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Desperate Housewives Season 7 episodes

Come on Over for Dinner Season 7, Episode 23

Season 7 finale (Conclusion): Wisteria Lane welcomes Susan back with a party that ends in murder. But first, a pistol-packin' Gaby stalks her stalker (Tony Plana); Lynette and Tom reflect on their B&B weekend; Bree meets Chuck Vance's wife (Anita Barone); and Renee is devastated when she learns that her ex is remarrying. read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "And Lots of Security...; Come on Over for Dinner" Season 7, Episode 22

The Grim Reaper visited Wisteria Lane not once, but twice, during the two-hour season finale of Desperate Housewives. Amid Susan's return to her old home, the end (for now) of Lynette's marriage and Bree's new relationship, death first came knocking at the expense of Felicia Tilman.

Although few viewers were sad to see her go after she spent half a season fighting a useless war with Paul Young and talking to an urn, the way with which Felicia met her maker was pretty disappointing by Fairview-standards. The same woman who cut off her own two fingers to frame her sister's killer — and then sent her poor lonely daughter to live with him and take him down — was killed not by a gunshot or strangulation, but by a... read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Then I Really Got Scared" Season 7, Episode 21

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree has a disastrous first date with Chuck Vance, and Lynette and Tom compete to plan the perfect family vacation. Gaby tries to help Juanita overcome her fear of the dark. Finally, Paul figures out his food is poisoned just as Susan fights to get her teaching job back.

A very confident Chuck Vance stops by Bree's house to give her another one of his cards since, he says, she... read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday" Season 7, Episode 20

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, someone begins poisoning Paul Young. Meanwhile, Bree begrudgingly welcomes in her new house guests and Lynette tries to get closer to Tom by taking on a project at his office.

Gaby and her two daughters are making themselves right at home at Bree's, and it's obviously killing Wisteria Lane's favorite control freak. Broken dishes, mud... read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "The Lies Ill-Concealed" Season 7, Episode 19

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan begins having strange dreams about Paul Young. A prestigious leadership conference drives Lynette and Tom further apart. Gaby is torn between her loyalty to her husband and to her friends. And Felicia looks to a friend for help in getting revenge against Paul Young.

Weeks of abstaining from sex have gotten Susan really in the mood, too bad it isn't for Mike. While sleeping, the episode opens on Susan's intense sex dream with, wait for it... read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Moments in the Woods" Season 7, Episode 18

On this episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan makes a big bet at a casino after her successful kidney transplant. Bree tries to stop Andrew from admitting that he was responsible for Carlos' mother's hit-and-run. Plus: Renee starts teaching Lynette to... read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed" Season 7, Episode 17

On this week's Desperate Housewives, Paul tries to get between Susan and her kidney transplant following Beth's dramatic suicide. Beth's mother, Felicia, is released from prison and promises to get revenge against Paul.

Gaby gets upset when Renee plans a party for the neighbors on Wisteria Lane. Tom gets a new job opportunity and must... read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Searching" Season 7, Episode 16

On Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan tries her best to embrace life when she learns her dialysis isn't working, and Bree goes on a mission to find her a kidney donor. With the school talent show coming up, Gaby pressures Juanita to put together a number that will grab the spotlight. Lynette tries her best to discourage Renee from adopting a baby... read more

Farewell Letter Season 7, Episode 15

Porter and Preston Scavo move out (but not too far); Gaby and Carlos visit her hometown and discover her impact on it; Keith wants Bree to move to Florida with him so he can be closer to his son; Susan uses her kidney woes to her advantage; and Paul sends Zach to rehab, then makes a decision about Beth. read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Flashback" Season 7, Episode 14

On this Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Lynette struggles to include her mother's obnoxious new husband in the family. Susan gets a big surprise from an old friend. Bree continues to try to hide Keith's son from him. Gaby has trouble beginning therapy after the car-jacking incident.

read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "I'm Still Here" Season 7, Episode 13

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree finds out some surprising information about Keith. Susan struggles with her dialysis treatment, while Lynette strains to accept her mother's marriage plans. Gaby and Carlos have a dangerous encounter, and Paul has mysterious plans for Beth when... read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Where Do I Belong" Season 7, Episode 12

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Lynette continues plotting revenge against Tom, and Gaby begins to plot ways to get Grace back. Ailing Susan gets a visit from her mother and aunt. Bree surprises many by reaching out to... read more

Assassins Season 7, Episode 11

Susan's life hangs by a thread after being trampled during the Wisteria Lane riot. Meanwhile, Paul Young's fate is revealed; Keith moves in with Bree---and they get a visit from Orson; Gaby tries to fix her relationship with Juanita, but finds it tough to get rid of all traces of Grace; and Renee considers telling Lynette the truth about her past with Tom. read more

Down the Block There's a Riot Season 7, Episode 10

Paul's nefarious plan for Wisteria Lane takes effect; Juanita discovers Gaby's secret; Bree invites Keith to move in with her; and Tom is confronted about a past indiscretion with Renee. read more

Pleasant Little Kingdom Season 7, Episode 9

Gaby desperately seeks a way to keep Grace in her life; Keith plans a special dinner with Bree; Tom's angry at Lynette for not telling the other housewives about his special attributes; Renee tells Susan a secret; Paul's Wisteria Lane plot emerges. read more

Sorry Grateful Season 7, Episode 8

Thanksgiving on Wisteria Lane: Gaby and Carlos discover surprising things about the Sanchezes that could threaten their time with Grace, while Bree learns some of Keith's family secrets over dinner with his parents (John Schneider and Nancy Travis). Meanwhile, Susan butts heads with Lynette over her sleep-training techniques for baby Paige; Renee keeps reminding Tom about their past; and Beth tries to learn more about Paul's past. read more

A Humiliating Business Season 7, Episode 7

Renee has a job offer for Lynette while Susan reluctantly accepts Lynette's offer to be Paige's nanny; Bree is reluctant to tell Keith that she's beginning menopause; Bob strikes up a friendship with Carlos; and Beth begins to suspect Paul's motives for returning to Wisteria Lane. read more

Excited and Scared Season 7, Episode 6

As Halloween nears, Susan tells Mike about Va-Va-Broom; Juanita becomes suspicious of her mother's interest in Grace; Lynette worries about her mother-in-law's memory lapses; Bree learns a secret about Keith; and Paul is encouraged to take Beth on a date to heat up their unromantic marriage. read more

Let Me Entertain You Season 7, Episode 5

Susan upsets a Va-Va Broom client and Maxine notices; Renee and Gaby tell secrets about each other to the wrong people; Bree can't keep up with Keith in bed; Lynette is mad at Tom for asking his mother (Lois Smith) to be their baby's nanny without checking with her first; and housewife Emma Graham (Dana Glover) puts on a cabaret show with saxophonist Dave Koz. read more

The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside Season 7, Episode 4

Susan goes public (against her will) for Va-Va Broom; Gaby tells her secret to the other housewives; Keith (Brian Austin Green) proves to be a bone of contention for Bree and Renee; Paul Young buys back the house he lived in with Mary Alice, over the objections of his new wife, Beth (Emily Bergl); and Lynette takes advantage of Penny's offer to take care of the youngest Scavo. read more

Truly Content Season 7, Episode 3

Susan discovers that her Internet work is being imitated; Gaby goes behind Carlos' back to hire a private investigator; Lynette isn't happy with Tom's depression treatment; and Renee (Vanessa Williams) invites Bree to go clubbing (and man-hunting). read more

You Must Meet My Wife Season 7, Episode 2

Lynette thinks that Renee (Vanessa Williams) is spending too much time with Tom; Bree fires her handyman, Keith (Brian Austin Green), after falling for him; Paul Young introduces his new wife (Emily Bergl) around; Susan feels guilty about lying to Mike about her new job; and Gaby learns that Bree accidentally hit Juanita with her car. read more

Remember Paul? Season 7, Episode 1

Season 7 opens with Vanessa Williams joining the cast as Lynette's rich friend Renee Perry, who makes an unexpected visit. And Paul Young (Mark Moses) returns with his new wife after his release from prison, and they move into Susan's old house. Meanwhile, Susan is offered a job by the manager (Lainie Kazan) of the apartment building where she and Mike now live; the newly single Bree is tempted by her handyman (Brian Austin Green); and Carlos and Gaby are keeping secrets from each other. read more

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Premise: Following her suicide, Mary Alice Young keeps tabs on friends and family she left behind on bucolic suburban Wisteria Lane. But this being a prime-time soap (if a tongue-in-cheek one), they all harbor a sordid secret or two. Created by writer-producer Marc Cherry (a 'Golden Girls' alum), 'Housewives' was an instant hit and a frequent contender on Emmy night .



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