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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Any Moment"

Season 8, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: Julie worries about Susan's parenting skills after noticing her mother's laxity with MJ; Gaby tries to land a high-paying job after Carlos quits his; Andrew announces that he's getting married, and Bree smells a rat; Lynette sets out win Tom back; and Ben finally proposes to Renee.
Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2012
Guest Cast Matt Winston: Lazaro Michael Dempsey: Det. Murphy Jose Zuniga: Det. Heredia Molly Hagan: Gillian Andrea Parker: Jane Jeffery Self: Brian Mary Pat Gleason: Mrs. Butters
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Season 8, Episode 18
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Aired: 3/25/2012
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "With So Little to Be Sure Of" Season 8, Episode 18

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree tries to hire a hot-shot lawyer after she gets arrested for Alejandro/Ramon's murder. Susan and Lee finds a mysterious box of Mike's in the closet. Lynette moves on to the next phase of getting Tom back. Gaby tries some interesting tactics to get new personal shopping clients.

The opening of the episode is classic Desperate Housewives. Bree is hosting Renee's all-too-traditional bridal shower where the only gift that vibrates is an immersion blender. When the doorbell rings, Gaby thinks it's the male strippers she ordered. But no! They are real cops, who won't take Gaby's bribe and arrest Bree for the murder of Ramon Sanchez (aka Alejandro). As Bree is cuffed and escorted out of her house, she tells the ladies to "be a dear" and take her quiches out of the oven when they're ready. Love it. Seeing Bree in a police station getting her mug shot taken is pretty jarring, but in a much better and more humorous way than Bree's promiscuous phase.

Bob gets Bree out of jail quickly, but knows she needs a criminal lawyer, especially since her fingerprint was found on the button of Ramon's shirt. The other girls are very grateful that Bree is willing to take the bullet for the team (she's the only one without a job or a family to worry about) and offer to pay for her legal fees. So she goes to the best layer in town — Trip Weston, a manipulative, intelligent, fast-talking attorney who seems to be able to talk his clients out of any accusation. He's very reminiscent of Billy Flynn in Chicago, minus the song-and-dance. However, Trip won't take on Bree's case because it's too boring.

Unfortunately for Bree, one of the detectives on the case was Chuck's old partner. He not only refuses to let Ramon's murder slide, but he also has an inkling that Bree had something to do with Chuck's murder. So when the detectives recover Ramon's things from a local hotel, he writes the number of Bree's house on Ramon's map. Bree is brought back in for questioning and even she is completely confused how or why Ramon would have known her house number. Trip happens to see her looking unnerved by the water cooler and overhears the detective trying to get her to talk him without her lawyer. Trip interrupts, tells the detective he is Bree's lawyer and escorts her out of the office. On the way out, he tells her she didn't kill this guy, "but you sure as hell know who did." Scott Bakula is really perfect in this role, and whether or not this working relationship leads to something more, it will be great to see what Trip can do in the courtroom to save Bree as everything goes down to the wire. Dear Scott Bakula, where have you been all of Season 8?!

After kissing Tom and then accidentally setting him on fire, Lynette is moving onto Phase 2 of winning Tom back, which means baking him his favorite cake for his birthday. It seems Lynette isn't the only desperate housewife — or should we say house-girlfriend? — as Jane decides to take matters into her own hands when Tom "can't find time" to bring the divorce papers to Lynette. Jane goes way over the line when she drops the documents off at Lynette's house along with the kids' left-behind school books while Lynette is baking Tom his birthday cake. Lynette retaliates by getting green food dye on Jane's beautiful white suit, but Jane should consider herself lucky after pulling a stunt like that.

Lynette, like any sane woman on Earth, finds Tom at the restaurant where he's supposed to meet Jane and demands to know why she got the papers from Jane and not him. She also wants to know how long ago he had signed them. She tries to ask him if he's really done with their marriage, but when he doesn't answer, she signs the papers and leaves to cry in the parking lot. It's not over, though. Tom gives Jane a serious talking-to when they get home. She tries to tell him it's time to move on and start putting her needs before Lynette's. Tom coldly tells her that he'll always think about Lynette, since she's the mother of his children. Obviously, this is supposed to feel final but it really doesn't. Either way, we don't see Jane and Tom being roommates for much longer.

Gaby's new job gets off to bumpy start because all of the female clients already have a regular female shopper. She needs cash fast, so Gaby tries venturing out to the men's department and — with advice from her boss — ditches her wedding ring to get the male clients to lay down more dough. Carlos notices her much sexier attire and that she's not wearing her wedding ring to work, and initially has a problem with it until Gaby explains that it's all for him. She even goes out of her way to take Carlos out for a nice meal, but their date is interrupted by a flirty and super-cute male customer. He stops by their table and Gaby lies and says that Carlos is her brother. Carlos storms out, but Gaby exclaims, again, that she's doing this all because of Carlos' desire to work at a nonprofit. But Carlos' old-school ways make it hard for him to accept that Gaby is now the big shot and the family provider. Wow, Carlos. You turned one of the most self-centered, materialistic women on the planet into a loving and doting wife and mother, and this is how you say thanks? How far we have come, my friend.

Lee — yes, Lee is back! — agrees to help Susan clean out her closet and get rid of Mike's belongings. She keeps a pair of his shoes (so that MJ can know he filled them one day, awww) and Lee finds a locked box way in the back of the closet. He opens the box and agrees not to tell Susan what's inside so that her memory of Mike won't be ruined. But since this is Susan we're talking about, she goes running to Lee and Bob's at 2 a.m. to find out the incriminating contents. It turns out the eight years ago, when he and Susan were divorced, he set up a separate checking account and has been sending money every month to a Jenny Hernandez.

Susan, obviously, assumes the worst and thinks Mike has a child, but when she goes to Jenny's address, she learns that Jenny's place is a home for adults suffering from autism and that the money was for Mike's sister, Laura. Susan is relieved, but more saddened that Mike kept a sister from her all these years. Julie does more digging in the box and figures out that Mike had only learned about Laura eight years earlier. He kept his sister a secret because his mom had given her up for adoption, knowing she was going to be born with a disability. The letters make Julie realize she doesn't want to look back on giving her daughter up for adoption and regret it her for the rest of her life. So she tells Susan she's going to keep the baby, despite the fact that the new arrival might be an "inconvenience." Finally, Susan has something to be happy about.

So what did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Tom still has real feelings for Lynette or is he just ticked that Jane crossed the line? Is Gaby and Carlos' marriage now in trouble too? Are you happy Julie is keeping the baby? And, most importantly, what did you think of Scott Bakula's introduction? Do you think Trip and Bree will have a strictly working relationship or maybe something on the side? Sound off below!

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree tries to hire a hot-shot lawyer after she gets arrested for Alejandro/Ramon's murder. Susan and Lee finds a mysterious box of Mike's in the closet. Lynette moves on to the next phase of getting Tom back. Gaby tries some interesting tactics to get new personal shopping clients.

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