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A sequel to the Canadian favorite from the 1980s about the tribulations of a group of teens, featuring a new generation of 8th to 12th-graders. Like the original `Degrassi,' this version tackles such serious topics as underage drinking, sex, the impact of divorce, and gun violence.

Degrassi: The Next Generation: Got My Mind Set On You Trailer


When Danny, Derek, Peter, and Rachel team up to make a romantic "how to" video for class, real-life feelings get in the way when Derek decides to ask Rachel out. But it's Danny Rachel likes, and jealousy makes Derek do things he never thought he would

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Day 3: Upper Body Toning Blast
14:24 — This interval-based workout tones your chest, shoulders and back for an au natural lifted look. You'll need: Set of dumbbells (5 to 10 lbs. suggested (more…)
Degrassi: Next Class Introduces First Genderqueer Character
01:22 — Yael came out as genderqueer in an emotional episode of Next Class
The Next Generation: The Mating Game Trailer
01:05 — Ashley and Jimmy's eight-month anniversary is coming up- and so it's the question of wheather or not to have sex. Paige is playing Juliet opposite Jim (more…)
The Next Generation: Bust A Move Part 2 Trailer
01:58 — WhenManny blames Jay for ruining her chances of getting into college, he's determined to make it up to her and hatches an awesome plan to get Manny in (more…)
The Next Generation: Ladies Night Trailer
01:10 — Anya busy with the Free the Children Freedom Fast, which would be hectic enough without meddling Holly J, who's determined to make Anya choose between (more…)
The Next Generation: Standing In The Dark Part II Trailer
01:05 — When abstinence-pledged Darcy wakes with a hangover, she knows she had sex, but everything else is blank.
The Next Generation: Coming Of Age Trailer
01:02 — Lacking real family time at home, Jimmy has been spending more and more time at Ashley's house. He and Toby are like brothers and Kate's begun referri (more…)
The Next Generation: Talking In Your Sleep Trailer
01:01 — Excelling at work, Paige is on her A game until a distraction appears in the form of roomate Griffin.
The Next Generation: Jagged Little Pill Trailer
01:09 — "Perfect" Ashley is beginning to bore even herself. With their parents away for the weekend, Ashley decides to join Toby in breaking the "one-guest-ea (more…)
The Next Generation: Another Brick In The Wall Trailer
01:02 — Emma finds herself caught in no-man's land between her parents as Snake's verdict on his sexual misconduct hearing looms.
The Next Generation: Parents' Day Trailer
01:15 — Toby can't stand the idea of Parents' Night- the last time his divorced parents were in the same room they had a huge, embarrassing fight. Toby cooks (more…)
The Next Generation: Cabaret Trailer
01:01 — Ashley's convinced that she and Terri are going to be the stars of the school talent show, singing her new (and incredibly earnst) ballad. Terri would (more…)
The Next Generation: We Got The Beat Trailer
01:04 — Manny's moved back home, but the honeymoon between her and her parents is over when dad insists she have a traditional "Debut," the lavish 18th birthd (more…)
The Next Generation: Don't Stop Believing Trailer
01:06 — Marco's world is racked when Paige drops a bomb- her dad's going to help her buy a condo. Marco knows that is Ellie leaves too, he'll be all done.
The Next Generation: Broken Wings Trailer
01:04 — Jimmy finally gets the news- he's been accepted into NYU! But he's got other things on his mind when it comes to his real dream: walking again.
The Next Generation: Under Pressure Trailer
01:02 — Faced with the pressure of passing Grade 7 on his second time around and his mother's newest threat to take him back to his unhappy life up north, Sea (more…)
The Next Generation: Jessie's Girl Trailer
01:04 — When Ellie's ex-mentor Caitlin Ryan arrives to guest lecture in Jesse's class, she throws herself into Ellie's assingment...and at her boyfriend.
The Next Generation: Love Is A Battlefield Trailer
01:04 — After landing a gig in the fashion world, Paige is ecstatic about her new career path...until her down-on-her-luck girlfriend Alex almost costs Paige (more…)
The Next Generation: Everything She Wants Trailer
01:02 — With extra time on her hands to do all the high school things parenting kept her from enjoying, Mia's relationship with Lucas has her on top of the wo (more…)
The Next Generation: We Built This City Trailer
01:02 — With the Class of '07 Prom and Graduation ceremony looming, Liberty has the perfect night planned, with the amazing Natasha Bedingfield performing.
The Next Generation: Owner Of Lonely Heart Trailer
01:09 — Desperate for cash, Marco considers doing something he never thought he would. Manny insists to Emma there's nothing romantic between her and Jay. Whe (more…)
The Next Generation: If This Is It Trailer
01:04 — Spinner and Manny struggle with decisions as graduation looms. Spinner can't decide between staying behind with his band, or graduating with no future (more…)
The Next Generation: Secrets & Lies Trailer
01:07 — After a long absence overseas, Ashley's dad is back in town. She's enjoying his company and attention, but something tells her there's a pience of his (more…)

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  • Premiered: October 3, 2013
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A sequel to the Canadian favorite from the 1980s about the tribulations of a group of teens, featuring a new generation of 8th to 12th-graders. Like the original `Degrassi,' this version tackles such serious topics as underage drinking, sex, the impact of… (more)

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