Deadliest Catch Season 9
While the veteran Captains of the iconic crabbing fleet prep for another dramatic danger-packed season, the young guns on board seek the opportunity t (more…)
Deadliest Catch Season 7
TEST - The Bering Sea is nothing if not relentless and has a way of exposing the soft spots and weak links in each crew, and this season is no differe (more…)
Deadliest Catch Season 10
While the veteran skippers cement their legacies on the Bering Sea, young guns set out to create their own. Phil Harris' son Josh is back as captain o (more…)
Edgar Hansen Recalls His Worst Injury
02:32 — Edgar recalls the time Sig asked him, "What's coming out of your arm?!"
Two Huge Waves Slam Deadliest Catch Crab Boat
02:29 — Deckhands on the Saga go on a terrifying, watery ride as two forty foot rogue waves crash over the ship in quick succession.
The Cornelia Marie Hosts a Wedding
02:35 — The Cornelia Marie ends the season by becoming a wedding venue, complete with cake, carnations, and of course crabs.
Meanwhile, On the Pie Bandit
00:41 — After an incredibly stressful season, the boys of the Time Bandit are in need of some fun and their greenhorns in need of initiation.
The Bait: Playing Catch With Fish
02:24 — Which Deadliest Catch captain do you think has the best aim? Mike Fourtner puts them to the test to find out. And during any good old fashion fish tos (more…)
The Accident That Saved Sig Hansen's Life
01:59 — If it weren't for one mistake Sig would have never appeared on Deadliest Catch.
Deckhand Quits After Josh Harris Loses His Cool
03:23 — Josh Harris yells at the crew after seeing them standing around the pots, so one fed-up deckhand calls it quits.
Danny Threatens Captain Johnathan
03:22 — After it becomes a question of who's running the boat, Danny threatens Johnathan's entire operation.
Alien Crustacean Invasion
01:05 — After a successful Opilio Season the Cornelia Marie has a close encounter of the crabby kind.
Jake Anderson Plays Puppet for His Hero, Sig
02:15 — When Jake pulls up empty pots, he runs to his mentor, Captain Sig, for help. But, Sig's not giving it out for free.
Captain Tony Lara Tribute
03:08 — He will always be a part of the Deadliest Catch family. Captain Tony Lara is remembered.
Jake Anderson's Mentor, Sig Hansen, Is Moving On
02:51 — Jake's not fulfilling his end of his deal with Sig, so the Northwestern's skipper calls him out.
Captain Jake Anderson Tells His Crew Who's Boss
03:25 — After having to abandon a crab hot spot, Jake's crew questions his leadership. So, Jake makes sure they know that he is now the captain.
Jake Anderson Plays Puppet for His Hero, Sig
02:15 — When Jake pulls up empty pots, he runs to his mentor, Captain Sig, for help. But, Sig's not giving it out for free.
Ice Claims a Northwestern Crab Pot
02:05 — The Deadliest Catch crews race to retrieve crab pots buried beneath a sudden wave of ice. For Sig Hansen and the Northwestern, it's a race against tim (more…)
End On a Strong Note
02:50 — The Northwestern crew pulls up its last pots of the king crab season, and Jake Harris receives the honor of throwing out the last hook.
Deleted Scene: No Sick Days On the Bering Sea
03:26 — Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard comes down on his sick deckhand for not using sick time on the Bering Sea.
A Captain Steps Aside
02:20 — Find out who decides to step aside from his crab boat to give another man an opportunity he deserves.
Freddy Won't Let Up On Greenhorn
01:47 — Freddy Maugatai continues to harass Wizard greenhorn Dane Tebo, who Captain Keith blames for the boat's poor chemistry and, ultimately, dismal fishing (more…)
Time Bandit Lands On Dirty Crab
02:16 — Andy Hillstrand and the Time Bandit pull up pot after pot of dirty, worthless crab, which they're forced to throw back.
Deleted Scene: Welcome Back Love Tap
02:16 — The Ramblin' Rose's new engineer Aaron Steiner comes to the bridge after being hammered by a huge Bering Sea roller.
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