Mon Nov 30 1:00pm
What Happened to the Beauty Queen? TLC

The slaying of a young beauty queen leads to two different defendants and three criminal trials.

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Mon Nov 30 2:00pm
Poison TLC

Two suspects surface after a Nevada attorney is murdered. Keith Morrison is the correspondent.

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Mon Nov 30 3:00pm
In the Middle of the Night TLC

The cold-case slaying of a college student heats up years later.

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Mon Nov 30 4:00pm
At Close Range TLC

The 2012 shooting death of a school superintendent in western New York is investigated.

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Tue Dec 1 1:00pm
A Sister's Search TLC

Actress Aasha Davis faces a real-life drama when her sister and brother-in-law go missing.

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Tue Dec 1 2:00pm
The Killing in Cobb County TLC

A masked man kills a young mother and leaves her 5-year-old son for dead.

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Tue Dec 1 3:00pm
Lost and Found TLC

The story of a kidnapped girl who was raised by her abductor and her search for her real family.

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Tue Dec 1 4:00pm
Suspicion TLC

A retired professor is murdered in his Utah home.

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Tue Dec 1 5:00pm
Bitter Pill TLC

An investigation into the 1986 deaths in Seattle caused by an over-the-counter drug tainted with cyanide.

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Wed Dec 2 1:00pm
Someone's Daughter - Part 1 TLC

Part 1 of 2. Profiling a young detective facing personal and professional obstacles.

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Wed Dec 2 2:00pm
Someone's Daughter - Part 2 TLC

Conclusion. Profiling a young detective facing personal and professional obstacles.

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Wed Dec 2 3:00pm
To Catch a Con Man TLC

In "To Catch a Con Man," correspondent Chris Hansen journeys to London, Amsterdam and West Africa to expose alleged e-mail con artists. Hansen also explores how Americans are duped by e-mail scams.

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Wed Dec 2 4:00pm
The Mystery at Lost Dog Road TLC

A tragic family outing costs a man his wife and son, but the widower's best friend has suspicions that their deaths were not accidental.

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Wed Dec 2 5:00pm
Suspicion TLC

A retired professor is murdered in his Utah home.

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Thu Dec 3 1:00pm
Mystery at Heath Bar Farm TLC

The fatal 2009 shooting of a Michigan woman is investigated. Her husband surfaces as a prime suspect—but the emergence of a stranger with new evidence then turns the case upside down. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

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Thu Dec 3 2:00pm
Shattered TLC

A newlywed husband's fatal fall from his 25th-floor apartment is investigated.

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Thu Dec 3 3:00pm
Someone Was Watching TLC

A young woman's observation of an unsettling moment in a neighbor's backyard divides a family and a jury.

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Thu Dec 3 4:00pm
Deadly Conspiracy TLC

Examining the case of Jon-Adrian Velazquez, who was convicted of killing a retired police officer in 1998.

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Thu Dec 3 5:00pm
The Night Lynsie Disappeared TLC

The 2001 disappearance of a California woman is investigated.

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Fri Dec 4 1:00pm
The Devil and Bobbi Parker TLC

An escaped convict goes on the run—with the deputy warden's wife. Questions about whether she is an accomplice or a hostage punctuate the case.

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Fri Dec 4 2:00pm
Betrayal TLC

The vanishing of a millionaire mother of two in California is investigated.

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Fri Dec 4 3:00pm
The Plot Thickens TLC

The shooting of a Hollywood stuntman is investigated.

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Fri Dec 4 4:00pm
The Player TLC

A double homicide involving a pro poker player is explored by reporter Keith Morrison.

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Fri Dec 4 5:00pm
The Confession TLC

A mother attempts to free the man convicted in the slaying of her daughter.

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