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Desperate Housewives Episode: "What's the Good of Being Good"

Season 8, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: Bree spins further out of control, fueled by alcohol and lust; Lynette goes on her first date since separating from Tom—with Renee's hairdresser; Ben has a surprise for Renee; Alejandro's widow suspects that he was murdered and confronts Susan about it; and Gaby discovers that Alejandro also abused his stepdaughter.
Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2012
Guest Cast Jeffrey Corbett: Don Justina Machado: Claudia Sanchez Patrick Fabian: Frank Daniela Bobadilla: Marisa Sanchez Cameron Mathison: Greg Sal Landi: Loan Shark
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Season 8, Episode 12
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Aired: 1/22/2012
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Desperate Housewives Recap: "What's the Good of Being Good" Season 8, Episode 12

On this week's Desperate Housewives, Bree's slutty streak continues and Lynette goes on a date. Susan must pay the consequences of her trip to Oklahoma, with some major help from Gaby, and Ben has a big question for Renee.

The two men Bree picked up at the local dive last week were apparently just the tip of the iceberg. But while she's willing to leave her morals behind for a few wild nights, there are still a few remnants of the crazy controlling Bree we all know and love. For instance, she gives her suitors fresh muffins and scones when she kicks them out at 4 a.m. so they leave before nosy Mrs. McCluskey gets up. Unfortunately, one day the alarm fails to go off and Bree gets a poorly timed visit from — you guessed it — Mrs. McCluskey. She not only sees a naked man come down Bree's stairs, but notices the empty wine bottle in the corner and calls up the local pastor to help Bree out.

The local pastor confronts Bree at the source of the problem — at a bar where she is drinking and hitting on a man half her age. He instructs her to follow him out of the bar because she's not at all acting like who she really is, but she says she's still lost as ever after following him and the church for so many years. The worst part? She thinks she's more likely to find her answers in the watering hole (even if it means getting removed as the head of the women's auxiliary club the week before the big bake sale).

Bree doesn't respond well when she's told she can't attend the bake sale, and instead brings her fresh strawberry tart and her slightly drunk self. Everyone is worried she'll cause a scene; sure enough, she does when one of her recent conquests, Greg (All My Children's Cameron Mathison, FTW), shows up with his wife. Unaware of his marital status, Bree hits on him and when his wife overhears and calls her names, Bree finally decides to leave (she needs another drink after all). Instead of lying low, Bree lets go of caring about what Fairview thinks and starts making out with strange men outside in the middle of the day for all the neighbors to see. How much further down is Bree going to spiral before she hits bottom? Or are we just going to have to learn to love the new Bree?

Lynette decides to (re)-enter the dating pool, but when she asks Gaby and Renee to set her up, they balk because she's not the easiest person to get along with. Lynette is insistent and finds herself a good catch — Renee's hairdresser. He's cute, he's smart, he's good at what he does, but it's not enough for Lynette. The date begins with talk about his ex-wife and marital problems, and Lynette decides it a good idea to take the wife's side and criticizes him for not opening his own salon. Instead of getting to know one another, Lynette maps out a five-year plan for his business and earns a comparison to Stalin from her annoyed dinner companion. When Renee asks how the date went the next day at the salon, the answer is crystal clear in her frizzy, no-longer-silky tresses.

Lynette realizes she tried to push a guy she barely knows the way she used to push Tom which, hopefully, means she'll learn from her mistake for next time. I'm tired of all these false starts and would like to see her meet someone and not completely screw it up or back down by the end of the first date. If Lynette is going to be single, let's at least explore what kind of guy might be right for her at this time in her life.

Susan's latest stupid move comes back to haunt her when Claudia comes knocking on her door — which Susan quickly slams — accusing her of cheating on her husband with Ramon. Susan tries to tell her the truth, but first she has to fess up about her Oklahoma trip to Gaby when Claudia plasters Wisteria Lane with flyers featuring Ramon's photo and calling Susan Delfino a slut. Susan also tells Gaby that Ramon's stepdaughter, Marissa, seemed like she was molested as well. Gaby decides to confront Claudia and tell her the truth about her husband. Gaby tells her the truth about Ramon — his real name, his abuse — just as her daughter reveals her own dark history with him, and, suffice it to say, all is forgiven between Susan and Claudia. (Susan is too stupid to get herself out of her own mess, so it only makes sense that Gaby is the one to swoop in and save her).

Claudia is horrified to learn the truth about the man she loved and what he was doing to her daughter. However, she and Marissa leave town thankful for Gaby's help. When she comes to say goodbye, Claudia motions to a deep red stain on Gaby's carpet and knowingly tells her she should get rid of it. So ... does this mean we're all good? Obviously, it can't be that easy, but if even the guy's wife and stepdaughter don't want to find him, why do the cops have to keep pursuing the missing person's case? At least now Gaby seems to have closure, and Susan's stupidity streak, fueled by guilt all this time, can finally come to an end.

Following Ben's discovery last week that Renee is rolling in money, he makes the obvious big gesture this week and proposes. Poor, friendless, bored-out-of-her-mind Renee is desperate enough for companionship that she immediately says yes despite their short courtship. She gets teary-eyed (did we knew Renee could cry?) and tells Ben how he helped her learn to trust again and how safe she feels with him. Ben, apparently suddenly with conscience, abruptly takes back the ring and tells Renee his real reason for proposing — to get her money. But hey, I do love you, he adds. It's way too late for that and Renee storms out of the house, breaking a vase and slamming the door on her way out.

To keep his construction project afloat, Ben is forced to make a deal with the mob guy whom Mike tried to dissuade him from dealing with. The mob guy remembers Mike and makes it clear he's not afraid to hassle Renee for the cash should Ben not be able to pay up. He says she's not involved, but the guy couldn't care less. How bad is this going to work out for Ben, Mike and Co.? How will this deal reconnect back to Alejandro's body and the cover-up?

So what did you think of this week's episode? Where do you think the cover-up will go from here now that Alejandro's family hates him? Do you want to see Lynette settle down with a new guy or play the field? Is Renee doomed now that Ben's made a deal with the devil? And are you happy with where the writers are taking Bree? Or do you feel she's too far from the woman we all knew? Weigh in below!

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On this week's Desperate Housewives, Bree's slutty streak continues and Lynette goes on a date. Susan must pay the consequences of her trip to Oklahoma, with some major help from Gaby, and Ben has a big question for Renee.
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