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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "About Last Night"

Season 3, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Rita's intention to confront Miguel about his alleged infidelity has an impact on his friendship with Dexter; Debra pulls out all the stops to locate Anton after it is believed that he's been abducted by the Skinner.
Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2008
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam
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Season 3, Episode 9
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Length: 52:00
Aired: 11/23/2008
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Dexter Episode Recap: "About Last Night" Season 3, Episode 9

"Camptown Races", doo-dah doo-dah. That's the tune that pervades Dexter. Miguel hums it as do both Dexter and Harry at different points. Besides whistling a happy tune, there are detours and Miguel shows up with a mind of his own. Dexter gets to the bottom of several problems and ends up no worse for the wear.

Speaking of clothes, Dexter got dressed in his "pants, shirt and pretense," to head out for a new day where he learns that Miguel feels "real" and is lying to Dexter. Meanwhile, Anton is missing and has been taken by the Skinner. Dexter assures Debra not to worry as Anton is a big guy and has lots of skin. "That's meant to be comforting."

I am highly disappointed that the tree trimmer guy is the Skinner. George King is just some random character we've hardly seen even though he is central to the plot. I would have preferred it to be Quinn, although he really showed up for Debra and I have a new found respect for him.

I know many of you knew ahead of time that Ellen would miss that motion hearing. But I wasn't sure. I don't like buying the dress before I head to the fitting room. Miguel is full of a hyperactive exhilaration from one killing to the next, and he's ready for a third. And Harry is on Dexter's back about it.

Dexter still has a lot to learn from Harry. He's been so quick to spurn Harry's continued advice from the crypt, (or at least from the recesses of Dexter's mind), that he thought he was immune to Harry. As if he was the ghost of Christmas past, Harry shows him the future with Miguel loose as a vigilante killer. Dexter's going to have to step up his game. OK, Dexter is going to have to kill Miguel; I think there may be a show down. Cowboy boots, Stetsons and the OK Corral.

We missed him last week, but Masuka's back with some typically disgusting and hilarious perverted talk with Angel's new hottie. He quizzes her on some of the gals she turns tricks with asking, " Is it true, their junk still works but nothing comes out?" When Angel warns him against talking to Babs that way, Masuka calls her "the Wikipedia of perv." Best darned line of the night.

Dexter confirms Deb's belief that the tree trimmer is the killer, "Is this another one of your creepy insights?" He's such a good brother, so able to assist her in catching serial killers because of his insider knowledge.

Since when does Debra smoke? I can't remember ever seeing her do it before, so it can only speak to how completely freaked out she is with Anton being held captive by the Skinner. She's so off her game that she needs to calm down with a smoke. Look at what Mad Men is doing for the tobacco industry.

Funny moment, Dexter's head popping up from inside the grave. Miguel concedes that he has abused Dexter's trust, but warns him that they have "different definitions" of what the code should be. As he cleans his knife, he tells Dex, "We're gonna disagree." I got the feeling that Miguel may at some point feel the urge to come after Dexter. The student surpasses the master. (Since Dexter has been picked up for at least two more years, we know that that will never happen, thankfully.) But again, lassos, chaps and spurs comin' 'round the corner.

Dexter unearths Ellen's body and it isn't pretty. She's endured, "beating, strangulation and three stab wounds." The poor thing. Dexter's intention is not to turn Miguel in so much as he wants to teach him a lesson. Dexter reclaims his mastery of the code with a smug look to Miguel in the cemetery. The innocent people who are affected by this senseless death are the real lesson. When Maria sees her dead friend it shakes her up.

Miguel lets George King go; why wouldn't Deb and Quinn just follow George? That's what I would have done. (This may be the reason that I am a TV show blogger and not a detective). Debra has a better idea to trim Mario's trees, (that's not a euphemism for something naughty), to get him to tell them where George might be skinning Anton. It was a great plan and I was pleasantly surprised that Quinn was not only willing to help, but drove that big old car into the door, and wall, for that matter, to get to Anton before it was too late. I thought I saw a modicum of respect in his eyes when he saw that Debra and Anton actually had real feelings for one another. I might have to start calling him and "old softy."

Miguel has set himself up perfectly to have to comfort Maria after killing her best friend. She looked so vulnerable and sad in her office. I'm mad that they finally gave her a friend and then took her away so quickly. Miguel believes he is invincible, he can kill and comfort in the same breath. He is a loose canon, much like Ramon was just a few weeks back. And in opposition to Dexter's amazing ability to control himself.

Going on a hunch, Dexter tests the blood on Miguel's shirt that he thought was Freebo's but turns out to be Bessie's. Dexter realizes that Miguel has been lying to him all along. In another brilliant moment, Dexter goes completely bonkers in his office, tearing the place asunder. Miguel comes in and we know it was only in Dexter's mind. He confirms their golf date, and Dex just replies, "You bet." There's that amazing control which Dexter possesses and Miguel will never be able to duplicate.

Miguel calls Dexter a wise man and Dexter questions the truthfulness of that. It's only when Rita tells him that he said the same thing to her, almost verbatim, that he is certain that Miguel is getting out of control and may need some reigning in. Those Prados are an awfully sociopathic family. Dexter admits, "Finally there's an emotion I don't have to fake."

I did want to give kudos to Valerie Cruz/Sylvia for her incredible performance as the jilted lover. She's been all sunshine and puppy dogs and has finally gotten to sink her teeth into a meaty scene.

I try not to watch the previews for the next week, but I did get a little peek and it looks tasty as ever. Until then ...

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"Camptown Races", doo-dah doo-dah. That's the tune that pervades Dexter. Miguel hums it as do both Dexter and Harry at different points. Besides whistling a happy tune, there are detours and Miguel shows up with a mind of his own. Dexter gets to the bottom of several problems and ends up no worse for the wear.

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