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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Get Out of My Life"

Season 8, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Susan discovers who the father of Julie's baby is; Orson makes it his duty to nurse Bree back to health; Mrs. McCluskey throws Roy out of her house and he finds refuge at the Solises, where he proves to be an effective disciplinarian to Juanita and Celia, so Gaby won't help him patch things up with Mrs. McCluskey; Porter and Preston Scavo are evicted from their apartment and want to move back home, but Lynette has other ideas; and Mike tells Renee about Ben's loan-shark problem.
Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2012
Guest Cast Sal Landi: Donny Orson Bean: Roy Bender Robert Pine: Dr. Delson
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Season 8, Episode 14
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Aired: 2/19/2012
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Get Out of My Life" Season 8, Episode 14

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Orson begins helping Bree get her life back in order. Susan continues to wrestle with Julie's adoption plan and discovers who the baby-daddy is. Gaby takes in Roy, who helps her discipline her kids. And Lynette gets an unwelcome visit from the twins when they get kicked out of their apartment and move back home.

Orson is back, but it's really hard to tell what his motives are. He agrees to stay and help take care of Bree the way she always took care of him, and he isn't even mad when Bree tells him about the murder and the cover-up. If anything, Orson is mad at the other girls for abandoning Bree. Although he told Bree at the bar that the women had called him, they look surprised to see him at Bree's. He talks to them briefly and tells them they can't see her, but purposefully doesn't tell Bree that they stopped by to check up on her. Then, Orson proposes that he and Bree stay at his place in Maine for a little while — and possibly more permanently. What's behind his sudden hate for Wisteria Lane?

Even when Bree tries to bake croissants to make amends with the girls, Orson lies to her and says that they thought she got what she deserved with the aggressive bar stranger. When packing for Maine, Bree remarks on Orson's newfound confidence, and he tells her it came with learning to drive again and learning to move forward. However, when he's telling her this, it is revealed that Orson used driving as a way to basically very creepily stalk Bree. He watched her and the girls carry out Alejandro's body, he watched them bury it in the woods and it was him that sent the notes to Bree. Obviously, Orson doesn't mention any of that, but he does ominously tell Bree, "Trust me, darling. You won't believe where it's going to end up." What does that even mean? When did Orson get so creepy? And why in the world did he send those notes? Is he actually not in love with Bree anymore? Or was he randomly BFFs with Alejandro and we just don't know it yet? Let's hope they start explaining his real motivations sooner rather than later.

Susan is still trying her darnedest to convince Julie to keep her baby, and the next step in her quest is figuring out who the father is. After telling Lynette that Julie is pregnant (and having the recently returned twins overhear her) Susan hears Julie agree to meet the baby-daddy at the local coffee shop. Obviously, Susan goes to the coffee shop to snoop and find out who the mystery man is and it turns out to be Parker Scavo. No, really. Susan is horrified — the look on her face is priceless — that Julie slept with a kid she used to babysit, especially an irresponsible man-child like Parker. However, she comes around to Parker when he says he wants to keep the baby. Julie is furious, both with Parker for trying to stop her from giving up the baby for adoption, and with Susan for butting in.

Parker asks Susan to tell Lynette and Lynette freaks out that her frozen waffle-eating son think he's ready to be a parent. Susan tries to explain where she's coming from, that her and Lynette could help raise the kid, but Lynette isn't having it. She's still got a young one to raise, and she has no interest in starting all over again. She proposes the child be adopted by people who are really ready to be parents. Lynette goes to Parker directly to try to convince him he's not ready for the responsibility, but Parker says that he's already in love with baby and that the baby has already motivated him to get his act together. But with only $17 in his checking account and the baby due in three months, can he actually get it together in time? Julie finds out that Parker has hired a lawyer to fight to keep the baby, and now she's dreading having to see her daughter every time she comes home to visit her mom. Susan tries to tell her she'll always care about the baby no matter what, but Julie says she'll never forgive her mom for getting Parker involved and storms off.

Carlos has 16 days left in rehab, but during his time away from home, Gaby still hasn't learned how to discipline her daughters. They don't do what she says, they talk back frequently and they mock her endlessly. That all changes when Gaby agrees to let Roy stay with them after Karen kicks him out. Its unclear what their fight was about, but whatever the reason, Gaby quickly learns to love having Roy around when he talks sternly to the girls and quickly gets them in line. Even when Carlos offers to leave rehab early to come home and help out, Gaby tells him she's finally got things under control.

In order to keep this new arrangment intact, Gaby also does her best to keep Roy and Karen from getting back together. When Roy wants to beg her to take him back, Gaby says to wait a little longer and when Karen brings Roy's favorite pie over as a peace offering, she gives it to her kids instead. Gaby does too good of a job in fact: When Karen learns that her cancer has come back and spread to her brain, she tells her doctor she's going to fight it on her own because Roy already had to watch his first wife get sick, and she doesn't want him to go through that again. Selfish Gaby strikes again! But what happens when Carlos comes home from rehab and Roy goes back to having no place to live?

Mike accidentally finds Ben trying to blow up his own construction project because he can't afford to pay back the mob guy he loaned money from. When Ben is telling Mike about the pressure he's been feeling to get the money situation under control, he starts having chest pains and is hospitalized. Mike takes it upon himself to go to Renee and ask her to try and help Ben out with the money, despite their recent split. Renee goes to the hospital to visit Ben, but he refuses her offer to pay off his debt. He says he wants to take care of things on his own and then ask her to marry him again once he has his life back in order. Renee keenly observes he's not doing a great job of that at the moment and tells him if they are going to get back together, she doesn't want him getting the crap kicked out of him by a bunch of thugs. She invites the mob guy over to her house and pays Ben's entire debt with a check. Is she really forgiving him that quickly for using her for her money? Loneliness is hard to deal with on Wisteria Lane, but come on, Renee, show a little backbone!

What did you think of Sunday's episode? What the heck is Orson up to and why did he send Bree those horrible notes? Do you want to see Parker and Julie raise the baby themselves or should they give it up for adoption? Do you think Renee and Ben should get back together, or are you just over Ben entirely at this point? Sound off in the comments below.

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Orson begins helping Bree get her life back in order. Susan continues to wrestle with Julie's adoption plan and discovers who the baby-daddy is. Gaby takes in Roy, who helps her discipline her kids. And Lynette gets an unwelcome visit from the twins when they get kicked out of their apartment and move back home.

Orson is back, but it's really hard to tell... read more

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