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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Let Me Entertain You"

Season 7, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: Susan upsets a Va-Va Broom client and Maxine notices; Renee and Gaby tell secrets about each other to the wrong people; Bree can't keep up with Keith in bed; Lynette is mad at Tom for asking his mother (Lois Smith) to be their baby's nanny without checking with her first; and housewife Emma Graham (Dana Glover) puts on a cabaret show with saxophonist Dave Koz.
Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2010
Guest Cast Lainie Kazan: Maxine Dana Glover: Emma Graham Brian Austin Green: Keith Jonathan Bray: Emcee Reggie Austin: Doug Perry Lois Smith: Allison Scavo
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Season 7, Episode 5
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Aired: 10/24/2010
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: “Let Me Entertain You” Season 7, Episode 5

On Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan's troubles with one client led to much bigger troubles with another. We knew it was only a matter of time before her secret was discovered, but did it have to be that guy? Bree and Keith had a fundamental sexual incompatibility that, ironically, brought them closer. Tom invited his mother, Allison (guest star Lois Smith), to visit to help Lynette with the baby -- what could possibly go wrong? And Gaby and Renee had a lot in common, until they didn't, which could only mean one thing: Bowl of milk, Table 1; it's time for a catfight!


I guess we should have seen this coming. Gaby and Renee are "both extremely beautiful" — not to mention extremely self-centered. They bond over secrets. Renee slept with her husband's divorce lawyer in exchange for a favorable settlement. Gaby had a nose job.

Renee's husband, Doug (Reggie Austin), shows up bearing a Cartier ring and the desire to reconcile. Renee initially balks at the idea, but Doug is persuasive, so she's reconsidering it. Gaby is the only Housewife who doesn't think it's such a good idea and tells her so. Hurt by Gaby's criticism, Renee tells everyone that Gaby had a nose job. This means war, people!

Never-before-seen Wisteria Housewife Emma Graham (singer-songwriter Dana Glover) is putting on a cabaret show with jazz saxophonist Dave Koz, and invites the Housewives we do know. Tension is brewing between Gaby and Renee, and Lee and Mrs. McCluskey aren't helping by cracking wise about Gaby's fake schnoz.  First round goes to Gaby, who tells Doug that Renee slept with his lawyer. Second round goes to Renee, who wrestles with Gaby on the dance floor, and wins the round with a decisive right hook that connects with Gaby's very expensive nose.

After the dust settles and the kittens return to their respective litter boxes, Doug says he's willing to overlook her infidelity, since he also cheated. But Renee turns him down. She likes her life in Fairview and, in her own strange way, is actually making friends. So Gaby and Renee, realizing that they are opposite sides of the same coin, make up.

Any feminists in the house? If so, I'm curious to hear how you feel about the TV industry's reliance on girl-on-girl crime to stir the dramatic pot. Is it dangerous or am I just overthinking it?


Bree and Keith are finally having sex — three times in one night! He's insatiable, and she's exhausted. She says she feels "like the Holland Tunnel," which causes me to clutch my figurative pearls. Bree decides to give Keith a lot of work, hoping it'll tire him out. Though he's totally sapped at the end of the day, he still has energy for that. Bree has had enough. She finally confesses that she can't keep up with his "Woody Woodpecker sex drive." In turn, Keith says he can't keep up with Bree's sophisticated lifestyle. In summation, they like each other just the way they are. Aw.

Is everyone else as surprised as I am by how well Brian Austin Green has acquitted himself in this role? I haven't seen much of his post-Beverly Hills, 90210 ouevre, but I'm encouraged by how sympathetic he is and how much I'm liking this crazy pairing.


Tom's mom is sweet and doting, but she's also perhaps not as lucid as she once was. She's enjoying feeling useful again, but she has some old-fashioned ideas about women taking care of their men with which career woman Lynette is definitely not down. So Lynette hires a nanny. And then Tom fires her. Lynette eventually apologizes to Allison for making insensitive comments about Tom's absent, cheating dad, but soon after, Allison forgets Penny's name, so we know that perhaps Allison is not going to be such a great caretaker. In fact, she's probably going to need one herself.


Lee tells Mike that Paul Young wants to buy the Delfinos' house. Mike naturally refuses his offer, which upsets Paul, but he says he has another strategy. Meanwhile, Mike discovers that $9,000 is missing while Susan is contemplating selling her grandmother's jewelry. Lynette covers for Susan's withdrawal, which compels Susan to tell her about her new job. She's naturally horrified.

Nevertheless, Susan has bills to pay, so she is back to doing private shows. After her first disaster with Mr. Boob Thesaurus, she's hesitant when Maxine lures her back with the promise that a very eager client has requested a private show with her. Even though I saw this one coming down the Cross Bronx Expressway, it was still shocking to see Paul Young sit down in front of his webcam, and even creepier when he kept talking after Susan slammed her laptop shut.

But he has a deal for Susan. He won't tell anyone about her part-time job if she agrees to sell him the house. Mary Alice's ghostly voiceover reveals that her husband has a plan to turn neighbor against neighbor on Wisteria Lane, and I guess he's starting with the Delfinos.

What did you think of "Let Me Entertain You"? Who were you rooting for: Gaby or Renee? Did you change your mind about Bree and Keith? Can you see where the Scavos' story line is headed? (Hint: Google "sandwich generation.") Did Paul Young just become 1,000 times more interesting now that his plan for block domination has revealed itself? Let me know in the comments section.

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On Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan has trouble with a client. Bree and Keith discover a fundamental sexual incompatibility. Tom invites his mother (guest star Lois Smith) to visit to help Lynette with the baby. And Gaby and Renee discover they have a lot in common, including their love for ruining other people lives, which can mean only one thing: catfight!

I'll post a full recap later, but in the meantime please use this space for your thoughts on "Let Me Entertain You."

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