings herself to say it back. The two share a kiss. Awww. How...boring.

Rita Crosses the Line
Deb heads over Dexter's, and finds Elliot helping Rita with the dinner. Lacking oven space, Rita and her friendly neighbor head to his house to throw in some side dishes. Masuka arrives with his specialty: chocolate lava cakes (and makes the usual perv comment by describing them as "a river of chocolate that melts in your mouth).

Rita ends up burning herself at Elliot's house and he sits her upon the kitchen counter to help tend to her burn. But the next thing you know, the dirt bag neighbor goes in for a kiss, and for the first couple of seconds, Rita does not resist. But ultimately, she pushes him away and panics about what she has done. Little does she know Masuka just caught a glimpse of the two hooking up as he was bringing over his chocolate love cakes. He gets frazzled and tries to leave when he returns to Dexter's house, but Deb manages to convince him to stay — with the promise of booze, of course.

As Deb sets the table, Cody asks to see her scars. He asks her if it hurts and she says her heart hurts. Cody continues with the questions and asks if she saw the other guy die. Deb says yes, and says she looked in his eyes and saw him take his last breath. Deb has a déjà vu moment and quickly makes the connection to what Christina said earlier. Deb calls Quinn to find out if there's any way Christina could have found out she saw Lundy die. Quinn says there's no way she would have known the details. But what would be Christina's motive?

Say Whaaa?!?
Quinn leaves Christina's apartment, much to her chagrin. As she turns to walk away, she hears a knock at the door. Is it Quinn? No. Is it Deb? No. Why, it's a very angry-looking Trinity. "Hi, Dad," Christina says to him.

Wow, definitely didn't see that one coming. Did you? What did you think of the episode? What do you think Dexter will do now that Trinity and his family saw his dark side?



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This Thanksgiving, Dexter is spending the day with his loved ones — and his most dangerous adversary, Trinity. While sharing in Trinity's holiday traditions, Dexter sees the killer in a new light. Meanwhile, Dexter's neighbor Elliot lends more than just a helping hand to Rita as she prepares her Turkey Day feast, and Deb makes an unsettling realization.

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