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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Hello, Dexter Morgan"

Season 4, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Dogged Debra's investigative skills have the department on the verge of not only nailing the Trinity Killer, but ultimately exposing Dexter's clandestine and deadly side job. It would also deprive him of the opportunity to deal with the serial murderer in his own way. At home, Rita's decision to confide in her husband doesn't garner the result for which she hoped. And back in the squad room, a breach of ethics has Batista and LaGuerta in hot water.
Original Air Date: Dec 6, 2009
Guest Cast Rick Peters: Teenage Dexter
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Season 4, Episode 11
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Length: 52:00
Aired: 12/6/2009
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Hello, Dexter Morgan" Season 4, Episode 11

With Miami Metro closer than ever to learning the identity of Trinity, Dexter desperately tries to lead the cops astray so he can keep his secret life under wraps and kill of Arthur Mitchell himself. Meanwhile, Laguerta and Batista have more to worry about than finding the killer.

Dexter Creates a New Identity for Trinity
Dexter looks up suspects from Lundy's books and finds a criminal named Stan Beaudry who also fits Trinity's profile. Dexter heads to Trinity's house to gather key evidence (hair, toothbrush, murder weapon) to plant at Beaudry's home. He then follows Beaudry to a truck stop and makes a quick kill in the back of his truck. Once Beaudry is out of the picture, Dexter plants all of the appropriate evidence throughout his place.

Trinity Grows Suspicious
Trinity sees that the boy he abducted was returned to his family with no word as to how or why. He calls Dexter and asks, "What kind of man witnesses a child abduction and doesn't call the police?" Dex is able to think on his toes and pretends his motivation is blackmail: He wants 50 grand, or he'll tell the world that Arthur Miller is a pedophile. Trinity seems to take the bait, but also takes matters into his own hands by looking up all the Kyle Butlers listed in the phone book.

He tries to break into the home of one of the Kyle Butlers, but winds up getting caught when he comes home. Trinity tries to leave peacefully, but when Kyle keeps pushing, he winds up dead in his home — and Dexter is called in to investigate the crime scene.

As soon as Dexter hears the victim's name is Kyle Butler, he immediately gets a wave of guilt. "Another death of an innocent man that I'm responsible for." Dexter's code really went out the window this season. Trying to get a step ahead of Trinity, Dexter goes to the home of the next listed Kyle Butler, sedates him and waits for Trinity. Unfortunately, he shows up, but never enters the apartment.

Dexter receives a call from Trinity saying he's at Kyle's listed address — and it just so happens to be Johnny's Jet Skis. "They're fun, you should try one," Dexter says in a deadpan tone. Ha.

When Trinity calls again to tell Dexter he finally managed to get the money together, they agree on a meeting place for the drop off. But Dexter, who heard arcade music in the background of the call, rushes to the arcade to find Trinity before he finds another boy to start his cycle. But the joke's on Dexter, because Trinity wanted Dexter to try to come find him at the arcade. Now Trinity can follow him and find out who he really is.

Christine Stands Firm
When Christine won't budge with a confession, Deb tries to take a stab at getting her to spill what she knows. She tries to relate to Christine by sharing her daddy issues with Harry. Deb explains she, too, tried to win her father's approval and attention her whole life, but one day, grew up and realized her father wasn't the end all.  And just when it looks like Christine is about to break, she basically tells Deb to screw-off.

A warrant finally arrives to search Christine's apartment, and Deb and Batista find a shoebox filled with postcards all signed "Daddy." Deb realizes they are all locations of Trinity's killings. Back at the station, Batista confronts Christine with the evidence saying her father has been, "sending postcards from hell." She still remains tight-lipped.

Quinn, now fully convinced his girlfriend was involved, beats himself up for being blind to it. Deb comforts him by rehashing the story of how she was once engaged to the Ice Truck Killer. Yeah, she wins.

Christine is finally released and she immediately tries to call her father from neighbors' cell phones. When he finally picks up, he is not happy, considering he knows she was taken in by the police. "You've ruined everything," Trinity says. Christine tries to explain that she did it out of love, but Trinity doesn't care. "I'm sorry you were ever born. Do not call me again. Ever." That's when Christine snaps and begins to break down in what appears to be tears mixed with a bout of convulsions (not exactly the best acting).

More Relationship Drama
Between all the Trinity madness, Laguerta and Batista get caught making out on a surveillance camera that Matthews happened to see. He tells them to pack it up because they just committed perjury, but Laguerta confronts Matthews about why he has it out for her. She asks if it's her gender or race, but Matthews simply replies, "You're arrogance."

Dexter gets called to come to the station immediately and finds Laguerta, Batista and a judge in her office. They have him sign papers as a witness, and he does so without giving it much thought. But when the judge tells Batista to kiss his bride, Dexter looks dumbfounded.

Batista and Laguerta go to share the good news with Matthews and also add that if he fires them, it will appear as though he is attacking the sanctity of marriage, which wouldn't be in his best interest. Matthews is fuming because he knows they are right, but he makes sure to remind them how amoral their actions are before leaving.

In other relationship news, Rita confesses to Dexter about kissing Elliot. Dexter seems to care less and forgives her as if she just told him she forgot to pick up his dry cleaning. But Rita's mind is put at ease after Dexter knocks Elliot out because it shows he "cares."

The Truth Comes Out
Just as Dexter hoped, the cops find the evidence he planted on Beaudry and they determine he is their Trinity Killer. As soon as Deb finds the hammer, she finds out Christine wants to talk to her an only her. An admission of guilt, perhaps?

Deb heads over to Christine's apartment and Deb says they got the guy: Beaudry. Knowing they have the wrong man, Christine begins to open up. "I tried to be a good daughter. You know. Make him love me. But he hates me," she says. She compares herself to Deb, who became a cop like her father to win his love, and says she became a killer like her dad. Christine then admits she shot Deb and killed Lundy. "Can you forgive me?" Christine asks. Deb, struggling to compose herself, says, "Are you kidding me? F--k you." Just as Deb tries to get her down to the station, Christine quickly whips out a gun and blows her own head off. Quinn hears the gunshot, runs upstairs and sees his girlfriend lying dead in a pool of blood.

Deb calls Dexter as he's searching for Trinity at the arcade and begs him to come be with her at the station because she's so upset about everything. Dexter hesitates, but ultimately decides to be a big brother and heads to the station. Little does he know, Trinity is following him.

Once they arrive, Trinity follows steps behind and sneaks into the station with someone else's visitor's pass. He stumbles across the room where all the notes and photos of his killings are posted, and he sees Beaudry is going to take the blame. "My, my. Why Mr. Beaudry, you've done me a kindness." Trinity continues down the halls and sees a picture of Dexter with the homicide bowling team, so he heads for that department. Once he finds it, he walks in and locks eyes with Dexter through his office window. Shocked, Dexter comes and walks towards Trinity until they are face-to-face. Trinity picks up Dexter's badge and reads his true identity. "Hello, Dexter Morgan," he says.

What did you think of this episode? How do you think they will wrap everything up in next week's finale?

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With Miami Metro closer than ever to learning the identity of Trinity, Dexter desperately tries to lead the cops astray so he can keep his secret life under wraps and kill of Arthur Miller himself. Meanwhile, Laguerta and Batista have more to worry about than finding the killer. read more

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