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Desperate Housewives Episode: "I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday"

Season 7, Episode 20
Episode Synopsis: Gaby, Juanita and Celia are staying with Bree, who must lay down the law to keep the girls from wrecking her house; Lynette clashes with Tom when he hires her and Renee to redecorate his office; Susan learns that Felicia Tillman is out of prison while she's nursing Paul back to health.
Original Air Date: May 1, 2011

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Season 7, Episode 20
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Aired: 5/1/2011
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday" Season 7, Episode 20

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, someone begins poisoning Paul Young. Meanwhile, Bree begrudgingly welcomes in her new house guests and Lynette tries to get closer to Tom by taking on a project at his office.

Gaby and her two daughters are making themselves right at home at Bree's, and it's obviously killing Wisteria Lane's favorite control freak. Broken dishes, mud on the floor and the worst part of Bree's new houseguests is that she is forced to witness Gaby's poor excuse for parenting first-hand. Bree begins to lose her cool with the girls, and tries to discipline them herself, but they have no respect for authority and zero focus and she gets nowhere fast. Bree is so beside herself, she goes to church to pray — the only thing standing in her own way is a car blocking her driveway. With no patience left, Bree opens the car door (because who locks their car door?) and begins to honk to get the owner to come out and move it. Unfortunately for Bree, the car belongs to a detective, Chuck Vance, who lists off about five laws she just broke by trespassing into his own car. She tells him about her current living situation and makes a poor joke about getting a gun for the girls, but she quickly learns to keep her mouth shut, and Chuck decides not to press charges for the moment.

Gaby's daughters go out to dinner with Carlos later that week. When Juanita asks him why he hates mommy so much, Carlos makes the very unwise decision to tell her the truth. I swear, Gaby and Carlos are going for worst parents of the year at this point. Carlos finishes the "complicated" story and Juanita quickly runs off to tell her sister that Bree killed their grandmother. The next day, when the girls return to Bree's house, they are scared straight and do everything Bree tells them to. Gaby is bewildered to see her daughters helping cook and not eating cupcakes before dinner, but Juanita doesn't fess up to the real reason so quickly.

The misunderstanding gets out of hand, when Bree comes into the girls' room that night and they run into another room, scared that Bree was going to do something to them. The girls call the cops, and Detective Vance comes straight over. Remembering Bree's earlier comment about the gun, he tries to figure out what's really going on, when Carlos comes over and lies to the detective to save Bree. Carlos grabs the girls to bring them back to his house, and Gaby asks him, again, why he can't ever forgive Bree. She tries to defend Bree, by saying she only lied to protect her family, but the question again comes to why Gaby chose Bree over her own family. Gaby has no answer for him, but at least it will be easier for her to stay with Bree now that her crazy children are back with their dad. One good thing comes out of the evening: Detective Vance gives Bree his phone number in case she sees anything suspicious over at Felicia's house, or — he adds — even if she doesn't. It's about time Bree got back in the dating game.

Now that Tom is all work and no fun, he tries to bridge the gap growing between him and Lynette by hiring her design firm to decorate his office. The gig pays extremely well ($20,000), but Lynette and Tom immediately get off on the wrong foot when it comes to the direction of his office. Tom shows Lynette and Renee a picture of Donald Trump's office as a model to go off of, and Lynette is flabbergasted that he wants something so cold and intimidating. When Tom leaves the room, Lynette insists to Renee that Tom doesn't know what he wants and, in the end, a "soft wood," warm office would be best. Renee reminds her their job is to do what the client wants, but Lynette is already busy planning her version of Tom's office. Gee, I wonder how this is all going to play out?

The day comes for Lynette and Renee to deliver the furniture, and Lynette — no shocker here — upstages Renee and cancels her entire order. Renee is horrified to see the finished product is anything but intimidating, and not at all what Tom wanted. All-knowing Lynette insists this will save them time and energy later, but after being Mrs. Yankee for so many years, Renee knows a thing or two too. When it comes time for Lynette and Renee to see how Tom likes the office, Lynette gets the rug pulled out from her when she learns Renee went behind her back and changed the office to what Tom originally asked for. The worst part? Tom absolutely loves it.

Instead of thanking Renee for saving their butts, Lynette confronts Tom about his new super macho office and why he is suddenly drifting so far from who he really is. The conversation turns into an argument about the biggest problem in their marriage for years and years — their gender roles in the relationship. Tom remembers when he was the schmuck who couldn't keep the pizza parlor open and couldn't hold onto his job and he had to rely on Lynette to save them. He doesn't understand, again, why she isn't being more supportive of his new opportunity and his trying to do the best he can in his new job. He says when he first saw his new office, he was relieved to know Lynette finally understood him, but it appears she still doesn't. As for Lynette, not only is she struggling being away from the corporate world she excelled in for so long, but as she is changing to her life to be more family-oriented, she's trying to pull Tom with her when he's going in the opposite direction. Things are definitely only to get worse between these two before they get better.

Susan gets the shock of a lifetime when she is bringing Paul Young food, and sees Felicia taking books out of his house. Felicia clues Susan in that she is now out of jail and living on Wisteria Lane again, that she was Beth's mom, and that she and Paul have put their differences behind them (or so she says). The look on Susan's face is priceless, as she sits down to process everything.

Later that day while she's making a chicken pot pie for Paul, Susan gets an unexpected visit from Felicia, who says she wanted to be close to the one part of her daughter that is still alive (creepy). Susan lets her in, and Felicia also says she really would like for her and Susan to be friends. Susan is surprised, but she welcomes the help now that she's cooking for her own family and for Paul. Just when we think Felicia just maybe has come to her senses, she is seen sneaking something into Paul's chicken pot pie which turns out to be antifreeze. In a scene that so perfectly illustrates how far gone Felicia really is, we see her reading her nurses handbook about the fatal effects of antifreeze (which causes a slow and antagonizing death) to Beth's ashes. In a montage, Susan and Felicia cook meal after meal for Paul, but obviously he begins to look sickly and pale. In a humorous bit, Susan insists that Felicia try a brownie made for Paul to see that they taste good and Felicia later is seen throwing up into her purse.

At home, Susan also gets good news from Mike, who says that thanks to their savings, insurance and Susan's recent good fortune at the casino, they have enough money to move into their old house. Susan explains that she can't ask Paul to move while he is still recovering, but Mike, selfishly, tells her it might be good for Paul to move to a house that doesn't remind him of Beth. Unfortunately, Paul doesn't see it this way and as soon as Susan makes the suggestion, he thinks that this is the only reason Susan has been helping her and angrily throws her out of his house and tells her to really leave him alone. Susan stands on the porch, looking hurt and distraught, and just as Paul turns to look away from her and go inside, he collapses from the antifreeze in his kitchen. Now that he's really shut himself out from the rest of the world, how long will it take before somebody finds him? Will Paul survive? Do we want him to? It's hard to see where his storyline is going from here, but someone needs to get Felicia back, and it should be him.

So what did you think of the episode? Do you think Paul will make it? Is there too much distance between Tom and Lynette to find their way back to each other? And is this new detective a good fit for Bree? Sound off in the comments below!

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, someone begins poisoning Paul Young. Meanwhile, Bree begrudgingly welcomes in her new house guests and Lynette tries to get closer to Tom by taking on a project at his office.

Gaby and her two daughters are making themselves right at home at Bree's, and it's obviously killing Wisteria Lane's favorite control freak. Broken dishes, mud... read more

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