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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Turning Biminese"

Season 3, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: Rita wants Dexter to move in with her and the kids before they wed, but he's confused about it; Miguel tips Dexter about a husband who's gotten away with murdering two wives for the financial windfall, and Dexter ends up tracking him to the Bahamas; Debra becomes attracted to a confidential informant who is helping her track down one of Freebo's partners in crime.
Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2008
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam
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Season 3, Episode 5
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Length: 49:00
Aired: 10/26/2008
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Turning Biminese" Season 3, Episode 5

Dexter finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place. He has to choose between Scylla and Charybdes, or his wife and his mistress, or Rita and his dark side. Which will he choose? Will he manage to find a way to live with them side-by-side?

Rita starts to bleed, but Dexter is twelve voice mails away. Dexter is not ready to give up his secret life just yet and hasn't figured out how he will be able to hold his moonlighting gig if Rita and he, and the kids, are in such close quarters.

The secret car meeting between Deb and Anton is so flirty. Debra gets a big surprise when she shows up at Anton's and some woman answers the door. Debra had not seen that one coming and I think it threw her.

On one hand, Quinn undermines Debra's investigation and the other he gives her a huge compliment in front of her colleagues. Is he trying to mess her up or get her to trust him? And why? Will he discredit her? Or is he just trying to make her a smarter, better detective? If Yuki's words are true at all, it's not the latter.

Matsuka finally deserves his due as he resorted to being a tight-lipped, well-groomed, sullen colleague who finally told Angel and Debra that they had hurt his feelings. But once they gave him mad props, he came back into his old nasty self. And quite frankly, we're really happy to have him back.

OK, you know I totally have a crush on Angel and he made me love him even more when he went to "pick up" the Sergeant Hooker, (Barbara), who nearly arrested him last week, by doing a drive-by on the street corner where she works undercover. She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no. I even loved how he subtly mentioned that her shirt was not quite covering her particulars. When she fixed her top, she pointed out he was blushing. Always a gentleman, even when picking up undercover prostitutes.

I like that Rita has a girlfriend in Syl. Not only is the entire Prado family gorgeous, but Syl and Miguel have been nothing short of fantastic friends to Rita and Dexter. I still wonder what's driving Miguel in all of this; I doubt it is purely altruistic. I think Miguel may have something up his sleeve. As for Syl, I think she wants to live vicariously thought Rita and Dexter's pregnancy, since she and Miguel are childless.

A new body turns up with the skin removed, but ends up in the hands of the sheriff's department. They put together a joint investigation, with hot-headed Ramon as the liaison. Luckily, Matsuka shuts it down quickly with his expert forensics skills and the kind words of his co-workers.

Anton leads Debra to Wendell, who gives her just enough information so we can see he is being watched, but by whom? Is it Quinn keeping an eye on Debra, or is it that certain someone looking for Free-bo. I hope Wendell doesn't lose any skin over it.

I am starting to wonder what else Miguel may have found out about Dexter. If Dexter can so easily find out about the bad guys, what's to stop Miguel, who can probably access even deeper resources, to find out something about the mysterious Dex? He may just also be working off hunches. Do you think that Miguel is just setting Dexter up? Or is what he has found out about Dexter, killing Free-bo and the Biminese wife-killer, giving him the freedom to use Dexter for his entrance in to vengeance killing? Miguel's heart-felt speech about being the same as Dexter and being OK with his chosen side gig, was almost like someone professing their love for another.

I couldn't print the best lines - you know what they are, but here are some seconds:

"Don't worry, everything looks perfectly normal."

"This is how Custer must have felt; surrounded on all sides, doomed."

"Better hope she doesn't insist on a place with central air."

"Man, someone needs a hug. I would, but I'm not sure what I might catch."

"...Science is one cold-hearted bitch with a 14-inch strap-on."

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Dexter finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place. He has to choose between Scylla and Charybdes, or his wife and his mistress, or Rita and his dark side. Which will he choose? Will he manage to find a way to live with them side-by-side... read more

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Premise: A forensic expert lives a double life as a vigilante-serial killer who murders wrongdoers who've escaped justice.



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