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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Blinded by the Light"

Season 4, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: When a rash of vandalism strikes Dexter's new neighborhood, the increased vigilance of his neighbors impacts his ability to take care of his side business, and it doesn't help matters that he is temporarily unable to drive. As for the Trinity Killer, Dexter is developing an appreciation and admiration for his incredibly impressive technique.
Original Air Date: Oct 11, 2009

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Season 4, Episode 3
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Aired: 10/11/2009
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Blinded by the Light" Season 4, Episode 3

This week on Dexter, a neighborhood vandal prompts the residents of Dexter's community to form a neighborhood watch. Meanwhile, Trinity strikes again with his second murder, which he masks as a suicide. 

There Goes the Neighborhood
The episode begins as Dexter makes frozen beverages at a neighborhood BBQ, struggling to fit in with the suburban families. Everyone is talking about the vandal that has been terrorizing the community with juvenile antics. The next night, Dexter's house is targeted with graffiti, but the vandal leaves the can of spray paint behind. Dexter grabs it, hoping to work his forensic magic on it.

Dexter tries to paint over the spray paint on the door, but his dad appears to remind him about to how much pressure Dexter's under. He also reminds Dex that he can't afford to let anything slip. He uses the paint as a metaphor about Dexter trying to "cover it up." Dexter shrugs him off, but his dad says it's a "stain so deep it can't be erased."

After a long day at work, Dexter gets dropped off in Masuka's awesome monster truck (Rita found out about the concussion and won't let him drive). Dexter realizes that motion detector spot lights have be set up to face his property. He continues into the house and finds Rita hosting a neighborhood watch meeting. The cop asks Dexter if he's ready to fight crime, and Dexter, clearly annoyed by his watchdog neighbors, musters up his fakest, "You betcha!"

Dexter notices one of the neighborhood teens, Jesse, talking to Astor, who is clearly taken with him. He also notices Jesse has graffiti all over his shoes and walks over to grab his soda can to compare the boy's prints with the ones on the spray paint can. Of course, he mortifies poor Astor in the process by telling her it's way past her bed time.

The prints are a match, so Dexter decides to scare some sense into Jesse by putting on a ski mask and catching him in the act. As soon as he's begins to follow Jesse, the neighborhood watch team catches a glimpse of Dexter in his ski mask and starts chasing him all over the community with their ever-so-intimidating flashlights. Somehow Dexter escapes, but he is exasperated by his overzealous neighbors.

Dexter tries the ski mask routine yet again a few nights later, but this time his plan is to break into Jesse's room and scare the crap out of him when he gets back. Oddly enough, Dexter gets to the bedroom and finds Jesse sound asleep. Confused, he hears a crash outside. Next thing you know, Jesse's dad, Andy, walks in carrying a giant wrench. Dexter, who's taken aback by the turn of events, pulls on the ski mask and sneaks up behind Andy in his garage as he shines a light in eyes. Dexter disguises his voice (horribly) and threatens Andy.  The two get in a scuffle, but Dexter manages to pin Andy, who then admits he's been vandalizing the neighborhood because he's filled with resentment towards his successful friends after losing his job and facing foreclosure on his house. It isn't until Dexter threatens to go after his son that Andy relinquishes.

Trinity Strikes Again
Last week we met the woman Trinity set his sites on, and this time we find Trinity bringing her to the top of an empty building where he tells her to jump. She asks why he's doing this, and he responds, "You know I'm not to blame." She can't seem to force herself to let go of the railing and fall back, but he threatens to go after her family. She asks Trinity to push her, but says that's not how it works. She finally lets go and falls to her death. Trinity goes down to the body, takes out a small jar of what appears to be a powder, dabs his finger in it  and smudges it on the ground next to the body. (He also uttered the same line as he did in the bathtub: "It's already over.")

Deb is convinced the victim isn't a suicide and thinks it may be the Trinity killer because the victim fits Lundy's criteria of a young mother. The team goes to assess the situation and Dexter is in awe of how ballsy Trinity is to leave his bodies out in the open knowing no one can trace them back to him. But he still can't figure out what code the Trinity kills by. Lundy tells him the next victim will be a man bludgeoned to death.

Lundy and Deb seem to be rekindling things and are growing closer and closer as the case progresses. Deb finds a previous case located at the same crime scene where a mother "jumped" to her death and the family insisted it was foul play. However, it was determined that she jumped of her own volition based on the way she landed and the fact that she had just recently discovered a tumor. Guess we now know why Trinity wouldn't push her.

We soon see Trinity pour the powder (most likely ashes) into an urn sitting in front of a black-and-white picture of a young girl. He pours one glass of whiskey and one glass of water. He pushes the whiskey to towards an empty chair and cheers it with his water saying, "Drink up. You're next." This guy is crazytown.

Quinn Kisses Butt
Quinn has been kissing up to Dexter left and right since Dexter caught a glimpse of him pocketing money from a crime scene. He even gave Dexter amazing seats to a Miami Dolphins game. Dexter wants nothing to do with this guy so he hands them off to Masuka without thinking twice. But when Masuka unknowingly tries to scalp the tickets back to Quinn, Quinn confronts Dexter about why he doesn't appreciate the fact that he's been going out of his way for him.

Dexter tells him there's no need to suck up because he doesn't care that he's a "dirty cop." This sets Quinn off,as he starts going on a tirade about how if he didn't take the money, someone undeserving down the line would have pocketed it. Quinn carries on saying he puts his life on the line and can't even afford a down payment. Dexter doesn't want another cop mad at him (remember how well things went with Doakes?) and takes it all back. Quinn is still livid and storms out telling Dexter he will never understand because he's not a cop.

Later that night, Quinn is getting a massage by his reporter girlfriend and can't help but keep carrying on about Dexter. And being the brilliant cop that he is, he ends up telling his tattling girlfriend (who's clearly using him) about Lundy's theory on the Trinity Killer. What a fool.

Laguerta and Batista Still Won't Come Forth
In a smaller, less interesting storyline, Laguerta and Batista are still secretly hooking up, and Laguerta is worried that people will find out. Though it's getting kind of old, at least we got to see a little more action this week when the two go to question a witness (after a lengthy hotel lunch break) and the Vacation Murderer comes out and starts shooting at them.

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This week on Dexter, a neighborhood vandal prompts the residents of Dexter's community to form a neighborhood watch. Meanwhile, Trinity strikes again with his second murder, which he masks as a suicide. 

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