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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Lost Boys"

Season 4, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Just when Dexter figures he has a full understanding of the heinous Trinity Killer, a 10-year-old boy goes missing and Dexter must rethink his strategy in a race to find the youngster. Elsewhere, Cody feels the need to defend one of his stepfather's lies; Masuka is conflicted about revealing what he witnessed at Thanksgiving dinner; and Debra's recently unearthed secret about one of Miami's finest puts her in a touchy situation.
Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2009
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam
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Season 4, Episode 10
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Length: 57:00
Aired: 11/29/2009
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Lost Boys" Season 4, Episode 10

In this episode of Dexter, Dex makes a startling revelation about Trinity's murder pattern, while Deb makes a huge break in the Lundy murder case. Plus, Quinn also learns some unsettling news about his girlfriend Christine.

Trinity Breaks His Pattern
At the start of this week's episode, we find Dexter has moved his kill tools into a shipping storage container. "It makes more sense," he says. "That's where my dark passenger was born."

Dexter trails Trinity, but he doesn't stop at his usual choir practice. Instead, Trinity pulls into a parking garage and lays his eyes on a young woman with children. Trinity follows them into the arcade and Dexter stays on him. While Dexter thinks he's plotting to start his cycle again with a young woman in a bathtub, he loses sight of Trinity in the crowd. Trinity instead winds up talking to the little boy, pretending he's a cop. He tells the boy his parents have been in an accident and he must come with him.

As Trinity and the boy walk toward his van, Dexter catches a glimpse of him and screams Trinity's name. Probably not the best way to handle the situation since Trinity shoves the boy in the van and takes off with Dexter chasing on foot. By the time Dexter gets to his car, Trinity calls him and says he doesn't appreciate being followed. He also says he will "preserve" the boy's innocence. When Dexter threatens to tell the cops, Trinity threatens to harm the child. Dexter is at a loss for why Trinity kidnapped this boy, and Harry rubs it in more by saying, "If this is new, this is on you." What an encouraging ghost dad.

When the boy comes to, he finds himself in a dingy basement with Trinity, who is playing with a toy train station. He refers to the child as Arthur (Trinity's real name), but the little boy is snippy. Trinity opts to deal with this by not giving him food until he changes into his pajamas. The boy begins to play into Trinity's wishes (smart cookie), and Trinity says he'll take him home once he finishes his dessert. Of course, Trinity is lying, considering he put drugs in the ice cream.

Dexter's Disturbing Discovery
Dexter has no clue how to figure out where Trinity is with the boy. He even goes to Trinity's house and asks Jonah to help him figure out where he went to for a few days for his next ritual. "You can help put an end to the sins of your father," says Dexter.

Desperately trying to figure out how the boy fits into Trinity's ritual, Dex takes to the internet to search for missing children. Lo and behold, he finds boys, all around age 10, who went missing in the same locations as the women murdered in bathtubs, only days prior. The boy represent Arthur and begins the cycle. Lundy misread it because it the kidnappings were never ruled as homicides.

Dexter heads out to find Trinity (let's keep calling him that even though it should be a Quad-ity) at the most recent build. But no luck. He goes to home of the little boy's parents and offers to help in the search, hoping they have some sort of lead. Again, no luck. But Jonah calls and tells Dexter some vacant real estate listings are in Trinity's search history on his computer. Dexter sets off to check each one of them.

He finally finds the right house where Trinity had been hiding all along, but he's too late. Dexter notices cement on the floor and has a light bulb moment. Trinity preserves the boys' innocence but cementing them into the houses he builds.

Christine Faces the Music
When Christine comes in to interview Deb for her story, Deb puts her in the questioning room and asks Batista to watch her. Deb begins to turn the interview on Christine by asking how she got to the murder scene only twenty minutes after it was reported if she lives an hour away. Christine gets flustered by Deb's line of questioning and the photos of Lundy, so she cuts the interview short. Batista and Deb agree she's somehow involved in the shooting, but they need to tread lightly in because of Quinn.

Deb and Batista try to figure out Christine's connection and can't come up with any motive. Deb who ran her prints, couldn't find anything on her, so they decide they need some DNA — and they need Quinn's help in order to get it.

Of course, Quinn doesn't take Deb's theory about Christine very well, and the two yell back and forth a bit. But Deb finally convinces him to give her Christine's toothbrush. Deb asks Masuka to test it, and he begrudgingly agrees despite the fact Project Runway is on. The results come in and they learn Christine is related to Trinity.

After calling her dad countless times saying she's needs to see him, Trinity finally agrees to meet with her even though it's too soon for one of their scheduled visits (birthdays and holidays apparently).

He meets with her in a parking garage and she tells him the truth about what she did. She says she remembers seeing him when she was five with a murdered woman in the tub. Trinity says it must have all been a dream, but Christine says she knew it wasn't "when it happened again in the same house 30 years later."

Christine tells her dad she saw the story about Lundy and thought he was getting too close, so she killed him. Trinity freaks out a bit, but seems touched that she put herself at risk for him. He tries to console her and says he'll take care of everything, but clearly he's pissed because he starts beating on his steering wheel in anger.

At Christine's home, Batista, Deb, Quinn and the team arrive and take her away in cuffs.

Dexter Confronts Trinity
Dexter finds Trinity at the build where he is about to toss the boy into a vat of wet cement. "I can't stop this," Trinity tells Dexter. "I can," says Dexter. The body begins sinking in the cement, and Dexter knocks Trinity out cold. He manages to get the boy out just in time and finds he is still alive. He turns back, but Trinity is gone. 

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In this episode of Dexter, Dex makes a startling revelation about Trinity's murder pattern, while Deb makes a huge break in the Lundy murder case. Plus, Quinn also learns some unsettling news about his girlfriend Christine.

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