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Desperate Housewives Episode: "The Lies Ill-Concealed"

Season 7, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Gaby disobeys Carlos' order not to see Bree after he learns that it was Andrew who killed his mother; Susan dreams about Paul Young after receiving Beth's kidney; Lynette resents being Tom's "plus one" at a weekend business conference; and Felicia Tillman tries to get Mrs. McCluskey on her side in her campaign against Paul.
Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2011
Guest Cast Erich Bergen: Peter Alison Martin: Dr. Lippman Shannon Cochran: Meg Butler Orson Bean: Roy Bender
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Season 7, Episode 19
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Aired: 4/24/2011
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "The Lies Ill-Concealed" Season 7, Episode 19

On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan begins having strange dreams about Paul Young. A prestigious leadership conference drives Lynette and Tom further apart. Gaby is torn between her loyalty to her husband and to her friends. And Felicia looks to a friend for help in getting revenge against Paul Young.

Weeks of abstaining from sex have gotten Susan really in the mood, too bad it isn't for Mike. While sleeping, the episode opens on Susan's intense sex dream with, wait for it, Paul Young. Yes, that sentence is almost as gross as the dream actually looks. Luckily, the dream ends abruptly when Mike hears her moaning. He asks her what they were doing in her dream so they can recreate it in two days when she's allowed to have sex again. Susan stops by Paul's house to see how he is doing and learns he's not doing so hot on his own. However, Paul is resistant to any help.

Susan later tries to convince Mike they should help Paul, but Mike warns her to stay away from him. After the two argue about Paul, Susan ends up having yet another sex dream about Paul (ick, again). She finally goes to see her doctor to ask if it's a common thing for transplant survivors to have sex dreams about their donor's husbands. Shocker! The doctor says no, but she also says the dreams make it sound like Susan's subconscious wants her to help Paul. Against Mike's wishes, Susan decides to go over and try to help Paul. To get inside his house, she unwisely tells him she's been having dreams about him and he's intrigued enough to let her in. She makes him soup and reminiscences about the Paul Young she used to know, the one with the loud laugh who made BBQ tri-tip. He says he's not that person anymore, but Susan seems convinced otherwise.

Unfortunately, Mike comes over after dropping off MJ and yells at Susan for going against his wishes. She tells him she knows what she is getting into with Paul Young and that she doesn't need to be rescued — he really does need her help. She goes back inside and walks away from Mike, but when she comes home later, she finds a romantic candle-lit dinner instead of a firing squad. Mike says he can't stay at mad at her for being a good person and the two — finally — do it. Hopefully this also means the end of Susan's Paul Young sex dreams, which I hope to never see again as long I live.

Tom gets invited to a fancy leadership conference that Warren Buffet usually attends and he gets to bring Lynette. Unfortunately, as glamorous as the conference looks, Lynette soon finds herself in her own personal hell when she learns plus ones aren't allowed to attend any of the seminars. Instead, the plus ones learn salsa dancing, flower arranging and drink lots and lots of cocktails. During one of the sessions, Lynette tries to revolt out of her "gilded cage" and encourage the others (including Lee) to do the same. Unfortunately, the teacher tricks the class into submission via cocktail time. Lynette tries to break free to see the keynote speaker, but Tom tells her he can't get her into the session and her "handler" comes back for her armed with another drink.

Obviously, Lynette is not one to cool down with time (no matter how many cocktails) and she gets the idea to steal the badge from a conference participant so she can go see the key speaker.  After the woman in question was snooty to her earlier, Lynette not only steals her badge, but also throws her clothes in the hamper while the woman is in the Jacuzzi. Unfortunately for Lynette, or should we say Meg, is given a special seat at the front of the room and learns Meg was supposed to present the speaker. Lynette goes up to the podium, recognizing that she is in fact not Meg, and starts going on and on about how great the speaker is. In the middle of her speech, the real Meg walks in, points at Lynette and yells at her for stealing her badge. Tom visibly sinks in his seat and Lynette runs off the stage.

Later, the two come home barely speaking to each other and Tom informs Renee that the Scavos became the laughingstock of the conference. Tom tells Lynette how disappointed he is that he spent so many years supporting her when she was working, and yet she can't do the same for him. Tom leaves the room, and Lynette laments to Renee about her situation. After eight years of being Mrs. Third Baseman, Renee tells Lynette spouses will always be second-class citizens in the business world and that she can either be a wife, or a first wife. Is this the push that Lynette needs to try to get back in the business world? And does anyone else missing seeing Lynette in the business world like I do? I can't imagine Lynette and Tom getting divorced, but their marriage problems will hopefully lead her in some interesting new directions.

After Carlos forbade Gaby from seeing Bree in last week's episode, she immediately tries to brush it off like no big thing. Unfortunately, Carlos is not having it and reiterates his wishes. Gaby calls Bree to cancel their coffee plans and the two share a hilarious phone conversation about the shopping trips and scones they'll miss out on by not seeing each other. Bree and Gaby accidentally run into each other when Gaby comes over to visit Lynette, only to learn from Bree that she is out of town with Tom at a conference. The two quickly realize that Carlos would never look for them at Lynette's and put on a pot of tea and share some of Bree's famous pineapple upside-down cake. They joke that "sneaking around makes everything taste better" and even shares stories of their extramarital affairs — Bree's affair with Karl shocks Gaby.

However, Gaby's affair was years ago and her sneaking skills are rusty. She accidentally leaves some cake on the kitchen counter for Carlos to see. He immediately becomes suspicious since a) Bree made a cake like that a few weeks prior and b) Gaby ordered Chinese food for Christmas dinner. Gaby insists she made the cake and tries to do so in front of Carlos to keep her cover (after trying to seduce him didn't work, natch). She discreetly hides her Bluetooth headset and has Bree walk her through the entire process (all the while telling Carlos she is speaking to her dead grandmother). When Carlos isn't looking, Gaby leaves her sorry excuse for a cake on the window sill and Bree switches it out with her perfect upside-down cake and Carlos is surprised, but no longer suspicious of Gaby.

She pushes her luck again by telling Carlos she is going to a model friend's funeral when she is actually going to a spa with Bree, but he catches her when he sees a long red hair on her brand new coat and he opens her suitcase to find nothing but bikinis. Carlos is furious with her and tells her he's upset she didn't choose him over Bree, and that it seems she always chooses her friends over her family. Just when it seems Gaby is going to give in and really cut off contact with Bree, we see Gaby knock on Bree's door, asking if she and her kids can stay with her for a while. The horrified look on Bree's face is priceless. This should be fun.

Felicia stops by to see her old friend Karen McCluskey.  She tells Karen she is going to be moving in next door and gives her a gift to thank her for keeping her secret over the years. Cut to a flashback from the night Felicia cut off her fingers, and we find out that Karen saw Felicia just as she was fleeing the scene. Karen had offered to call an ambulance for Felicia, but Felicia explained she wanted Paul to rot in jail and asked Karen to say she never saw her. Karen agreed and now, it seems, she is an accomplice to the entire situation. Who knew? When Karen comes inside, Roy says she looks like she saw a ghost. She asks only for a drink.

Karen later goes over to visit Felicia, who tells her that Beth was her daughter. Felicia tells Karen about her daughter's final days, but in this revisionist history, she leaves out the part where she disowned Beth and blames her suicide 100 percent on Paul. She tells Karen that Paul knew Beth would fall for him and waited until she did so he could tear her down and make her feel worthless. She shows Karen the urn containing Beth's ashes and it's clear that Karen may be getting a little too involved in this Felicia-Paul mess once again. You would think she had learned her lesson the first time, but Felicia's story is very convincing and Susan is probably the only on Wisteria Lane who will be forgiving Paul anytime soon.

So what did you think of the episode? Has Karen gotten in over her head with Felicia? Is Bree and Gaby's friendship strong enough to withstand the test of cohabitation? How bad are things going to get between Lynette and Tom before they get better? Will Susan really be able to help Paul Young? (And how much did those sex dreams creep you out?) Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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On this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan begins having strange dreams about Paul Young. A prestigious leadership conference drives Lynette and Tom further apart. Gaby is torn between her loyalty to her husband and to her friends. And Felicia looks to a friend for help in getting revenge against Paul Young.

Weeks of abstaining from sex have gotten Susan really in the mood, too bad it isn't for Mike. While sleeping, the episode opens on Susan's intense sex dream with, wait for it... read more

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