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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Is This What You Call Love?"

Season 8, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: Susan is shocked to learn that Julie is pregnant; Lynette's first post-Tom sex doesn't end in fireworks; Juanita's upset when she doesn't get a Valentine from a boy she has a crush on, and Gaby tries to help her; Bree's drinking and lust continues unabated.
Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2012
Guest Cast Stephanie Erb: Debbie Gary Hudson: Jerry John Rubinstein: Principal Hobson Brian Cousins: Man Christopher Goodman: Bill Mark Totty: Dylan Patrick Fabian: Frank
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Season 8, Episode 13
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Aired: 2/12/2012
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Is This What You Call Love?" Season 8, Episode 13

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan gets a big surprise when Julie comes into town. Gaby must face Juanita about Carlos' whereabouts. Lynette tries to start dating again (for real this time!). And the three ladies finally open their eyes to Bree's downward spiral.

Half of this episode felt like Susan and Gaby competing for who could be the worst mom, which Susan wins by a long shot. I mean, MJ who? Anyway, Susan and Mike get a visit from Julie and — surprise! — she is preggers! Quicker than you can say MJ, Susan is offering her and Mike's services to help raise the baby and to have Julie move back in the house. But there's a catch, Susan! Julie tells her that she's giving the baby up for adoption because the dad doesn't want to be involved and Julie isn't ready to be a single mom. Susan is clearly not supportive of the decision. (Um yes, your daughter is getting her doctorate, but it's much more important for you to be a grandma). However, she offers to have the adoptive parents over for dinner.

It's easy to see a mile away, but Susan can't resist the golden opportunity to sabotage the dinner. She goes so far as to tell the parents that the family has a serious history of mental illness and that Julie once took pills, something that sends the potential mom and dad running. Julie finds out and lectures her mom that she doesn't want to be a single mom because she remembers having to coddle her mom and take care of her when her dad left. Funny how Susan doesn't remember that at all! Mike gets Julie to reconcile with her mom and Susan tells Julie no matter what, she'll always be the best thing she ever did. Although Susan is seen folding baby clothes to put them away, something say that this won't be the last we hear of Julie and her baby. And hopefully not, this is probably Susan's best story line all season.

Why is Gaby the worst mom, you ask? Because she finds out that Juanita has a crush on a boy at school and when she hears Juanita asking more and more questions about why Daddy is in Europe for so long (aka rehab), she decides to distract Juanita and make everything magically OK by giving her a Valentine from her crush. The big problem is that Juanita is her mother's daughter, which means the instant she sees "XOXO," she attacks this poor boy on the playground and makes him kiss her. The principal almost kicks Juanita out for sexual harassment and Gaby must tell her the truth about the man of her dreams. Gaby, unlike Susan, realizes the error of her ways a little more quickly and independently and decides to tell Juanita the whole truth, which also means about where Daddy really is.

After deciding that she's truly ready to date again (or so she says), Lynette ends up talking Renee's hairdresser, Frank, into giving her a second chance after she bossed him around way too much the first time. Their second date goes extremely well and Lynette even invites him over to her place for dessert. Like any man above the age of what, 18 would, he assumes dessert is code for sex and is taken aback when Lynette hands him a pudding cup (sexy). Unlike any man on the face of the planet, he actually tells Lynette that he thought she meant sex and puts her on edge a little bit. She says she's not ready yet, but they decide to go out again.

After a talk with the girls, which means Gaby telling her to do it and Susan telling her to wait, Lynette decides she likes Frank enough to sleep him and jumps into the sack with him to get the awkwardness out of the way. They have strong chemistry and a nice little back-and-forth about how many lights are allowed to be on in the room, but Lynette later reveals to Renee the next day that she ended up crying in the middle of sex because she's so upset that she is no longer married. Apparently, before it only occurred to her that Tom would be moving on, but not that she would be. She assumes Frank won't call, but he does the opposite. He stops by for a chill date with pizza and wine and says he would be worried if she didn't have a strong reaction over sleeping with a new guy after 20 years of marriage. (He's a winner, Lynette.) They sleep together again, seemingly with no such kinks and it looks like Lynette might really and truly be moving on from Tom. Yes, I know I've written that so many times this season, but she has good chemistry with this guy and if producers are going to insist on keeping her split from the love of her life, it may as well be so she can be with this guy?

Bree's love life is as eventful as ever, and the other ladies are just really starting to take notice. At first, Lynette says Bree doesn't deserve help after what she did, but when Renee tells Lynette that she took Bree drinking, the red flag is raised and Lynette rallies the other ladies up. They decide to stage an intervention and Bree finds them waiting in her living room late at night when she comes home drunk with her latest suitor. The women confront Bree and tell her that she needs help and they want to be there for her, but she drops them with the bombshell about her almost suicide attempt and rubs it in their faces that when she did ask for help, they slammed their doors in her faces. She says that in their group, she was always the planner and when the plan to cover-up the murder went awry, they all blamed her and her alone. She tells them to leave and doesn't seem willing to get out of her bad groove.

She comes close when a patron at her favorite bar — familiar with her usual games — gets too pushy and insists on going back to her place with her. She leaves her drink and tries to leave him, but he follows her and takes her keys. Just when you think Bree is going to get raped or something, Orson comes rolling onto the scene from the shadows and literally tasers the guy. He explains to Bree that her friends called and said she needed help and she begins to cry and tells him she screwed up her life. It's so hard to see Orson come back in this way, as a wheelchair-bound vigilante dressed in all black, coming to help Bree put her life together after she turned into a drunken slut. Is Orson the one who's been watching her? Do you think he wants her back? It's unclear how long he'll be back for, but I'll always take more Orson.

So what did you think of tonight's episode? Are you glad Orson and Julie came back into the picture? What do you think of Lynette's new lovah? Sound off in the comments below!

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan gets a big surprise when Julie comes into town. Gaby must face Juanita about Carlos' whereabouts. Lynette tries to start dating again (for real this time!). And the three ladies finally open their eyes to Bree's downward spiral.

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