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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "I Had a Dream"

Season 3, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Dexter preps for his wedding day but must first divorce himself from Miguel, which proves most difficult as Miguel is a prominent D.A. and Dexter's best man. Sylvia confides in Rita that Miguel has been seeing an ex-lover; Debra digs up new clues in the Skinner case.
Original Air Date: Dec 7, 2008
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam
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Season 3, Episode 11
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Length: 51:00
Aired: 12/7/2008
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Dexter Episode Recap: "I Had a Dream" Season 3, Episode 11

In this season's penultimate episode of Dexter, trust is an issue, honesty and forgiveness are hard to come by, and adult entertainment is hard to avoid.

I thought Dexter was a goner when he was kidnapped and thrown in the trunk of a car. I do remember thinking it was a pretty nice car for the Skinner to be driving. Turns out that was some good detective work on my part. When the trunk opened and Dexter leapt out and threw a punch at his captor, I was horrified until I saw that punch connect with Masuka's face. Relief. Welcome to Dexter's bachelor party. I loved how he was sitting in that seat in the middle drinking champagne from the bottle with the slo-mo "adult entertainers" dancing in the background. Just like a hip-hop video.

Miguel is out of control and the point is driven home by the fact that he is seen hanging out with Ramon. He's the perfect choice for Miguel's bodyguard since he is currently unemployed. But I fear that the two of them together is not a good thing.

Dexter lets slip that Harry cheated on Debra's mother with a CI. Bad move. "Oops." Debra doesn't want to believe that her father wasn't perfect. She could have lived her whole life not knowing, but Dexter ends up using it to his advantage. The realization that he should have asked his sister to stand up for him at his wedding, spreads across his face. Debra is on board with the idea,  "Absolf*ckinlutely."

Anton tells Debra about hearing the sound of the Skinner's blade cutting into him and the sound of his own screams and it was spine tingling. She can't console him and he can't console her.

I think it's interesting how Rita still doesn't look pregnant. On most other shows when people are pregnant, the kids are usually 18 before you blink.

When Deb tells Quinn she's not taking Anton to the wedding, he offers to "carpool" with her. "Are you hitting on me?" But her conversation with Dexter later when she admits to needing someone more together than Anton, more like Harry, puts things into perspective. Dexter points out that Quinn is like Dad. Hmmm, perhaps something will come of this partnership after all.

Quinn hands Debra some change for the payphone and she breaks the case wide open. She's an awesome cop. Quinn takes one for the team when the Skinner tries to scalp him.

Jennifer Carpenter is brilliant. That woman uses every single muscle in her face to convey the range of emotions; she is so expressive. It's unbelievable. She should get an Emmy for her portrayal of Debra.

Masuka in love? Can it be so? Seems like he may have found someone with "issues" like him.  And speaking of love, Angel and Barbara's romance continues as Angel learns to keep it in his trousers during Dexter's bachelor soiree. Barbara comes bearing Italian hangover remedies as a way to find out whether he has needs that were attended to at the party. Angel assures her, "My needs are covered."

Maria is suspicious that Miguel killed Ellen and takes her evidence to Dexter. Unfortunately, Miguel knows she is onto him and he adds her to his list.  Total aside, she looked fabulous in the scene with Miguel in the kitchen.  However, Dexter was in a red car watching her — whose car is that? He drives a blue minivan. A symbol of the blood about to be shed?

Dexter acts so surprised when Maria tells him that she suspects Miguel. When he sinks down into her couch, no one could know he already knew all of what she just figured out. He cleverly suggests she wait it out, so he can get to the job before she does.

Prepping for the kill: Harry delivers the red book — "The Kill Plan for Miguel Prado" and I loved it. What a novel idea.

Calling the hotel for Miguel's room was a terrific plan, but seriously, how many floors would he have to go up and down to find Miguel's room listening for the ring of his room phone? A tad of a stretch, but great fun, anyhow.

Perfection is Dexter leaving the message at Maria's to get her out of the house and to alert Miguel to his whereabouts. The coup de grace was Miguel opening the door to leave and Dexter waiting for his departure. Simplicity and brilliance in a single stroke.

Saran-wrapped Miguel urges, "I'm like you," and Dexter slaps him on the forehead, "I know I'm a monster." "I loved you like a brother." "I killed my brother. I killed yours, too." Friends forgive. Miguel goes out screaming that it doesn't end here. A prelude to what will come next, perhaps.

I noticed a couple of strange things about Dexter's kill of Miguel. He did not get a trophy blood drop from Miguel and he killed Miguel with a wire instead of a knife. Interesting. What could it all mean?

The final moment after Dexter drains the life from Miguel, the color drains from the picture and Dexter goes from flushed to gray. What a fabulous way to end the ep. It could mean that Dexter is actually deeply affected by the loss of his BFF. And I am deeply affected by the loss of Jimmy Smits who brought such a wonderful energy to the season. 

Too many great lines:
"Yay, me."
"Ow! Watch the grill, Forman!"
"Put those packages away."
"Dongs and gongs required, unless you want to be the talent."
"Maybe I could kill him in his car, it has that big back seat."
"What's the matter? You forget your lip gloss?"
"What? I'm a donor. It's my way of giving back."
"God help the children."
"If home is where the heart is where do you go when you don't have a heart — a five star hotel."
"Things to do today: find a non-blow back way to get rid of Miguel's body."
"You need something under the table, I'm your guy. That didn't come out right."
"Yes, whenever you have an earth-shattering, ball-crushing, mind-f*ck of a secret, you should tell your sister."

Next week is the season finale of Dexter. Don't miss it!

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In this season's penultimate episode of Dexter, trust is an issue, honesty and forgiveness are hard to come by, and adult entertainment is hard to avoid. read more

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