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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Season 3, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Dexter has a run-in with a pedophile; Freebo is accused of a murder he didn't commit, and Dexter knows the truth but can't say anything about it. Also, Dexter's friendship with Miguel begins to weigh on his mind.
Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2008
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam Geoffrey Pierson: Capt. Matthews
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Season 3, Episode 3
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Length: 50:00
Aired: 10/12/2008
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Dexter Episode Recap: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Season 3, Episode 3

Miguel and Dexter have a secret they "aren't at liberty to tell." Dexter has a decision to make about fatherhood, but he's not ready to commit. Debra has a CI who won't do what she asks. And, there's a pedophile in the neighborhood that only has eyes for Astor. Welcome to Miami, it's a jungle out there.

It's a good thing Dexter bought that blue mini van. It sure has come in handy from carting around dead bodies to groceries from A to Z.

Miguel tries to veer the police off Freebo's trail. There are a lot of tacit nods between Miguel and Dexter. They are now complicit with one another. They are the only two people on the planet who know that Freebo did not kill the latest murder victim, Javier who has been skinned like Teegan. They'll find that Freebo did not kill Javier, but he also happens to have an alibi for Teegan's murder. I'm back to what I said before; perhaps Freebo isn't guilty of any of the murders, including the two girls from his previous case. That would mean that Dexter might be losing a little control of his serial killer code.

Dexter finally tells Debra about the baby Rita is going to have. Debra is psyched about the impending baby and responds in perfect Debra fashion. The Line of the Night goes to Debra, (doesn't it usually?) "A motherrockin' (sic) roly-poly chubby-cheeked, sh*t machine!" Dexter tells her he's not ready for fatherhood and she points out rather indelicately that it's not about him it's about the baby. She softens and tells him he's going to be a wonderful dad. Their interactions are great, infused with a myriad of emotions and reactions, just like real siblings.

When Dexter goes for his physical, he has a flashback with Harry who shows him that his brain is exactly like that of another killer who ended up killing his entire family. Dexter realizes that he could go haywire one day and not be able to control his killing. Perhaps it's already started since he accidentally killed Oskar, he plans to kill a pedophile, someone who does not fall within the code, and impending fatherhood concerns him with regards to the safety of his family.

He proves very effectively that he will do anything to protect his family when he rids the world of The Cheerios Man, who has been let "free to slither about the earth," and steals his milk for Astor and Cody's breakfast.

The relationship between Miguel and Dexter grows stronger. "Miguel, my new bestest friend." Miguel's brother Ramon is a livewire so Miguel comes to apologize with a bottle of rum. Dexter isn't sure what to make of this fast-developing friendship. When he has managed to become intimate with people in the past, his friendships have not ended particularly well, Lila.

Dexter isn't sure if his sudden friendship with Miguel is, "creepy or just what friends do." The two unlikely buddies swap stories about their fathers and bond intensely when they realize they both tried to measure up to their father's expectations and fell short of them. Dexter's admission that Harry was disgusted by him, by what he was becoming, spurred Miguel to commiserate. It was something Dexter never spoke to anyone else in his life and it deepened his bond with Miguel.

Things get a little scary when Miguel wants to see Freebo's dead body, since Dexter has disposed of it most likely in his special way. Dexter has to think rather quickly, but his answer, that he buried the body in a grave, backfires, and Miguel suggests exhumation. You can see the anxiety cross Dexter's face, but he pleads he may have left evidence that could be traced back to him. Luckily, Miguel doesn't push it. He reassures Dex, "You're not in this alone – it's you and me, together."

I've got to give props to Matsuka, whose article was published in the very sexy FQ. He's so proud and very hurt when Quinn not only tosses his copy into the trash but sticks his gum to the cover. Matsuka cries it was an insult to his people. Confused, Quinn asks, "Who the heck (sic) are his people?" Without missing a beat, Angel cleverly responds, "I don't know. Little scientists, I guess."

Debra and Anton – I thought there might be something between them. He's pretty sexy for a CI! But she's not finding him very cute when she asks him about Javier and he won't give her any information. She calls him a "high-class snitch," and arrests him, which seems like a power struggle, or maybe they're just flirting.

Debra dresses all pretty and goes to see Anton. She tells him she feels "not-good" about arresting him. He responds in kind and says he wrote her an apology song. When a girl in the crowd tells her what the song title, 'Perra Flocka Mala' means, she's only momentarily miffed. Happily, she goes with the flow because she likes it, the song, him, anyhow. Maybe she's planning to come out of her self-imposed man rehab with Anton. Better him than Quinn.

Quinn and Debra fight about her use/abuse of Anton, (looks like she might get to rat on him after all). I love how Angel has her back in front of Quinn when he tries to call her out.

The yoga class was hilarious. Dexter thinks it's the worst moment of his life until the teacher asks them to do free-form yoga, a sort of a hula dance, "I was wrong. This is." She asks the partners to send positive energy to the babies and he is reluctant to put his hand on the baby. He thinks, "I'm sorry, I just don't want to hurt you," but says nothing. It is a very sad moment, but one that shows that delicate emotional side of Dexter.

Anne Ramsey, Lisa, from Mad About You, shows up as the defense attorney in the Chickie case. She was also in The L Word some time back and she's great. I certainly hope she's going to make another appearance here. This whole subplot with Chickie is somehow going to be very important to Miguel's career, I suspect.

Knowing that when Debra finds a bone she will gnaw on it until she has chewed off all the meat, Dexter gives her Teegan. Since she is the "smart one" of the Morgan children, Dexter uses her joke about putting her Jane Does on a milk carton to lure her into making the connection from Jane Doe to Teegan. Which means Freebo isn't the killer. Dexter kills three birds with just the one stone. He saves his derriere, Debra's and by association, Miguel's.

Miguel has heard that police have moved on from Freebo and thanks Dexter for having his back. He's concerned that Dexter always has his guard up around him and wants Dexter to trust him. "We're on the same side". Miguel has a gift for Dexter. He wants him to feel some of the peace that Dexter has been able to provide him. He hands him the shirt that has Freebo's blood on it. I was shocked. He wants Dexter to turn him in, saying the shirt implicates him as an "accessory after the fact." He trusts Dexter and wants Dex to trust him. He tells Dexter is a good man with a lot of potential.

In the final scene, Dexter lays his hand on Rita's belly and sends all his positive intentions to the baby. Without any words he tells Rita he will be the baby's father. It was a very sweet moment. From life to death and back again, the circle of life completes itself.

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Miguel and Dexter have a secret they "aren't at liberty to tell." Dexter has a decision to make about fatherhood, but he's not ready to commit. Debra has a CI who won't do what she asks. And, there's a pedophile in the neighborhood that only has eyes for Astor. Welcome to Miami, it's a jungle out there.

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