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Desperate Housewives Episode: "If..."

Season 6, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: In the wake of the plane crash, the housewives play "What If...," reflecting on their life choices, and on how other choices might have led to different lives. For Susan it's a life with Karl, and for Bree it's one without Orson; and Lynette thinks about a future with her unborn twins. Meanwhile, Carlos imagines Gaby as an overprotective mom; and Angie ponders what could happen if her secrets were revealed.
Original Air Date: Jan 3, 2010
Guest Cast Paul Keeley: Dr. McLean Michael Holden: Dr. Baron Craig Tsuyumine: Reporter Jayne Taini: Mrs. Greece Evan Arnold: Casting Director Steve Anderson James McDonnell: Dr. Crane Karolinah Villarreal: Celia (age 11) Gloria Garayua: Older Celia
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Season 6, Episode 11
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Aired: 1/3/2010
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "If" Season 6, Episode 11

On Sunday's Desperate Housewives, we found out who survived Wisteria Lane's plane crash — and who didn't. Along the way, the Housewives imagined an alternate future that began with each of them asking, "What if...?"

To refresh your memory of that hilariously bad plane crash (courtesy your nephew's Hot Wheels collection): Orson and Karl were sparring in Santa's cottage, from which Bree narrowly escaped just before the plane leveled it. Mona was clipped by a wing just as she threatened to blackmail Angie and Nick to keep their secret. Lynette dove in front of the plane to save Celia from getting hit. All these people sustained injuries of an indeterminate nature, but first — fantasy sequences!

Susan asks, "What if I hadn't left Karl?"

Susan imagines that she gave Karl another chance after discovering his infidelity. The stress of her decision consumes her, and she gains weight. Teri Hatcher works a fat suit for all its comedy worth (with a bare midriff, no less), even throwing her bulk at relative-stranger Mike Delfino in an attempt to even the score with Karl. In the end, though, Fantasy Karl decides to leave Susan, even after she loses the extra pounds. In the final scene, an abandoned Susan watches as Mike escorts a pregnant blond lady into their home.
Back to reality:
Karl dies. But Susan says she's "grateful." Odd way to mourn her daughter's father, no?

Angie asks, "What if Mona turns me in?"

When Angie and Nick find out that Mona is hanging on by a thread, they pray for her death. In the meantime, Angie imagines what would happen if Mona turned her in. An FBI agent named Padilla calls Angie "Miss DeLuca" during questioning, and tells her that Nick is a traitor to the Bureau and that Danny/Tyler is with his grandmother. Padilla wants Angie to rat out Patrick Logan, her former lover who "ran everything." She claims not to know where he is, and as a result, Angie is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Back to reality:
Mona succumbs to her injuries, and Angie and Nick dance on her grave.

Gaby asks, "What if Celia becomes a famous actress?"

In the face of the other, more weighty questions pondered by the Housewives, Gaby's alternate future is, to say the least, superficial. But perhaps that's appropriate to the character. It starts off serious: Gaby thinks that God saved Celia because she's special and has an as-yet-undiscovered gift. But then, quite arbitrarily, Gaby imagines Celia as the next America Ferrera, starting with a commercial for Ouch Away! bandages. Gaby's crazy stage-mom antics drive away Carlos and Juanita, and leave an abandoned, lunatic Gaby sitting, Grey Gardens-style, in a filthy house, her only shred of hope being one last audition for a miserable, 20-year-old Celia.
Back to reality:
Gaby says that Celia doesn't have to do anything to be special. To which I say: Duh.

Bree asks, "What if Karl hadn't died?"

Bree and Karl enjoy a few moments of marital bliss in Bree's fantasy before she catches him in bed with her yoga instructor. Karl points out that she cheated on Orson in much the same manner, but she throws him out anyway. Then we cut to a scene where Bree goes to Orson's sad-sack bachelor apartment after he dies of a heart attack. They haven't spoken in 10 years, and as she looks around at a collection of portraits from their marriage, the landlady helpfully tells Bree that it was almost like he died of a broken heart. Ouch.
Back to reality:
Orson is out of danger, but there's a good chance he'll be paralyzed.

Lynette asks, "What if one of my twins is born disabled?"

Lynette's post-crash injuries put the twins in jeopardy and she's rushed into surgery. In her anesthetic haze, she imagines her devastation as she suffers through her infant son's physical therapy and, later, a poignant lesson in his self-reliance. We then see that son give a speech at his law-school graduation, in which he thanks Lynette for her unerring support. It's touching, mostly because Felicity Huffman delivers the melodrama with a measured hand.
Back to reality:
One of the twins has died, but the other is fine. What a downer.

Well, he did it. Marc Cherry has always said that he wanted to explore what happens when a mother loses a child, and he finally figured out a way to do it without killing off one of the Wisteria Kidz. Surely, the death of Lynette and Tom's son will reverberate in the coming weeks, but it's Bree's story line, what with Orson's potential paralysis and Karl's death, to which I'm most looking forward. And lest we forget, it should only be a few short weeks before Katherine is sprung from the booby hatch, and here's hoping that the Type-A domestic terrorist that we used to know and love is back and ready to wreak havoc in a more genteel manner.

What did you think of "If"? Did Hatcher's fat suit make you chuckle? What did you make of the few details dropped during Angie's fantasy? Were you sad to see Karl go? And were you as impressed as I was with Huffman's acting?

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On Sunday's Desperate Housewives, we found out who survived Wisteria Lane's plane crash — and who didn't. Along the way, the Housewives imagined an alternate future that began with each of them asking, "What if...?"

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