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Private Practice's Taye Diggs to Guest-Star on New Girl

Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel, Taye Diggs

Will Taye Diggs steal Jess away from Nick? It's possibile!

The Private Practice alum will guest-star on New Girl, has confirmed.

Get more scoop on New Girl and all your favorite returning fall TV shows

Diggs will play... read more

X-Files' Mitch Pileggi Gramps it Up for Supernatural

Mitch Pileggi by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Its the hour that might drop the collective jaw of Supernatural fans who think they have the CW series mythology all figured out In the Beginning airing this Thursday at 9 pmET guest-stars Mitch Pileggi as Samuel Campbell the Winchester boys maternal grandfather The Back to the Future-esque tale finds Dean face-to-face with not only Gramps but also his would-be parents as light is shed on the dark truth about That Night TVGuidecom invited Pileggi to preview his visit reflect on his least-appreciated TV role and ponder the prospects for X-Files 3 Matt MitovichTVGuidecom How did the Supernatural opportunity come to you Was it a case of someone knowing someone who knows youMitch Pileggi I had worked with [Supernatural creator] Eric Kripke on another series Tarzan some years ago He told me he had been looking for something for me to do on the show but he wanted to wait for the right role This came up they called me and there was no hesitationTVGui read more

New TV Hits Bring Old Shows to DVD... Or Do They?

Chyler Leigh by Evan Agostini/Getty Images, Scott Garfield/ABC

There's no doubt about it: New TV hits can bring old, short-lived shows to DVD.Just ask Taye Diggs, who's hot enough in Private Practice that his 2006 effort, Day Break, will hit stores at the end of this month. Or Kim Raver: Her old show, Third Watch, was in hugely high demand for a DVD release... but the studio didn't actually pull the trigger on getting it out (early last month) until Raver was cast in the new series Lipstick Jungle. Christina Applegate is doing well with Samantha Who?, so naturally more season-set releases are getting dug up for Married... with Children (Season 8 hits in a couple of weeks). Ditto for Party of Five, which finally returns to DVD later this month, thanks to Matthew Fox's current hit show, Lost. (Jennifer Love Hewitt's good-enough turn in Ghost Whisperer doesn't hurt there, either!)This phenomenon is not only limited to cast members, either. With Heroes having hit superpower levels in the ratings, is it any wonder that creator Tim Kring's previous s... read more

Taye's Break to Air in Full on TV One

TV One has picked up all 13 episodes — including the seven that were never broadcast on television — of the déjà vu-tastic Day Break, one of ABC's many short-lived and underappreciated serialized thrillers from past seasons.TV One will begin unspooling Det. Hopper's wonderfully odd odyssey Sunday, March 16, at 10 pm/ET, as part of a Taye Diggs-themed weekend promotion. Me, I'm in it for the Moon Bloodgoodness! — MWMRelated:• Gimme a Day Break: Online Return Finalized • Taye Diggs' Crazy Day to Conclude on • ABC Calls It a Day read more

Private Practice Preview: Taye Diggs Eyes His Latest Break

Taye Diggs, Private Practice

ABC's Private Practice premieres in seven days. is counting down the Grey's spin-off's arrival with daily Q&As with the cast members. Taye Diggs typically plays the kind of guy most women would trade their favorite pair of Manolo Blahniks to date. But in his newest endeavor, the genetically blessed actor breaks the mold as best-selling author Dr. Sam Bennett, a flawed internist who co-owns the Oceanside Wellness Group with his heartbroken ex-wife, Naomi. We caught up with the star of Private Practice (which debuts Sept. 26, 9 pm/ET, on ABC) in the Big Apple moments before he caught a plane home to Los Angeles. Here's what the 36-year-old had to say about ABC's decision to cancel his 2006 series Day Break, meeting executive producer read more

March 4, 2007: What If It's Him?

Well, here we are, finally at the end of Brett’s long journey (it’s taken a little longer than expected thanks to’s erratic schedule, but I digress). There is a little bit of disappointment when you realize that the show’s producers were hoping for a second season of the show and left a couple of plot threads hanging just in case there were more episodes on the horizon. It’s nothing major, and I still think this was an awesome episode, but I guess this serves as a reminder that whenever you work in the television industry you never know how things will end up. That last image in particular is sure to have fans of the shows debating its meaning (I’ll get to that later).The first few scenes of this episode seem like more of the same: Brett using his knowledge to move through the day as efficiently as possible and save a number of people in the process. In the span of just a few minutes he manages to get immediate medical assistance to the bus ... read more

February 12, 2007: What If She's the Key?

First thing’s first: did anyone have problems with this episode being edited out of order? The show seemed out of sequence when I first tried to watch it: Immediately after Brett was running out of the courthouse, it cut straight to him finding Margo tied up in some remote location. I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t so out of it as to miss an entire plotline and figured that it was a problem with the episode itself. Sure enough, towards the end I got another mixed-up sequence that explains what happened to Brett from the time he was threatening Uncle Nick to his freeing of Margo. At least I know now that I wasn’t going crazy. Did this happen to anyone else? It’s possible that it was a one-time glitch that caused the wrong act to play after the commercials. Hopefully it’s been fixed by now.Just about everything we thought we knew about our characters changed yet again tonight, and I was happy to realize that their motivations are always surprisingly con... read more

February 5, 2007: What If He Walks Away?

The first few minutes of this episode were a great change of pace, although it didn’t take long before I was feeling the same way as Brett did: even when you’re lounging about on a tropical beach, sipping alcoholic beverages and spending time with your bikini-clad, smokin’ hot girlfriend, eventually you’d get bored of doing the exact same thing day after day. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t get bored of it, but you might eventually be depressed to realize that you’re trapped. Your life is on permanent hold, nothing you do matters in the long run, and you only have twenty-four hours of freedom to enjoy.Still, I’m glad that Brett finally decides to use this time-repeating to his advantage by taking outlandish vacations (and for those of you wondering why he’s able to flee the city without being hunted down like in the second episode of the series, it’s because he’s found the tracking device on his car that Fencik and Buchalter were using to... read more

February 4, 2007: What If He's Free?

The opening of this episode had something that I love to see on Day Break and don’t get nearly enough of: Watching a short piece of a day over and over again as Brett tries to figure out precisely the right set of actions in order to get what he wants. Here, he’s confronted with a hostile prison warden who’s not letting him see the legendary prisoner Miguel Dominguez. First he just tells Brett that Dominguez is in solitary confinement. Then Brett realizes the warden is a part of the conspiracy and tries to pretend he’s there on Detweiler’s orders. Finally, he’s able to make his answers to the warden’s questions believable and detailed enough to get access. Sometimes Day Break can seem like a really good noir that just happens to have the clever twist that Brett Hopper is repeating the same day over and over again; I always appreciate it when the episode is edited in such a way that we see him really taking advantage of this fact rather than just se... read more

I wanted to respond to ...

Question: I wanted to respond to Laura's comment regarding Lost. As a big Lost fan, I find it hard to believe that everyone wants a consecutive 22-episode season. A seven-eight-seven schedule makes no sense. One problem ABC has is that its execs cannot find shows to come in when Lost goes on hiatus. What would they do when the show only goes on a small break? I'm in favor of what Prison Break does on Fox: 11 episodes, one month break, 11 episodes. But once again, the problem for ABC is finding a show that can replace Lost while on hiatus. Obviously, Day Break went terribly wrong this year. If they wanted to bring in a monthlong special, ABC hasn't been able to find anything good in a while. There really isn't anything for ABC to fall back on while Lost is gone. So, maybe a consecutive 22-episode season is the only thing that can work? Answer: There's no way to please every master, either the demanding Lost fan or the corporate demands of the network. The Prison Break plan may be the way ... read more

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