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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Women and Death"

Season 8, Episode 17
Episode Synopsis: On the day of a beloved Wisteria Lane resident's funeral, each of the housewives recalls the effect this person had on her life. Meanwhile, Bree is stunned when she's called in for questioning about the murder of Gaby's stepfather, Alejandro.
Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2012
Guest Cast Ned Schmidtke: Rev. Lawson Rebecca Wisocky: Bree's Mother Michael Dempsey: Det. Murphy Andrea Parker: Jane Brandon Ford Green: Cop Jose Zuniga: Det. Heredia
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Season 8, Episode 17
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Aired: 3/18/2012
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Any Moment" Season 8, Episode 17

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan and M.J. must finally face their grief over Mike's death. Meanwhile, Lynette tries to win back Tom, and Bree gets a surprise visit from Andrew. Finally, Gaby tries to enter the workforce as Carlos prepares to leave his job.

After telling Carlos to quit his job last week, Gaby has finally gotten around to realizing that this means they will have less money. So she decides to get a job — because she doesn't want to have to cut back on anything. Surprise! She meets with a recruiter and, since she didn't finish high school and her resume is made up entirely of modeling jobs, she's not really qualified to do anything. She gets depressed and goes on a crazy shopping spree that gets her in trouble with Carlos, but gets her applause, literally, from the department store staff. In fact, when she goes back to return all her new things, the manager offers her a job and a sweet 40 percent discount. She accepts and starts helping trend-challenged lost souls right away. Our only question is: How did this not happen sooner on the show? Obviously, Gaby would have never worked during the first few seasons and then she was busy being a chubby, overwhelmed mom. But better late than never, right? Hopefully Gaby will be working on commission.

Lynette channels her newfound determination to get Tom back right away and asks for Renee's advice. While Lynette just wants to sit Tom down and tell him the truth, Renee's eye for flair tells her that Lynette needs to put on a little bit more of a show. So with the help of her conniving daughter, who will probably need years of therapy if her parents do not somehow get back together, Lynette plans the perfect evening. She asks Tom to come over to help while the power is out and lights about, uh, 50 too many candles. He has a glass of wine and smells his favorite dish in the oven, something they tried when they went to New York early in their relationship, and before you know it, they are sitting very close, looking at old photos and even have an almost-kiss.

Unfortunately, the night goes up in flames, literally and figuratively, when Tom's sleeve catches fire and she turns on the light to take a closer look at his burn, and he figures out that the whole night was a big set-up. He goes home to his now-live-in girlfriend, Jane, pissed, but when she tries to get him to come to bed for, well, you know, Tom turns her down. Judging from the look on his face, it's not because of work. Oh my gosh, there might actually be hope for the Scavos to get their act together before it's too late. Who knew?

Still grieving from Mike's death, Susan is being a little (read: a lot) too lenient with M.J. and Julie can't help but notice. She tries to deter M.J. from eating strawberry ice cream out of the carton for breakfast and from playing video games in the middle of the night, but Susan justifies his bratty behavior every time with Mike's death and succumbs to his every crazy demand. Uh, does no one remember that Julie's dad also died? She knows the pain, but she also knows the difference between good and bad parenting, Susan.

M.J.'s mean streak continues until he throws a stapler at his teacher's head in class and yells "Bull's-eye!" The teacher says that M.J. must be disciplined and that he might get kicked out of her class because she has to protect the other students. Susan doesn't understand why her son just can't get a pass because of his father's death and she ends up throwing things off the teacher's desk and injuring her feet. Susan then realizes that maybe they haven't truly dealt with their grief, specifically their anger, yet. In a very Desperate Housewives-like move, she takes all the beautiful jars of jams that she received after Mike's death and encourages M.J. to get his rage out by throwing the jam against the garage wall as hard as he can. They both do it until they break down and cry... and hug. Too bad M.J. is pretty much never going to be able to enjoy jam for the rest of his life without thinking about his dead dad. These Wisteria Lane offspring are going to need a ridiculous amount of professional help someday. But it was nice to see Susan truly grieve after last week's flashback-heavy episode.

The episode actually starts with Renee basically begging for Ben to propose to her after many false starts and one actual botched attempt. Renee has wonderful timing, obviously, and just as Ben is reading the last paragraph of his very boring proposal speech, the cops come knocking on his door wanting to ask him a few questions. Ben is later freed, but the police get a warrant approved to search his construction site, which means bad things for Bree, since they now have her fingerprints from the coffee mug.

While Bree starts planning Renee's big, big wedding (she eloped the first time), she gets a surprise visit from Andrew, who appears to be back on his feet after a tough year, sober and engaged... to a woman! Wait... what? Yes, Bree — the same woman who was once so against her son's homosexuality — is just as confused and determined to get to the bottom of the issue. She learns that Andrew's new girl used to be fat, goes to Overeaters Anonymous and is the heiress to a dessert fortune.

A crafty Bree throws an engagement party for the odd couple and invites all of Andrew's gay friends. Once she talks to the bride-to-be, she learns that their relationship is simply one of convenience: She knows that Andrew is gay, but she can't find a man and he needs money. Andrew gets dumped and confronts Bree, but the two quickly make up. Good thing too, because the cops are getting hotter and hotter on her trail. Renee comes over and tells Bree that the body found at the condo site is believed to be a random homeless person, and Bree quickly calls Ben to thank him for not blabbing. But it turns out that the police have tapped Bree's phone and just heard everything. Oh boy. However, it was nice to see Bree have one slightly normal over-controlling parental moment before she gets thrown in the clink. (Especially, after that crazy slutty streak.)

Sunday's episode really felt like the writers getting the train back on track. Some of the crazier moments: the proposal, the jam and Lynette's fiery dinner, really felt reminiscent of the show's more classic moments, and all the stories completely made sense, even if some, like Gaby's eventually getting a job at the department store, were a little predictable.

So what did you think of the episode? Are you worried for Bree? How do you think Susan is handling Mike's death? Will Lynette be able to win back Tom? Do you think she should? How are you hoping Marc Cherry wraps up this crazy funhouse of pain called Desperate Housewives? Sound off in the comments below!

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan and M.J. must finally face their grief over Mike's death. Meanwhile, Lynette tries to win back Tom, and Bree gets a surprise visit from Andrew. Finally, Gaby tries to enter the workforce as Carlos prepares to leave his job.

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