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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Watch While I Revise the World"

Season 8, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Mike suspects that Susan and Carlos are having an affair because of their shared guilt over the killing of Gaby's stepfather; Bree suspects that Chuck is investigating her; Lynette's sister (Sarah Paulson) arrives, and announces that she's engaged; and Lee asks Renee to help his daughter, Jenny, buy her first bra, and feels frozen out when Renee and Jenny bond.
Original Air Date: Oct 9, 2011
Guest Cast Christopher Gartin: Rashi Isabella Acres: Jenny Alec Musser: Friedrich Sarah Paulson: Lydia
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Season 8, Episode 3
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Aired: 10/9/2011
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Watch While I Revise the World" Season 8, Episode 3

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan and Carlos try to hide their newfound friendship from a suspicious Mike. Bree tries to figure out what Chuck knows about her, and how it might be tied to the murder. Lynette has a hard time accepting her sister's surprise engagement as she comes to term with her own marital problems, and Renee bonds to Lee's daughter a little too well.

Now that they know they aren't alone, Susan and Carlos begin "accidentally" running into each other more frequently, but they're not good at keeping this new friendship a secret. (Has Susan ever been subtle?) Mike sees them sharing a midnight stroll on the Lane and immediately gets suspicious since the two have never been friends before. Susan brushes him off, but worries about Mike and tries to discourage Carlos, but he won't be dissuaded from confiding in his new friend. While Susan is doing community service for her assault on a police officer last week (which, yes, Mike finds out about), Carlos stops by to talk to her about a book she recommended (To Kill a Mockingbird). Her supervisor tells Carlos he can't volunteer because he hasn't committed a crime and Carlos makes a big scene and happily puts on an orange vest.

Naturally, Mike comes driving through town as they are in the middle of their close conversation, and the two run scared into a nearby van (because that doesn't look more suspicious, right?). Predictably, the two are forced to confront their changing relationship when they are huddled closely in the back of the dark van and Susan outright asks what is going on. Just when it looks they are about to kiss (and I begin to yell at my TV, "please, TV gods, no!") they back up and realize they can't be friends anymore. Just as they realize this and get out of the van, Mike finds them and decks Carlos. Later, Susan and Carlos sit Mike down and while he waits to hear them admit they're sleeping together, Susan slowly explains the truth: the murder. Um, hello, Susan, your husband has a criminal record. Do you really want to get him involved in this? Sure, this is good news for the Delfino marriage, but how will Mike help — or hurt — the cover-up? And if Susan is having such a horrible time dealing with her guilt, how will Mike deal with knowing about the crime? I didn't expect him to find out this soon, and from Susan especially, so I'm interested to see where this goes.

As if Lynette wasn't having a hard enough time dealing with being single, her screw-up sister comes to town and — surprise — she's not on Wisteria Lane to cure her most recent break-up with wine and ice cream. She's engaged (after just three weeks, and to a hippie-type guy that believes in liver cleanses no less). It's a bit of a role reversal for Lynette, when she realizes her sister has come armed with ice cream and wine to help Lynette heal. Instead of taking the opportunity to talk about her feelings and really confront her single status, she rains on her sister's happiness parade. In the process, Lynette brings out the cynical, bitter side of her once optimistic sister. Her sister tells her she's happy that Lynette is miserable and she's the happy sister, for once, just as her fiancé walks in and is visibly disgusted by the harsh words.

This is the point where Lynette shows that — yes — she is a grown-up and either talks up her sister to the fiancé or tells her sister she's better off. It is predictable to see Lynette sneak into Rashi's mediation tent? Yes. It is hilarious? You bet. She drags him outside to explain that Lydia is only crazy and mean because Lynette brings that side out of her, but Rashi counters that their tumultuous sibling bond reminds him too much of the more conventional Long Island upbringing he left behind a long time ago. She says Lydia deserves a little time to let go of her old ways and find her "bliss" (whatever that means), and Rashi says he will think about it. Rashi eventually takes Lydia back, and Lynette admits to Lydia that she's just been jealous of her new bliss the whole time. She also finally admits why she and Tom didn't work, saying she's scared she can't change despite recognizing the problems in their relationship. Not really sure it's the best moral lesson to tell someone to wait for their fiancé to magically change, but it's a still nice moment for Lynette.

No sign of Ben after their seductive sharing of french fries last week, but it's another good week for Vanessa Williams's character. (Two weeks of solid story lines! What's next?!) Renee reluctantly agrees to take Lee and Bob's adopted daughter bra-shopping and before you know it, the two are gabbing about boys, lip gloss and saying "totes." (As Lee says, just say the whole word! How much time are you really saving?) At first, Lee thinks it's nice that the two are able to bond, but once he learns his daughter is keeping her crushes from him but blabbing all the "deets" to Renee, he starts getting jealous. When his daughter doesn't come home on time and then sneaks out to hang out at Renee's house, he gets really mad. She even breaks out the m-word ("mother"), to which Lee is obviously heartbroken as it must be insecurity for many gay couples raising a daughter. Surprisingly, Renee is able to talk him down. Sure, she loves being admired, but she tells Lee to shut up and stop feeling sorry for himself — he's a great parent.

Gaby is too busy helping Bree to be aware of anything weird going on with Carlos and Susan. After finding out from Paul Young that Chuck was involved in the investigation into Mary Alice's suicide, Bree (and now, Gaby) thinks that Chuck may be the one blackmailing her. First, Bree breaks the news to Gaby that she didn't break up with Chuck, but when she explains why, the two pair up to figure out what's really going on. One thing leads to another and Bree finds that Chuck has a random picture of her hand in his work briefcase (to match her fingerprints with something found at the crime scene perhaps?) and also has an envelope from the police station with her full name written on it.

Bree begins to really worry about Chuck, and she and Gaby devise another plan for Gaby to go into the house and try to dig around further. However, Chuck surprises Bree by requesting to take her out for a nice dinner, and then Gaby decides to follow them to the restaurant. Put a few things together (including the peculiar shape of the envelope he had, him asking for a "private" table) and its clear that Chuck is about to pop the question. Bree and Gaby completely ruin the surprise by stealing the envelope from his jacket pocket and opening the gorgeous ring in the ladies room, and once they piece everything together, i.e. why he had a picture of her hand, she decides to break it off with him. Bree does so right before Chuck can get in his big question and apologizes if she "misled" him. He angrily responds that yes, she did, and that while he was willing to do anything for her before, he no longer feels that way. He leaves thinking Bree was cheating on him this whole time, and says that when she needs help, he won't be there to save her. Foreshadowing!

So does this mean that Bree is really going to end up alone at the end of the series? And will Chuck's anger and suspiciousness about another man motivate him to pry into Bree's personal affairs and uncover the truth? Obviously, this isn't the last we've seen of Detective Vance, but I'm definitely surprised they broke up so soon. I thought the show would play up Bree's having to hide everything from him awhile longer.

So what did you think of the episode? Are you surprised that Bree and Chuck broke up? Do you think there's hope for them to get back together and will the heartbreak come to bite her in the butt? How will Mike handle knowing the news about Carlos' murder? What's the next stage of acceptance for Lynette? And where did Ben go this week? Sound off in the comments below.

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan and Carlos try to hide their newfound friendship from a suspicious Mike. Bree tries to figure out what Chuck knows about her, and how it might be tied to the murder. Lynette has a hard time accepting her sister's surprise engagement as she comes to term with her own marital problems, and Renee bonds to Lee's daughter a little too well.

Now that they know they aren't alone... read more

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