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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Flashback"

Season 7, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Lynette balks when her mother (Polly Bergen) asks her and the rest of the Scavos to pose for a family picture that includes her obnoxious new husband (Larry Hagman); Susan gets an unlikely kidney-transplant offer; Gaby won't confront her past in therapy sessions; Bree continues to keep Keith in the dark about the fact that he's a dad; and Mike wants to find out if his biological son Zach Young (Cody Kasch) was involved in the shooting of Zach's adoptive dad, Paul Young.
Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2011
Guest Cast Aaron Lustig: Mr. Lynwood Sayeed Shahidi: Charlie Rochelle Aytes: Amber James Brian Austin Green: Keith Watson Pat Lenz: Dr. Wyner Dave Foley: Monroe Matt Gottlieb: Coroner Larry Hagman: Frank
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Season 7, Episode 14
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Aired: 2/13/2011
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Flashback" Season 7, Episode 14

On this Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Lynette struggles to include her mother's obnoxious new husband in the family. Susan gets a big surprise from an old friend. Bree continues to try to hide Keith's son from him. Gaby has trouble beginning therapy after the car-jacking incident.


After Lynette reluctantly gave her mother away to marry Frank (Larry Hagman), she is still struggling to accept the obnoxious, self-centered old grouch as part of the family. Lynette's mother asks her to include the family in a new photo Frank wants to take and Lynette only agrees because her mother says Frank is about to redo his will to include her.  Lynette agrees, but the minute Frank walks in the door, he's quickly made an off-the-collar racist joke and insulted Lynette's home. Just when you think you can't take anymore of this vile man, Frank begins rearranging Lynette's living room for the family photo and his face turns beat red. Everyone sits down to take the picture and after the first attempt, Tom figures out that Frank's eyes are closed because he's dead.

Rather than call 911 right away (that would be too logical for Housewives), Stella tells Lynette it will take one more day for the will to go through so the Scavos leave poor Frank on the couch with a blanket over his body until the following morning. It would be a more depressing storyline if that character hadn't been completely one-dimensional and unbearable. Unfortunately, Stella begins to rub off on the rest of the clan and everyone is already thinking of how to spend Frank's fortune (a motorcycle, a computer, a Bentley). It must be a huge relief for Lynette and Tom to know they have financial back-up to help put the kids through college, but Lynette is morally torn. To add insult to injury, Stella not only spoils her kids but also begins using the money as leverage to get her way. Instead of driving to Lynette's for dinner, Stella suddenly demands that Lynette and the family drive to her. Lynette needs all the help she can get financially, but it will be interesting to see which way her dependable moral compass will point her.


Susan officially puts her name on the kidney donor waitlist when she randomly runs into an old friend from high school, Monroe (Dave Foley). Although it's clear Susan barely recognizes him, Monroe is a tad bit on the awkward side and immediately brings up that he's tried to find Susan 12 times on Facebook. Under the pressure, Susan breaks down in the hospital crying and tells Monroe about how she will have to wait years for a kidney.  Susan's tears leave an impression with Monroe, who quickly decides to donate a kidney to Susan.

Susan is overcome with gratitude, and also shock, that someone she hasn't seen in years is suddenly giving her a kidney. With his extra-tight hugs and nosy conversation, it seems Monroe might have ulterior motives. Those motives become crystal clear when he gives Susan a creepy book of old photographs he took of her in high school. The album also includes a lock of hair and an old English essay, and between memories, Monroe talks about how the kidney will bond him and Susan for life. You know that's a wedding ring on her finger, yes Monroe? Once Lee and Renee see the photographs, they wake Susan up to the truth of the matter. Once Susan finds Monroe looking at an apartment in her building, she sits him down and explains that she wants the kidney transplant to stay healthy for her husband and her son and states that once the transplant is over; there won't be further communication between them despite Monroe's plans. The overzealous crusher, Monroe realizes his wrong assumptions and tearfully tells Susan he won't be able to give her a kidney. Dialysis three times a week is a tough thing to undergo, but having to push the annoying advances of a clued-out neighbor for the rest of her life isn't worth it.


Bree thought she could just throw money at Amber, Keith's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his unknown child, and wash the problem away, but that is hardly the case. First, Bree gets a call from Amber that her check will take too long to clear and she needs a cashier's check asap. Bree gets the money and agrees to meet her at the local pizza parlor, where Amber unexpectedly asks Bree to watch Charlie while she gets the money. Of course, Keith comes in while Bree is watching the young boy, but instead of becoming suspicious, Keith instantly takes to the boy and teaches him how to shoot a basketball.

Amber gets her money, leaving Bree and Keith free to go back to normal, but Bree can't seem to shake the image of Keith and Charlie out of her head. Also remembering his earlier wish to have children, Bree suddenly presents him with a picture of Charlie and tells Keith that that is his son. The camera only shows a quick look of shock on Keith's face, but will be interesting to see how this revelation really affects Keith, as well as his relationship with Bree after her attempt to pay off Amber. I think he will probably leave her to try to make things right with Amber and Charlie, but I've grown to like the Bree-Keith dynamic and I'm hesitant to see what kind of storyline they will throw her way once Keith is out of the picture.


Once Gaby almost got herself killed to save her Grace doll, it's become apparent to Carlos that his wife's problems are much more serious than he originally thought. However, when we first see Gaby in therapy, she's talking about the time she met Mick Jagger and panics as soon as her therapist asks about her childhood. Gaby secretly decides she can't handle therapy and trades in the couch for a massage table. Unfortunately, Carlos catches on quickly and insists she go back to therapy and try harder.

When he escorts her to therapy one morning, he even steps out on the fire escape, knowing that Gaby would try to escape the session via the bathroom window. On the ledge, Carlos reasons with Gaby that she really needs help and she needs to find a way to talk to this woman about her childhood, to better herself for good. Carlos agrees to go into therapy with Gaby and he holds her hand as she slowly explains to her therapist that she is protective of children because no one was ever protective of her growing up, and that her stepfather molested her. Finally, the crazy switched-baby, doll-obsessed storyline is getting somewhere really good with Gaby and I'm excited to see what's next.


Now that Paul Young is certain his troubled son Zach was the one who shot him, he goes to Zach's biological father, Mike, to find him. (Did anyone else completely forget that Mike was Zach's biological father? I was obsessed with Season 1 of this show, but it's been awhile and I had to be reminded of that twist). Mike initially lies and says he doesn't know where Zach is, but in fact we find out that some months back, Mike went to Zach to ask for money. After his grandfather left Zach his mansion, Zach became addicted to drugs and other vices and the mansion eventually went into foreclosure, forcing Zach to live in a dirty, cruddy apartment on the wrong side of town near Fairview. Zach is shocked to learn from Mike that his father has been released from prison.

Mike visits Zach again after getting the visit from Paul, and when a drugged-out Zach nearly stabs him when he enters the apartment, Mike knows he needs to call in back-up. At the very end of the episode, Mike and Paul are seen at Zach's doorstep, his hair sticking up all over the place and his eyes extremely bloodshot. I also can't seem to tell where that storyline is going.

Overall, Sunday's episode was a strong step in the right direction after a few more predictable and more unbelievable plot points. Except for Bree's dilemma, a lot of the current conflicts and storylines seem more open-ended and interesting. Now if only producers knew how to utilize Vanessa Williams more!

What did you think of the episode? Will Lynette be able to stand up to her mom? Will Susan find a (non-creepy) donor? How will Keith handle his new son? What other skeletons are in Gaby's closet? And finally, will Mike and Paul really be able to help Zach before it's too late? Sound off in the comments below.

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On this Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Lynette struggles to include her mother's obnoxious new husband in the family. Susan gets a big surprise from an old friend. Bree continues to try to hide Keith's son from him. Gaby has trouble beginning therapy after the car-jacking incident.

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