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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Resistance Is Futile"

Season 2, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Dexter tries to stay one step ahead of Lundy's manhunt for the Bay Harbor Butcher, while also trying to distance himself from Lila (Jaime Murray), which she is determined not to allow.
Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2007
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam
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Season 2, Episode 9
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Length: 50:00
Aired: 11/25/2007
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"Resistance Is Futile" Season 2, Episode 9

The first rule of Serial Killer Club? Don't get caught. Everyone repeat. In yet another fabulously put-together Dexter, our hero found himself dreaming dead-on dreams, "Can't leave this s--t lying around, bro," while sleeping in a lawn chair at his ex's. The show had everything: Keith Carradine's backside! Lundy shook down LaGuerta! The trophy slides were found - in Doakes' car! Dexter became the FFT! Heart to hearts everywhere: Dex and Rita (x2) Deb and Dex LaGuerta and Doakes Lila and Dexter Lundy and Debra Dexter and the FBI agents in the backseat of the car Dexter and the FBI lab techs Angel and Dexter LaGuerta and Debra Doakes and Dexter See, the list keeps growing. Michael C. Hall's expressions in between dialogue were award worthy. Not much has been said here about this versatile actor, but last season I did mention his hotness. It's still intact, as is his talent. "All that self-reflection, it's unhealthy." But the killing makes him sexier than ever. My favorite lines are unprintable due to the excessive use of the F word, or variations of the F word, that were spoken in this ep. It was truly miraculous. Most of it was from Deb's mouth, like, "F you twice," but nearly everyone got to use it at least once. Poor Jimenez, relegated to decomposing in the hot warehouse in the middle of the Everglades with no one to find him. Dexter tried to console himself: "All I can do is pick up the pieces, of Jimenez." We finally got to see Debra and Lundy in bed together and while it was sweet, it was also kind of yick. However, as mentioned previously, that Keith Carradine fellow has quite a nice hiney. For an old guy. Or shall we say, experienced? It was hilarious when Debra told Lundy he has "mad skillz," as a lover. In an attempt to leave work after being made to feel useless in his own lab, the dulcet tones of one Lila, crazed lunatic sponsor, came wafting to Dexter's ears. When he turned to see her, he gave new meaning to the phrase "If looks could kill." I'm surprised she didn't shrivel up and keel over right there. I say kill her now. I mean, what are you waiting for, Dexter? An invitation? But Dexter still feels that he "can't live with her, can't kill her." Oh, he'll change his tune soon enough. Deb cracked me up with her "I'm talking about my feelings" speech. Is it possible that she keeps getting funnier and funnier? When Dexter opened his box of blood slides, you could see how lovingly he felt towards them by the way he ran his fingers over them. "My old friends here to betray me" was his fear. It actually couldn't be better for Dexter than to have the slides in his own hands. Worry not, my friend: Lundy doesn't suspect you at all. That would get messy for Lundy and Debra if he figured it out. Do you suppose she'd still want to be with Lundy if he threw her brother in jail? Or worse, gave him the chair? Dexter was worried that she would be rather upset when and if she finds out Dexter = BHB. Dexter's slight, almost imperceptible smile when Lundy let him know it was Doakes on the chopping block and not him was part of his ability to hide in plain sight. LaGuerta had a conniption over the fact that Lundy named Doakes as the prime suspect and swore up and down that Doakes wasn't the killer. I know she was friendly with him, in the biblical sense, and that they used to be partners, but her devotion to him is really over the top. She sounded so desperate right up until she outed Debra and Lundy in the police station. When Dexter was sandwiched between the two FBI agents and having his "let's get back together" again conversation with Rita, I found it quite funny. I've got to say that Doakes is one heck of a detective. He's the only one who knows, without a doubt, the BHB is Dexter. Yet, I'm afraid he won't get the chance to prove his point. He headed to Haiti to find a lab where he could get the blood slides analyzed (yikes), but left Dexter's little trophies in the trunk of his car at the airport. Not a rocket scientist, this one. When Doakes showed up in the Everglades, I figured Dexter was dreaming again. He does have such literal dreams, but it seemed pretty darned real. Dexter put the cuffs on and then came at Doakes. For a trained assassin, Doakes gets spooked pretty easily. Wait a minute, they're both trained assassins. Takes one to know one. Dexter didn't kill Doakes (not yet at least). He just rendered him unconscious and put him in a cage. It's awfully handy that they were still in the Everglades and Dexter could toss Doakes in his warehouse. However, the interruption is sure to have put him a little off schedule. He is going to have to jettison Jimenez's body quickly in order to return home before the FBI guys get wind of him not being at his crib. Dex has just two more episodes to embrace who he is and you have one week to watch clip after clip of Dexter in our Online Video Guide. show less
The first rule of Serial Killer Club Dont get caught Everyone repeat In yet another fabulously put-together Dexter our hero found himself dreaming dead-on dreams Cant leave this s--t lying around bro while sleeping in a lawn chair at his exs The show had everything Keith Carradines backside Lundy shook down LaGuerta The trophy slides were found in Doakes car Dexter became the FFTHeart to hearts everywhere Dex and Rita x2Deb and Dex LaGuerta and DoakesLila and DexterLundy and DebraDexter and the FBI agents in the backseat of the carDexter and the FBI lab techsAngel and DexterLaGuerta and DebraDoakes and DexterSee the list keeps growingMichael C Halls expressions in between dialogue were award worthy Not much has been said here about this versatile actor but last season I did mention his hotness Its still intact as is his talent All that self-reflection its unhealthy But the killing makes him sexier than read more

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Premise: A forensic expert lives a double life as a vigilante-serial killer who murders wrongdoers who've escaped justice.



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