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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Making the Connection"

Season 8, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Susan discovers a thrilling (if dangerous) way to ease her guilt over her role in the death of Gaby's evil stepfather; Gaby plans a sexy surprise for Carlos to help him regain his bedroom prowess; Bree discovers something in Chuck's past; Lynette and Tom have a hard time denying their kids' outlandish requests as their marital woes continue because neither wants to be seen as "the bad guy"; and Renee tries to win over hunky new neighbor Ben (Charles Mesure) by finding out what turns him on.
Original Air Date: Oct 2, 2011

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Season 8, Episode 2
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Aired: 10/2/2011
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Making the Connection" Season 8, Episode 2

On this week's Desperate Housewives, a panicked Bree tries to figure out who sent her the anonymous note. Susan continues to struggle with her guilt from the murder, while Gaby goes to unusual lengths to help Carlos deal with his. Lynette tries to make Tom a tougher parent, and Renee fudges the truth to get Ben's interest.

Things start where the season premiere ended — with Bree opening an unsigned letter saying: "I know what you did. It makes me sick. I'm going to tell." The episode flashes back to when Mary Alice received the same note all those years ago, and Bree now looks just as panicked. Chuck sees her worried face, and the lying about how "fine" she is begins. Instead of telling the girls, like Mary Alice should have way back when before she pulled the trigger, Bree gets slightly hysterical and turns to the most unlikely of sources — Paul Young — accusing him of writing the note from prison. Paul, obviously, didn't write the note and wonders why Bree is so worried since she has nothing to hide. But he instructs her to confide in the girls because things may have been very different if his late wife had done the same.

Bree's biggest struggle in the episode is keeping her panic internal and hidden from Chuck. Insert cliché scene here where he walks in and surprises her at an awkward time when she is re-reading the letter. (She already knows what it says so why is she looking at the evidence so out in the open?) Anyway, he starts to worry about she may be hiding, and Bree finally tells Gaby about the letter. The two agree to keep it to themselves because Susan and Lynette have their own personal crises to attend to, but Gaby tells Bree to break it off with the cop before things get too complicated. Just when Bree is about to break the bad news, she gets a surprising phone call from Paul Young saying that he remembers telling a detective about the letter Mary Alice received. He says the detective's name was something short like Vince, and when Bree suggests the name Vance, Paul concurs, and Bree quickly hangs up. She knows what she has to do, and when Chuck asks her to join him in the shower, instead of breaking up with him, she joins him. As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer so it seems Bree won't be splitting with Chuck anytime soon.

After reading a lot of online chatter about the lack of chemistry between Bree and Chuck in the last week, making Chuck the enemy is an interesting plot twist. It adds a new level to the murder cover-up beyond watching Susan self-destruct week after week, and I'm really curious to see exactly how Chuck figures into the current cover-up and Mary Alice and Paul Young's cover-up, if at all. The only disappointing thing about this development is that it makes it seem unlikely Bree is going to end the series in a happy relationship, and, honestly, hasn't this woman been through enough? If any of the ladies on the lane deserve a stable romantic relationship, I think it just might be Bree.

After eight seasons, it's refreshing to see that the writers are still discovering new characters to pair together on this show, and Susan and Carlos are the perfect example of that. Susan spends most of the episode doing what she does best — acting crazy — but watching her keep trying to rectify her guilt about the murder by getting punished for other things feels pointless. How a woman this loopy and irrational raised a level-headed daughter like Julie will always baffle me. Susan does silly things like handcuffing herself for "stealing" soda and parking in a fire zone on purpose, but it's when she knocks over a police motorcycle that she gets thrown in the slammer. (Twice in one year? Really?) However, the only person she feels she can call is Carlos, not Mike, and the two find important common ground in their guilt. This is going to cause some serious tension with Gaby, as well as the rest of the girls, who distinctly told Susan to tone down her crazy a few notches so as not to attract attention. I'm ready for the next stage in their struggle to keep the secret under wraps.

After simply flashing her cleavage failed to get her new neighbor's attention last week, Renee ups her game and presses Mike for information about Ben after Mike does some plumbing repair for the new guy on the block. In a hilarious exchange between Renee and Mike, Mike divulges that he saw some medal on the wall for community service with the elderly. Renee grabs the nearest $50 bill and heads over to Mrs. McCluskey's to bribe her into telling Ben how great Renee is (another funny scene for Vanessa Williams, it's about time the writers threw her a bone). The act works, and Ben asks Renee out, but — surprise! — he doesn't take her to a nice dinner, but instead a community service event where they are supposed to serve the elderly. Dressed to the nines, Renee is ticked and tells Ben off when she gets the impression he brought her to mock her. He says he's uncomfortable with doing charity, and he gets her to admit the same: after her mother died, a young Renee was on the receiving end of charity and feels uncomfortable about being on the opposite side of things. Her confession seems to work, and she is later seen feeding Ben french fries.

Now that Tom is officially out of the house and into a hotel, the next stage in the separation is for Lynette and Tom to figure out how to co-parent. It's an issue every separated/divorced couple with kids must go through, and I appreciate the honesty of the portrayal. The kids love going to Tom's hotel because of the pool and all the junk food they can eat, and Lynette becomes jealous that they seem to be having such a better time with their dad. Lynette once had to juggle work, motherhood and keeping the spice alive in her marriage to Tom and now she's pretty much all alone during the times when the kids are with Tom and she must get lonely.

Tom, on the other hand, has had to uproot his whole life and explains that he misses seeing the kids every day, so he wants to enjoy the time he does get with them. This means trying to say no to them as little as possible. Lynette's insistence that Tom toughen up his parenting style climaxes with him finding her doing a keg stand at a high school party when she goes looking for Parker, and it's only then they finally get on the same page. They're both clearly still heartbroken, but transitioning their kids to a divorced household might be the most difficult part of this life change, and it's nice to see that the writers don't make one parent right and one parent wrong. Watching Lynette and Tom work together as parents but continue to get used to living separate personal lives is one of the story lines I am most excited to see unfold this season.

Carlos' guilt over what he did starts to affect Gaby and his marriage when she realizes it's been 38 whole days since they last had sex. She tries her best to seduce him with champagne and sexy lingerie, but it seems Carlos has problems getting the sails up. As both die-hard and occasional Housewives fans know, Gaby is a pretty sexual person, so she quickly takes matters into her own hands and hires a dancer to come over and teach her some sexy moves on a stripper pole to really get Carlos going. However, this very dense but very flexible dancer informs Gaby it will take her six months to really get all the moves down, and Gaby instead hires the dancer to come over and get Carlos all warmed up (Gaby's never been known for her patience anyways).

She first blindfolds him and has the dancer do her thing without telling Carlos it's another woman writhing on top of him. He obviously flips out the moment he realizes there's a strange 19-year-old in his lap, and gets even more peeved when he finds out Gaby told her about his problem. She says she feels frustrated because she feels so powerless to help him, and he angrily explains that things will never go back to normal for them. Suffice it to say, they definitely don't do the dirty deed and, instead, Carlos ends up sharing a moment with Susan in the police station. Hearing Carlos yell at Gaby that life will never be the same for them again begs the question of how this cover-up will really end? Will the series end with Carlos, or maybe even Carlos and Gaby in jail? Exactly how things are resolved in a fitting, but at least semi-realistic way will be curious to see.

So what did you think of the episode? Are you glad Chuck may be a bad guy, or are you upset Bree's romantic bliss was so short-lived? Do you have hope for Renee and Ben? And do you think Susan and Carlos' emotional bond will become something more? Share your comments below!

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On this week's Desperate Housewives, a panicked Bree tries to figure out who sent her the anonymous note. Susan continues to struggle with her guilt from the murder, while Gaby goes to unusual lengths to help Carlos deal with his. Lynette tries to make Tom a tougher parent, and Renee fudges the truth to get Ben's interest.

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