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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Pleasant Little Kingdom"

Season 7, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Gaby desperately seeks a way to keep Grace in her life; Keith plans a special dinner with Bree; Tom's angry at Lynette for not telling the other housewives about his special attributes; Renee tells Susan a secret; Paul's Wisteria Lane plot emerges.
Original Air Date: Dec 5, 2010
Guest Cast John O'Leary: Mr. Scully Evan Parke: Derek Yeager Mindy Sterling: Mitzi Kinsky Troy Ruptash: Agent Jackson Brian Austin Green: Keith Cynthia Watros: Tracy Miller Carla Jimenez: Carmen Sanchez Tiara Parker: Hostess Orson Bean: Roy Bender John Schneider: Richard Watson
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Season 7, Episode 9
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Aired: 12/5/2010
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Pleasant Little Kingdom" Season 7, Episode 9

On Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree is confronted with a surprise question from Keith just as his dad begins to make his presence known. Gaby must decide between what is right for her and what is right when her biological daughter, Grace, is forced to leave town. Susan, once again, sticks her nose where it doesn't belong and learns something about Renee that she didn't want to know. And Paul Young's evil master plan is finally revealed to the neighbors, who may be too late to stop it.


After her disastrous Thanksgiving dinner, Keith's parents have started their divorce proceedings, which means his dear old dad, Richard, is crashing on the couch with few prospects in sight. Bree being the polite WASP that she is and the nurturing mother-type, takes pity on Richard and invites him to join the two for a fancy dinner, not knowing that Keith had planned to propose. And yes, for those wondering, it completely makes sense for Keith to pop the question right now. His parents are getting divorced, so his faith in marriage is stronger than ever; his and Bree's age difference hasn't proved to be an issue at all; and they have been dating for such a long time (how many months?). For those who can't tell, that was sarcasm.

On another date night, Bree and Keith are finally alone until Richard comes in to crash the party (because, he says, there's nothing good on TV Friday night — an obvious hat tip to John Schneider's longtime series, Smallville). Too bad Keith has already given the hostess the engagement ring to present in the shrimp cocktail (tacky alert!). Bree tries to be helpful and invites Tracy, an old friend she ran into at the bar, to join them. Fortunately, Tracy is on top of the world thanks to recent weight loss and a big divorce settlement. Unfortunately, these two occurrences have combined to make her a big jerk and she and Richard get off on the wrong foot. As the discussion really takes a turn for the worse, Keith tries to get the ring back, but it's too late and he runs off in a huff before Bree can even answer (although she's not screaming yes). Bree tries to talk to Keith later, but only finds Richard. He asks what she would have said to the proposal and begins dropping hints about his own interest in her (wow, I didn't see that coming at all). Luckily, Bree makes it clear her heart lies with Keith. Even Bree and Keith's relationship hasn't always made complete sense to me, I still think it would be too predictable (and gross) for Bree to turn to his age-appropriate, newly single dad.


The baby-mama drama continues in Gaby's world as Carmen and Gaby's real daughter, Grace, prepare to leave Fairview for Texas in order to meet up with their recently deported dad. Despite the close living quarters, Carmen and Gaby have not come any closer to figuring out how to handle their sticky situation. And thinking of Grace leaving town for good makes Gaby a little crazy and a lot impulsive. Gaby begs Carmen to let Grace stay with her in Fairview until Carmen gets their new living situation figured out, but Carmen says she'd rather Grace have an unstable life with her than be raised to be selfish by Gaby.

Gaby then calls immigration to also get Carmen deported (so she can have her daughter who doesn't know she is her daughter to herself, natch). However, just as Carmen is about to get taken away, Gaby has second thoughts and tricks the authorities into taking her into custody. The move saves Carmen, for the time being, but Carlos explains that immigration now has the Solis' house on close watch, which leaves Carmen and Grace no choice but to leave town. Yes, it stinks that Gaby gets punished for her good deed, and she deserves to get more time with her real daughter, but it never seemed like Carmen was particularly attached to Juanita. I think it's best that Gaby be forced to worry about raising the two children in her custody before she royally screws them up for life.


Now that Mike is away working in Alaska, Susan has plenty of time to — what else — butt into everyone else's business! When taking Paige to the park, Susan realizes she forgot the baby's favorite doll and runs back to Lynette's to get it. Since it's a weekday before 9 a.m., she doesn't think to knock on the nursery door and finds Lynette and Tom on the floor getting in a quickie. To make sure everyone involved is as embarrassed as humanly possible, she returns later in the day to congratulate Lynette on how extremely well-endowed Tom is (insert several lame double-entendres here), causing subsequent problems for the couple.

Susan doesn't get the hint about knocking very easily, and so she stumbles upon a tearful and depressed Renee. Susan pretends she doesn't see her crying, but still invites her out to a friendly dinner with secret hopes of cheering her up (because things between Renee and the other ladies has gone so well thus far?). Halfway through their meal, Susan confesses to seeing Renee crying. In order to stop Susan from regaling her with any more boring cooking stories, Renee confesses that she's recently been consumed with thoughts about the man that got away. Renee says she and this guy only spent one weekend together (because of a third party) , but she has since begun to think he was the one and she let him slip away. After a few more glasses of vino, Susan helps tuck Renee in for the night on the couch, and Renee lets it slip that her dream man is actually Tom. With Susan free of all her own marital obligations and working as Lynette's nanny, this is bound to get real hairy, real fast. Like so many guest stars before her, I'm just worried about how long Renee will really be able to last on the lane with something like this going on. I'm glad she has no crazy, contrived history like Angie, but still.


Things appear to be going swimmingly for Lynette. Paige is outgrowing her onesies and her and Tom's sex life seems to be roaring. However, once Tom overhears Susan's complete and utter shock at his, well, goods, Tom gets worked up that Lynette doesn't sing his praises more in front of the other ladies. He becomes insecure about what Lynette perceives his value to be. Unfortunately, Tom pushes it way too far and Lynette fires back with the lack of bragging Tom does about her and how she feels she doesn't deserve him. By the end of the episode, they seem to have everything resolved, but wait until Renee — and Susan's big mouth — bring the house down within a few episodes. Although I would like to see something new from Lynette outside of the whole "torn-mother-who-misses-work" bit, I really hope producers don't too much to miss with Housewives' most lasting (and realistic) marriage 

Lynette must also deal with an unwelcome surprise across the street courtesy of Paul Young. After Paul is shown bullying an old man into selling his house on the Lane, Paul puts up a sign that says a "Second Chance: Community Correctional Center" is coming soon. Once the sign goes up, the neighbors band together and find out that Paul needs to get the approval of the homeowners' association. Unfortunately at this point, Paul is now the proud owner of seven homes on the lane and only needs one more home to get the majority vote by default. Lynette and Tom try to convince the neighbors, who are worried about safety as well as their property values, but Paul offers some of the more financially strapped Fairview residents lucrative deals to sell. At the end of the episode, we see neighbor turning against neighbor with Lynette completely clueless on how to stop it. Paul Young is grinning from ear to ear.

So what did you think of "Pleasant Little Kingdom?" Should Bree say yes to Keith or give Richard a chance? Are you as glad as I am that Gaby's storyline (seems to be) over? Will Renee be able to keep her hands off of Tom for the sake of Lynette, or is the Scavos' marriage about to go the way of pretty much every other relationship on Wisteria Lane? Finally, is Paul's plan really going to come together? Sound off in the comments below!

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On Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree is confronted with a surprise question from Keith just as his dad begins to make his presence known. Gaby must decide between what is right for her and what is right when her biological daughter, Grace, is forced to leave town. Susan, once again, sticks her nose where it doesn't belong and learns something about Renee that she didn't want to know. And Paul Young's evil master plan is finally revealed to the neighbors, who may be too late to stop it.

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