Deadly Women

  • 2005
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Profiles of Femme fatales.

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Daughter Torturer
02:58 — A mom locks up and tortures her 15-year-old daughter like she's a prisoner-of-war.
She Made Him Pay
02:39 — Ellie Nesler was a mother on a mission to get revenge for her only son.
Money Hungry Psychopath
03:04 — When a woman's only desire in life is to be wealthy she will do anything to get it.
Losing All Control
02:24 — Sandy finds out she's pregnant and has an abortion. Sandy starts losing control.
Abused by Her Son
02:28 — Lynn moves out to an assisted care facility with her income.
Son in the Oven
02:44 — A mentally ill mother decides to take the life of her own child.... by putting him in an oven.
Brutal Bride
02:44 — A prim Californian woman chooses to commit a deadly sin rather than live with an immoral husband.
Animal Bites
02:39 — Anna's violence surfaces when she drinks. She bites down on James’ head in a rage, he kicks her out.
Desperate Marriage
02:09 — Michelle wants her life with Joe after 2 years of neglecting her marriage.
His Wife's Jewelry
02:48 — His wife of 35 years is bludgeoned to death and then he takes a Vegas holiday with Brandita
Setting a Trap
03:02 — James can't contain his rage due to his wife's supposed affair. He tries to trap the doctor.
Sending Her Baby Back to God
02:57 — A mother's role is to love and protect her children, but for some, that doesn't ring true. A Texas mom, Dena Schlosser, becomes delusional.
They Created Evilness Together
03:01 — When a woman turns to violence, no matter the consequence, she is a formidable force.
Deadly Roommate
03:00 — Monica invites Lan to move in. Continually taking drugs Lan attacks Monica and gets kicked out.
The Rage Within Her
02:44 — When Katrina Sarkissian's younger sister, Sabrina argued with do-gooder Deanna Maran at a party, Katrina sprung into action.
Envy Leads to Human Sacrifice
02:03 — For this heartless women, envy is the deadliest sin.
Lover Sociopaths
03:05 — Tony threatens and cuts Michelle using a box cutter. Cody didn't like being cut off.
Killer Necklace
02:23 — Jean hurt by 2 people she loves. Expresses anger through kindness though it isn't what it appears.
Envious of Half-Sister
02:44 — Andrew purchased a house for his half-sister and his daughters weren't happy.
Not So Secret Affair
03:02 — Ron mortgages the house to pay debt to society. Ron also has affair at work.
Divine Meeting
03:07 — Melissa is sentenced to manslaughter and serves 2 years. When released she finds a new lover
Baby Stealer
02:31 — A mother who wants a baby is prepared to steal from someone else in order to get what she wants.
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  • Premiered: February 8, 2005
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Profiles of Femme fatales. (more)

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