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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Witch's Lament"

Season 8, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Gaby, Bree and Lynette must dig up and move Alejandro's body after learning that Ben will be excavating on the very spot where Gaby's stepfather is buried; Susan discovers that her duties as Andre's intern don't involve art; Lynette tries to make a Halloween costume for Penny to keep from being outdone by Tom's new girlfriend; and Renee uses an enticement to spice up her first night of romance with Ben.
Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2011
Guest Cast Miguel Ferrer: Andre Zeller Andrea Parker: Jane Becky Wu: Amy Yamada Gabriel Morales: Teen Scott Lawrence: Allen Mason Cook: Jasper
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Season 8, Episode 6
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Aired: 10/30/2011
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Witch's Lament" Season 8, Episode 6

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan struggles when she gets more responsibility from her art teacher. Lynette goes head to head with Tom's new girlfriend to make Penny's costume. Gaby tries to push Carlos to deal with his recent drinking problem. Renee gets nervous about sleeping with Ben for the first time, while Bree must persuade him not to build his new project on the land where Gaby's stepfather is buried.

This week in that subplot in which Susan tries desperately to win over her jerk of an art teacher, Susan is selected to be Andre's intern. However, the internship is less a prestigious addition to her resume and more of a babysitting-for-free gig. Turns out, Andre was married once for all of five seconds, a union which resulted in a son who is now jaded and anti-social (pretty much the exact opposite of little MJ). Susan, of course, makes the little boy her latest project and tries to tell Andre his weekend son needs more attention. Andre defends his indifferent and uninvolved parenting style because he says he justifies interpersonal relationships for his art.

Unfortunately, Susan takes this as a call to action and decides to hold Andre's latest work-in-progress hostage to get him to take his son trick or treating. She watches him try to bribe his now reformed and semi-well-adjusted son to stop trick-or-treating, before she finally realizes that she doesn't care about his approval (yeah, right) and isn't afraid to tell him so (smart move, Susan). Andre, again, justifies that the gift, or curse, of artistic talent controls his life and keeps him from such relationships. And the way he says it sounds like foreshadowing for Susan. Oh no, Susan is going to become good at art and then what? And why is she not involved at all in helping uncover the body? The whole point of the cover-up was to bring the four core ladies closer together yet now we're being forced to become emotionally invested in her art and her teacher's emotional detachment?

After finally really figuring out she wants Tom back, it's now Lynette's No. 1 mission to take down his new girlfriend, Jane. The first step? Rejecting Jane's offer to help make Penny's Halloween costume despite Lynette's poor sewing skills and Jane's semesters in Paris spent studying fashion design. Lynette calls on a professional costume designer in New York (who will do anything for coke money, according to Renee) to help create the costume. Unfortunately, a few details — especially Penny's young age — are lost in translation and when the costume arrives at the very last minute, it's extremely sexed up (with a whip!) and missing a bottom half. As Tom says, it looks Penny is going trick-or-treating for dollar bills.

Jane and Tom are horrified by Penny's costume, but Jane also saves the day by suggesting she and Lynette go upstairs and find the skirt for the costume. Jane then sews Penny a skirt in just a few minutes and Lynette lets her guard down around the enemy as the two women trade working-mother horror stories. However, Lynette misreads Jane's kind gesture and goes so far as to ask Jane to stop seeing Tom, since she knows what it's like to go through a divorce. Jane is appalled, as any woman would be, and she tells Lynette that she truly doesn't understand that her marriage is over. As one of my friends commented while watching this, Lynette should have tried to pin it all on her kids and talk about how the divorce is impacting them rather than make her plea all about her.

Either way, Jane has absolutely zero intention of letting Tom go.

Gaby is keeping a vigilant eye on Carlos following his drunken spill in front of her PTA minions last week. At first, it appears that Carlos has everything under control. His coffee is black, not Irish. He tells Gaby he's going to check out an AA meeting. But as soon as he goes to the AA meeting and sits down with one of the main organizers, he hits a serious wall when the man asks him what made him start drinking heavily in the first place. The man says such drinking is usually attributed to a traumatic incident and the light bulb goes off in his head again that he must bear the burden of keeping the secret no matter what. Carlos leaves the meeting, throws the sponsor's contact info away and after he thinks he sees Gaby's stepfather when answering the door to an innocent trick-or-treater, he resorts to heavy drinking to ease the burden. Gaby can be pretty clueless, so it remains to be seen how far Carlos will go before someone figures out what's going on. Too bad he doesn't have Susan to rely on anymore.

It's been weeks since their disastrous soup kitchen date. Ben comes over to ask out Renee on a proper date. After she makes him beg on his hands and knees (so she can check for any bald spots), she happily accepts. She is also more than happy to visit Chinatown to pick up some love potion for their big date — assuming that dinner will lead to sex. The night of, Renee takes a few generous swigs from the bottle and just when things are heating up on the couch, she starts coughing and hacking as her throat starts to close up.

The severe rash on her face then scares away young trick-or-treaters, and finally Ben realizes something up and takes her to the hospital. Renee is forced to stay overnight and is hooked up to an IV when Ben comes in to visit. He reveals he knows about the strange love potion and in a rare moment of honesty sans punch lines, Renee confesses she wanted everything to be special for her and Ben's first night together because she hasn't been with anyone since her ex-husband. Yes, the same Renee who saunters around Wisteria Lane in low tops and tight skirts and talks about sex 24-7. Ben smiles and nestles into her hospital bed with her. Oh, no. Is Renee going to be boring again now that she's snagged the man?

Ben may be making Renee's life better, but his upcoming work project — and his desire to build on the land where Gaby's stepfather is buried — is making Bree's life hell. She turns to Gaby once again for help. (Because she helped so much last time around with the whole Chuck situation, right?) The best idea that the two ladies can come up with is to find a reason to block the project from moving forward — that is, finding endangered frogs on the site. However, things go astray when the two try to catch the frogs to bring them back, and Bree comes up with Plan B: dig up the body and bury it somewhere else. Bree, Gaby and Lynette head to the site on Halloween night to do just that (Susan is too paranoid, they reason), but unfortunately they get a horrible wake-up call when they realize the body is already gone. Where did it go? Who took it? And will they tell Susan and Carlos that the body was moved?

So what did you think of this week's episode? Are you done being emotionally invested in Susan's crabby art teacher? What will be Lynette's next step in winning back her husband now that the girlfriend knows what's going on? How far will Carlos spiral this time? And where did the body go? Sound off with your best and craziest theories in the comments below.

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan struggles when she gets more responsibility from her art teacher. Lynette goes head to head with Tom's new girlfriend to make Penny's costume. Gaby tries to push Carlos to deal with his recent drinking problem. Renee gets nervous about sleeping with Ben for the first time, while Bree must persuade him not to build his new project on the land where Gaby's stepfather is buried.

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