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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Dex Takes a Holiday"

Season 4, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Rita and the children take an out-of-town trip, leaving Dexter behind for some long-overdue rest and relaxation, which he instead channels into chasing down a new victim. But his investigation turns up some surprising results and he begins to empathize with the killer, a policewoman who murdered her entire family.
Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2009

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Season 4, Episode 4
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Aired: 10/18/2009
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Dexter Takes a Holiday" Season 4, Episode 4

On this week's episode of Dexter, Rita and the kids take a trip and leave Dexter home alone to plot his next kill. Lundy and Deb are hot on the trail of Trinity, who selects his next victim. And Dexter's department is feeling a lot of heat after Quinn's reporter girlfriend writes a story calling the department out for chasing a "theory" about Trinity instead of focusing on the Vacation Murderer.

Daddy Dexter Gets Some "Me Time"
Rita and the kids head on a road trip while Dexter stays back at home. This vacation from his family duties can only mean one thing — Dex is in the mood for blood.

He begins to do his homework on a police officer, Zoey, whose husband and daughter were supposedly killed by an intruder named Darius Ray. She claims she shot at Ray in her home but only grazed him with the bullet leaving his blood all over the crime scene before he fled. Based on her spot-on target practice and inconsistencies on in the blood spatter reports, Dexter goes to speak with another lab tech regarding the matter. The tech tells Dexter based on findings, he thinks Zoey killed Ray prior and planted his blood at the scene of the crime and shot herself in order to pin the whole thing on this man with a criminal record.

Dexter goes to his old apartment where he beings to examine the photos of the crime scene and notices Zoey was wearing gloves when she shot herself based on the blood on her wrist. Dexter's dad appears and continues to emphasize how family life isn't good for Dexter. He tells his son Zoey killed her husband and daughter so she could be free. Dexter tries to tell him nothing would ever drive him to do such a thing and that he really likes his family life. But when his dad asks him if he even misses them, Dexter is at a loss for words.

Dexter is 99 percent sure Zoey committed the heinous crime and pays a visit to her open house to see if he can find that last piece of evidence to be absolutely positive she killed her husband and daughter. He searches around, and Zoey offers to give him a tour. She tells Dexter she separated from her husband and he has the daughter — and shamelessly flirts with Dexter in the process. She leaves, and Dexter tries to recreate her steps when he realizes she must have thrown the gloves in the garbage disposal. Dexter jams the disposal up so as to give him an excuse to go under the sink and "fix" it. In the process of his handyman demonstration, Dexter opens the disposal up and snags a piece of blue plastic that's identical to the one protective police gloves are made out of.

The next day, Dexter is pulled over by officer Zoey who makes him assume the frisking position. She says her friend in records told her that someone pulled her family's murder case and that she knows it was Dexter. Zoey asks Dexter if he's some kind of sicko that gets off on women's pain, and he responds, "Not that kind of sicko." She tells Dexter she won't allow for that wound to be reopened, and makes it clear she knows where Dexter's family lives.

After the encounter with Zoey, Dexter tells his dad he's calling the kill off because he doesn't want to put his family in danger. His dad discourages him about throwing in the towel, but Dexter suddenly realizes he can still pull it off, if he makes her feel like she's the one in control.

Dexter calls Zoey's friend in the records department and asks him to pull Zoey's file, banking on the fact that he will run and tell her about it. Zoey bites and follows Dexter. She corners him in a public bathroom, and Dexter calls her out on what she did to her husband and daughter and says he found proof in the disposal. Zoey pulls a gun on Dexter and threatens to kill him and tell everyone Dexter tried to rape her and it was all self-defense. Dexter uses his blood spatter brilliance explain that there's no angle she can shoot him where the blood spatter will match up if he doesn't touch her. Zoey relinquishes and tells Dexter to go ahead and tell the truth because no one will believe him. She leaves and Dexter knows full well that she will be back very soon. But this time, he'll be waiting.

That night, Zoey breaks into Dexter's home on cue, and Dexter is waiting with his sedative syringe. Once she's in the house, he creeps up behind her, but she sees him and fights back. The short struggle ends with Dexter injecting her with the sedative. Zoey wakes up tied up in her daughter's bed, fully wrapped in plastic. Dexter says he just bought her tickets to the Philippines to make it appear as though she fled. He says he knows a thing or two about creating a narrative as well. She tries to psych Dexter out by asking what kind of father and husband would kill someone. "Not the kind that kills his family," he replies. He also has a breakthrough when he realizes he'd rather risk his family finding out about him than kill them. Aw, he really does love them.

Rita returns home that night after Dexter scurries to get the house back in order after his scuffle with Zoey. The whole family sits on the couch, exhausted, and Rita says they really missed him. Dexter says he did as well, and means it.

Deb and Lundy Finally Give in to Their Hormones
Quinn's in deep doo-doo when his reporter girlfriend writes a story saying the department is chasing a retired FBI agent's theory about a serial killer rather than focusing on catching the Vacation Murderer. Deb and Lundy have to hide out on Dexter's office floor to cover the fact that they are searching for Trinity's next crime scene. Laguerta would not be too keen on the idea considering the article said the Vacation Murderer has cost the city $900,000 in tourist money. But then again, she and Batista are more concerned about keeping their relationship under wraps, so who knows.

Meanwhile, Trinity goes to a dark alley outside of a bar and picks a fight with a man walking out. He tells Trinity to back off, but when Trinity keeps running his mouth, the man roughs him up. Trinity says, "It's all your fault," and the man leaves confused.

Later, while at the library, Trinity sees the article about Lundy's theory along with a giant picture of Lundy alongside it. He sees Lundy in the city and appears to be very frazzled. Then Trinity intentionally bumps into Lundy. He acts very skittish, and Lundy takes note of him because of his odd behavior.

Deb and Lundy finally determine Trinity's next murder will be in the bathroom of a bar called Murphy's Tavern. But the sexual tension between them continues to rise until Deb demands to know what is going thorough Lundy's head. He tells her his feelings just keep growing for her. Clearly Deb's have as well, but they decide not to do anything because Deb is in a committed relationship.

But Deb's attempt at fidelity is short-lived because she soon shows up at Lundy's doorstep and garbs him for a kiss the instant he opens the door. Afterwards, Lundy walks Deb to her car, and they both are glowing. Deb feels guilty about Anton, but Lundy comforts her. The two kiss goodbye, but we suddenly hear a gunshot. In slow motion Deb looks down, sees she's shot and falls to the ground. In the next instant, we hear more gunshots, and Lundy falls to the ground alongside her. All we see is a person in all black steal Lundy's wallet and watch.

Is the Vacation Murderer to blame? Possibly. But perhaps it was a scared serial killer, or jealous boyfriend looking to pin the blame on someone else.

What do you think? Was it just another of the Vacation Murderer's targets or do you think it's someone else? And do you think Deb and Lundy will survive?

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On this week's episode of Dexter, Rita and the kids take a trip and leave Dexter home alone to plot his next kill. Lundy and Deb are hot on the trail of Trinity, who selects his next victim. And Dexter's department is feeling a lot of heat after Quinn's reporter girlfriend writes a story calling the department out for chasing a "theory" about Trinity instead of focusing on the Vacation Murderer.

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