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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Then I Really Got Scared"

Season 7, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Paul's health is declining and he suspects that Susan is responsible for it; Lynette and Tom fight about their family vacation; Gaby lets Juanita watch a horror movie and soon regrets it; and Bree dates a detective, but doesn't trust him.
Original Air Date: May 8, 2011
Guest Cast Michelle Glavan: Brittney Beth Littleford: Dana Christopher Gehrman: Lab Technician Melissa Greenspan: Cindy Malese Jow: Violet Kristopher Logan: Killer Jeffrey Hutchinson: Doctor John Rubinstein: Principal Hobson
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Season 7, Episode 21
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Aired: 5/8/2011
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Then I Really Got Scared" Season 7, Episode 21

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree has a disastrous first date with Chuck Vance, and Lynette and Tom compete to plan the perfect family vacation. Gaby tries to help Juanita overcome her fear of the dark. Finally, Paul figures out his food is poisoned just as Susan fights to get her teaching job back.

A very confident Chuck Vance stops by Bree's house to give her another one of his cards since, he says, she obviously lost the first one. Bree says she didn't and shows him the card in her purse and the two share a funny back-and-forth. Once Chuck sees she held onto it so closely, he asks her to go to dinner with him, saying she'll get the chance to trade barbs with him all night. Bree accepts. However, Renee soon gets involved when she is shocked to learn Bree has a date and insists Bree do a background check on the detective since she knows so little about him. Obviously, this only leads to trouble and Bree gets a hold of some incriminating information just as Chuck comes by to pick her up.

At dinner, Bree pushes Chuck to reveal whatever is "pertinent" about himself. He tells her about his upbringing, his kids, but fails to mention he's technically still married. He explains he filed for divorce last spring and it hasn't gotten through, but Chuck says he understands her research after her second husband, the "hit and run." Chuck then brings up George and her gun collection and says he looked at her file, after which she asks to leave the restaurant.

On the way home, Chuck asks Bree if he still has a shot. When she says no, he puts on his cop hat and picks up a prostitute he knows. On his way to dropping the girl off at the women's shelter, Chuck tries to convince the girl there are other options in life and somehow ends up telling her that Bree was once turning tricks. Bree plays along to give the girl hope, and she starts to see the charm in Chuck. She later comes to his work and apologizes for looking up his past when she wasn't ready to share her own history, and Chuck reasons that they're like this because they've had their hearts broken a few times before.

It's only their first date, but already Chuck seems like a much better sparring partner, and match, for Bree than Keith ever was. While Keith was easy on the eyes (and actually gave something for Vanessa Williams to do!), Chuck and Bree's banter is much more intellectually stimulating. Chuck is a little reminiscent of Karl with his fire, but with the respectability of Rex.

The writers decide to put the squabble between Bree, Carlos and Gaby behind them, for a week at least, and instead Gaby's biggest problem is Juanita's nightmares after she shows her young daughter a scary movie. She tries to convince Juanita there is no real "bloody stranger," but even Lee can't help and instead scares Juanita more. (Doesn't he have a daughter now? Shouldn't he know better?) Gaby devises a plan for Juanita to sleep outside in the front yard and see for herself that there is nothing to be afraid of. Luckily, Lee is much more helpful on his second attempt and scares Juanita before showing her he is wielding a plastic axe.

The only interesting thing to come out of Gaby's boring storyline is the man who comes by the tent very late in the night — a mysterious older man in a hat who is seen looking longingly at her in the tent and in her room at night (creepy!).

Lynette and Tom's marriage goes from shaky to disastrous when Tom surprises the family with first class plane tickets to Hawaii for their summer vacation. Lynette, who has been planning a camping trip for the past two weeks, is obviously more than a little annoyed and challenges Tom to see who can plan the most appealing vacation for the kids. Lynette shows the family pictures of the Grand Canyon and huge roller coasters, but then Tom seems to win them over with sights of the ocean and a big volcano. Lynette plays dirty and shows the kids pictures of great white sharks and a helicopter crash, and Lynette and Tom start fighting again. Lynette feels left out that she wasn't consulted about Hawaii, and Tom says he just remembers when Lynette was making all the money and making all the decisions. She calls him a "pompous a—" and he calls a "b----" when Peggy overhears them and runs upstairs crying, worried that her parents are getting a divorce. Lynette and Tom quickly realize they need to go on a vacation alone without the kids and try to work on their marital problems, but will they really be able to fix all the damage and miscommunication in one long weekend? Only time will tell.

Even after Paul Young yelled at her and kicked her out of his house, she is the first (and only) person to come visit him when he winds up in the hospital. The doctor says he didn't have a heart attack and attributes Paul's symptoms to stress. However, the doctor so conveniently tells Paul his symptoms are similar to a former patient whose oatmeal was being poisoned by his wife. Realizing Susan has been cooking all of his meals, Paul starts to get suspicious but doesn't let this on to Susan ... yet.

Now that she's back in good health, Susan is dead set on getting her job back at MJ's school. The principal explains that she will need the approval of the board, and Susan seeks out that approval by volunteering to help with an upcoming event. After the other moms trade a few insulting remarks about Susan's brief career "cleaning houses," she gets put on streamer duty. When she drops off the streamers, the head mom explains they need more cookies and asks Susan for the cookies in her truck (meant for Paul, poisoned by Felicia). Susan gives her the cookies and she tells Susan they should talk about getting her her job back.

Meanwhile, Paul has one of Susan's casseroles tested and finds out that it does contain very small amounts of anti-freeze. He invites Susan to eat with him in hopes of getting her to confess, but when she says she's busy, he tells her he knows she's been poisoning him. Susan puts the pieces together and realizes Felicia is behind all this, but before she can explain that to Paul, she runs to the school to get the cookies. Poor Susan, so close to redemption, makes a complete fool of herself getting the cookies back. Instead of saying she put something in the mix accidentally, she announces on the mic that the cookies are poisoned and will kill everyone (smart move, Susan) just as Paul and the police come in to take her into custody. Yikes. Susan has been so aimless, it would have been nice for her to get her job back but I think she can officially kiss that chance goodbye.

What did you think of the episode? Will Susan be able to prove she didn't poison Paul? Is this vacation going to help or hurt Lynette and Tom's marriage? Who was that mysterious guy looking at Gaby? And what did you think of Bree's new man? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree has a disastrous first date with Chuck Vance, and Lynette and Tom compete to plan the perfect family vacation. Gaby tries to help Juanita overcome her fear of the dark. Finally, Paul figures out his food is poisoned just as Susan fights to get her teaching job back.

A very confident Chuck Vance stops by Bree's house to give her another one of his cards since, he says, she... read more

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