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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Always in Control"

Season 8, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Bree discovers who dug up Gaby's stepfather and is shocked; Lynette lies to Penny about Tom's new girlfriend; Susan searches desperately for her artistic muse to impress her hard-to-impress art teacher (Miguel Ferrer); and Lee and Bob think that Juanita and Celia Solis are still bad kids, so they don't want to let Gaby and Carlos name them as the girls' legal guardians in their wills.
Original Air Date: Nov 6, 2011
Guest Cast Andrea Parker: Jane Becky Wu: Amy Yamada Miguel Ferrer: Andre Zeller
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Season 8, Episode 7
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Aired: 11/6/2011
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Always in Control" Season 8, Episode 7

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree is shocked to find out who dug up the body of Gaby's stepfather. Lynette starts lying to Penny about Tom's new girlfriend. Susan struggles to find her artistic muse, and Gaby is hurt when Lee and Bob refuse to name her and Carlos as legal guardians in their will.

Immediately after finding the grave for Gaby's stepfather is empty, Bree assures herself that Susan went crazy with paranoia and dug up the body. Bree goes over to Susan's to dig around for evidence that Susan was the culprit, when Mike drops by and tells the women that Ben canceled their meeting because something happened to the site and the project was axed, at least for now. Bree runs off before she can ask Susan about digging up the body.

Bree goes directly to the site to do damage control and get info. Ben is enjoying a liquid lunch because, as he informs Bree, one of his men found a dead body buried on site. Ben tells Bree he hasn't told the police yet, and she tries every reasonable, logical way to talk him out of calling the cops. (You could be blamed for the murder! Your men could get in trouble!) However, Ben is worried about being charged with a felony if the police find out he hid the body, and says there's no avoiding it. Bree agrees, reluctantly, and runs off to the gravesite. Obviously, the fact that she knows exactly where the body was buried tips off Ben that she had something to do with the burial and she tells him the truth. The whole truth — that she didn't kill this "bad man" but that her friend did and she helped bury the body. She starts to tear up as she begs Ben not to tell the cops. Ben refuses.

Bree gets cornered by Chuck, who remembers that he and Bree saw the missing person (Gaby's stepfather) on the night of the big dinner party. She claims to have never seen the man before, when Chuck grabs her arm and gets right in her face. He demands to know the truth just when Ben intervenes and tells Chuck to back off because he's the real tough guy (oh, God, it's a macho-off). Chuck says he'll be seeing them soon, and Ben consoles Bree before he tells her that there's only so far the investigation can go without a body. Bree is truly relieved, but wonders why he did that for her. He says — in the most fake nonchalant way possible — that he doesn't know but may need a favor from her someday. Yeah it sounds like "someday" means "tomorrow" and "favor" actually stands for "huge impossible task." For a split second during their embrace, I thought Ben and Bree were going to kiss (since his quasi-relationship whatever with Renee seems to be such a small and inconsistent story line), but now it seems he wants her for blackmail purposes only.

Renee calls Lynette a doormat for letting Tom's new girlfriend, Jane, "steal" Penny away by getting her backstage passes to Wicked, teaching her how to braid her hair and giving her a cute nickname. Lynette insists she doesn't want to get Penny involved, but — of course — Renee is always ready and willing to play dirty. Lynette goes from playing safe to playing rough in 60 seconds when she brings out Penny's baby book and rubs it in her face that they're no longer a family (because that is not going to screw up her daughter for life, right?). Her plan works and Penny no longer wants to go to her dad's house for dinner.

Penny continues blowing off her dad, so he comes over to find out what's wrong. She says she's had a lot of homework and would rather have her mom help her than Jane. Tom offers to spend some time with Penny one-on-one at the park, but as soon as she leaves the room, Tom turns the suspicions onto Lynette and tells her he hopes that whatever is going on between them stays between them. Lynette tries to blame Tom for jumping into a relationship, even though we all know it's her fault.

Surprise! Lynette stops by the park, sees Tom sitting by himself waiting for Penny and rights her wrong. She drives Penny to the park and, for the first time, admits the real truth about their split. She says Tom didn't leave them, he just left Lynette and not because of Jane, but because Lynette and Tom weren't making each other happy anymore. She explains that there are no bad guys in the situation, just people trying to figure things out. She watches as Penny runs to meet her dad and breaks down crying in the car alone.

The pressure starts getting to Gaby, and she turns to Carlos when she realizes she has no idea what their future holds, and if that future includes an orange jumpsuit and a jail cell. Gaby worries about what will happen to their daughters if they're both in jail, a reasonable concern from Gaby for once, and Carlos says they'll name a new legal guardian to replace crazy Susan (since she'll be beside Gaby making license plates in the slammer if something happens). Carlos and Gaby decide on Bob and Lee as the perfect new guardians.

Gaby and Carlos go to Bob and Lee to ask them to be legal guardians but — much like the end of last season — the guys are wary of Juanita and Celia because they're "monsters." Gaby lies like her life depended on it, because it almost does, and says the girls have changed tremendously. Lee suggests they all get together for dinner so that Bob and Lee can see just how much the girls have transformed. Gaby panics and keeps the girls home from school to teach them all the basics about manners. Which one is the salad fork she asks. What's a salad, Juanita responds. Seriously, what does Gaby do all day that her two daughters don't know how to brush their hair when they have a former supermodel for a mother??

Gaby trains the girls not only to mind their manners, but also to sing Dreamgirls for the guys. The girls completely win them over — until the end of the night when it is revealed that Juanita and Celia wrote "gays r stupid" on the garage door. Anyway, the homophobia is just a cover for Juanita's real insecurity — that something is bad is happening to her parents. She says dad sleeps all the time and heard him and Gaby talking about what would happen to the girls if they had to go away. That's why she sabotaged Lee and Bob's dinner. Gaby tries to brush away her fears and tells her they can make plans for spring vacation.

It's portfolio review time and Susan's art teacher is still grating on her harder than anyone else in her class. He says her technique is still perfect, but her pieces are boring and singles out another student with "atrocious" technique but exciting works. Susan goes to Andre's apartment to win his approval/get advice/cross the lines of normal society as she always does, when Andre throws her yet another blow. He says that he thought before that she was holding something back, he now believes there's really nothing there and gives her an empty A+ with the stern instruction not to come back to class.

After Ben tells Bree he plans to hide the body, he calls upon Mike to do the dirty work. Mike quickly tells Susan about his request and she rushes over to Bree's house to tell her the news. Too bad, Bree, Gaby and Lynette are already toasting the fact that Ben didn't turn over the body and Susan is horrified and betrayed to learn she's been kept in the dark for so long. (Really, Susan, really?) Bree tries to explain that they were trying to protect her, but Susan is furious that she put everything on the line to help Gaby and Carlos and this is how she is repaid. She ends up revealing that it was Carlos — not her — that told Mike about the body and then Gaby tries to wash the whole mess away by saying everything will be fine as long as they don't get another blackmail letter. This not only makes Susan storm out and tell her she's "done" with Bree, Gaby and Lynette, but pushes Lynette away too, because she feels she had a right to know about the letter the whole time (and she's not nearly as crazy as Susan).

It's about time the four ladies actually shared a scene together (wasn't that the point of this whole cover-up to begin with?) and the fight also serves as inspiration for Susan's art. In anger, she paints a dark and harrowing — but all too realistic — portrait of the four women standing in the woods staring down at a skeleton. Andre is impressed, but at what cost? He's been a jerk to her the entire season so it makes no sense that a) she's been so disgustingly desperate for his approval and b) that she would so nonchalantly show him this picture without thinking of the consequences when she was so pissed at the ladies for taking matters into their own hands and leaving her behind. Sure, now her A+ is a real A+ but I'm pretty sure they don't care about grades in the slammer, Susan.

So what did you think about the episode? Were you happy that the ladies finally opened up to each other about what they've been hiding from one another? Is their cover-up a sinking ship now that they've almost all gone their separate ways? How much does Chuck really know about Gaby's step-father? And what kind of favor do you think Ben will ask of Bree? Sound off in the comments below.

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree is shocked to find out who dug up the body of Gaby's stepfather. Lynette starts lying to Penny about Tom's new girlfriend. Susan struggles to find her artistic muse, and Gaby is hurt when Lee and Bob refuse to name her and Carlos as legal guardians in their will.
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