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Desperate Housewives Episode: "Down the Block There's a Riot"

Season 7, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Paul's nefarious plan for Wisteria Lane takes effect; Juanita discovers Gaby's secret; Bree invites Keith to move in with her; and Tom is confronted about a past indiscretion with Renee.
Original Air Date: Dec 12, 2010
Guest Cast Evan Parke: Derek Yaeger Emily Bergl: Beth Young Mindy Sterling: Missy Kinsky Orson Bean: Roy Bender Ed Quinn: Brent Ferguson Fred Cross: Burton John Schneider: Richard Watson Tom McGowan: Mayor Franklin Brian Austin Green: Keith Watson
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Season 7, Episode 10
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Aired: 12/12/2010
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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Down the Block There's a Riot" Season 7, Episode 10

During this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, it's Truth Day on Wisteria Lane. Susan tells Tom that she knows about his fling with Renee and threatens to tell Lynette, who calls on the wrong guys to help her stop Paul Young from opening his halfway house.  Juanita discovers that Grace is Gaby's biological daughter. Bree tells Keith that she's not ready to get engaged and Keith's dad makes his move.


After Renee's drunken blabbering last week, Susan feels obligated to do something when she hears Renee ask Tom over to fix her lock while she's in the shower. She tells Tom that Renee not only revealed their affair to her, but that Renee told Susan she's still in love with Tom. Tom is completely shocked to hear the latter part, but doesn't know what to do about Renee. He begs Susan not to tell Lynette the truth of the matter and Susan suggests that Tom ask Renee to move off the lane, so that the temptation isn't just a few hundred yards away.


Gaby is still talking Grace's departure very hard and finds herself weeping all the time over her biological daughter. She asks Lynette for advice, since she is the only one to have lost a child. Lynette tells Gaby a trick she learned in therapy — to write a letter to the child to let out your true feelings of sorrow and loss. Gaby does this, but stupidly leaves it out on her dresser and Juanita soon finds it. Juanita figures out the truth and, despite Gaby's best efforts, Juanita shoves her away and runs out of the house.


Keith tries one more time to pop the question to Bree, kneeling outside of her house at the crack of dawn. She loves him, but she's not ready for that next step, so instead she gets on one knee and asks him to move in with her. Keith is surprised by her offer, but as he's moving out of his own place, his father warns him to find out if Bree will ever be ready to get married to ensure he's not wasting his time. Richard's doubt plagues Keith, who unsuccessfully tries to get Bree to wear the engagement ring anyways since they both love each other and marriage could happen down the road. When she says no, he says Bree's just been using him to get over her divorce and moves out of the house before he could really move in.

Keith sends his dad, Richard, to finish some work in the backyard. Despite Bree's initial resistance, Richard insists on finishing the work. Luckily, Richard is there when an ex-convict wanders into Bree's house by accident looking for the halfway house. Rather than leave immediately, he lingers in her hallway, admiring her and her nice things. Bree looks very freaked out just as Richard walks in and promptly gets the man to exit. He then puts his arms around Bree to calm her down and kisses her head and then her lips, saying it's something he's been wanting to do for a long time. Bree shoves him off and says there were no such signals shared between them and that she only cared for his son.


Lynette spends most of the episode trying to keep the halfway house from opening. First, she and the other ladies go and talk to all the neighbors to convince everyone not to sell their house to Paul Young (then, he will have all the votes he needs). Unfortunately, one of Lynette's more cash-strapped neighbors suddenly goes missing for the weekend and everyone is led to believe she's sold her house to Paul and has given him his last vote. Lee is also led to believe this, by Paul directly, and pressured by the community who is still angry at him for selling so many houses to Paul, Lee decides to sell too . However, just as it comes time for the final vote to take place, their neighbor mysteriously shows up and says she was just gone for the weekend and would never betray her neighbors like that. Lee feels horrible, but can't sell the house back now. Lynette is even more furious with Lee now. During this time, Lynette also receives a friendly visit from a man who heads another homeowners organization. Last year, a neighbor tried to set up a drug rehab center on his street so he knows exactly what Lynette is going through and wants to help her. Lynette is worried because she read about the force used against the troublesome neighbor, but the man explains someone on the street was an ex-Green Beret and things just got a little out of hand.

Once Paul actually has all the votes he needs, Lynette organizes a protest for the day of the halfway house's opening. The mayor, who is in a close race, is scheduled to give a speech and award Paul a medallion for his community service. People swarm the streets for the ceremony: the residents of Wisteria Lane, the mayor's supporters, and the other homeowners organization (Lynette's "cavalry") come to lend a hand. Unfortunately, the other homeowners do much more than that, as we see them taking out baseball bats and other weapons to really get the party started. We know Lynette had the best intentions and was worried about the street, but it's pretty clear that this is not going to end well.

In the middle of the ceremony, Keith drives to Bree's house after he gets an upsetting phone call from her. She explains to him what happened with his father, and before Richard can drive away (protestors are in his way), Keith punches him and starts wrestling with him in front of Bree's house. Unfortunately, people standing near the fight see Keith's white man beater tank and big tattoos and assume he's one of the ex-convicts, beating up an innocent man. Other people start beating on Keith, and one even pushes Bree away when she tries to stop it. She goes inside and comes back out with a gun, threatening to shoot anyone that touches Keith and foolishly shoots a bullet in the air to get their attention. Yes, Bree has done a lot of stupid things over the years, but shooting a gun during a crowded rally like that is by far the dumbest. Everyone freaks out at the sound of the gun and tries to run to safety. However, this means everyone is pushing and shoving and cramming together.

After Juanita runs away, Gaby goes out to find her in the crowd and ducks under an SUV once things get ugly. However, just as Lee and Bob are trying to leave town, they find that Juanita is in the backseat. In an instant, one of their neighbors points at them and yells that they're the ones that sold and a mob circles around their car, pushing it back and forth. Juanita starts to cry and the two men go in the back of the car to sit with her. Just as someone takes a baseball bat to the back windshield, Gaby sees Juanita in the car and throws the man away from the vehicle, pulling Juanita out through the broken windshield and unfortunately leaving Lee and Bob to face the mob alone.

Lynette then finds Mrs. McCluskey injured on the sidewalk, with blood coming her forehead. She helps pick up and bring her to safety. She then goes to Paul Young to yell at him for his hand in all this but he, quite rightly, tells her to look around and see how her neighbors are behaving just like the ex-convicts, beating up each other and using force to get what they want. She realizes the error in her ways (even though it's hardly her fault that the homeowners organization is a bunch of aggressive wackos) and helps pull Lee from the car and away from the angry mobsters. She yells at them, "That's my neighbor" and seems to forgive him for selling, at least for the time being.

Susan, after arguing with Renee about Tom, gets lost in the shuffle and is trampled to the ground, helpless to get up with so many walking all over her (literally). Although she's mad at Susan, Renee does her best to look for her but only finds her after she's been knocked unconscious and after the crowd has cleared.

The last look we get at Wisteria Lane is just before dawn the next morning. White picket fences have been torn down, flower beds trampled and the street is a dark shadow of its former pristine self. Of course, Paul Young steps outside to look around at all he's accomplished, but just as he goes to pick up his medallion from the dirty pavement, someone shoots him in the chest near the heart. It seems he'll live, but now the question is who did it? There's pretty much not a soul on the lane who did NOT want to shoot Paul Young.

I have to say, after so many years of freak disasters (the plane crash, the tornado, Edie getting electrocuted), it was nice to see a build-up to the destruction on Wisteria Lane. The episode reminded me of Season 3's excellent grocery store shoot-out, but it wasn't quite as much of a nail biter from start to finish. I wish that the producers didn't feel the need to tear Fairview apart year after year after year, but if they're going to do it, this was a great way to also include Paul Young's storyline. The episode also left most of the characters in really interesting places. I have no idea how Gaby will make everything up to Juanita or if Bree and Keith will actually get back together, but the biggest mystery of all is what's next with the whole Lynette-Tom-Renee triangle.

And finally, who do you think killed Paul Young? We saw Lee had a gun in his bag, but we know that Bree has one too. And who's to say someone else didn't take one of those guns? Sound off on your theories in the comments below!

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During this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, it's Truth Day on Wisteria Lane. Susan tells Tom that she knows about his fling with Renee and threatens to tell Lynette, who calls on the wrong guys to help her stop Paul Young from opening his halfway house.  Juanita discovers that Grace is Gaby's biological daughter. Bree tells Keith that she's not ready to get engaged and Keith's dad makes his move.

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