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Latest Episode: Episode 451

Mar 17, 1968 Season 6 Episode 451 watch on Hulu (Free)

In the Old House, Bathia’s spell is interrupted by a visit from Naomi. Bathia is consumed by flames.

Episode 450

Mar 14, 1968 Season 6 Episode 450

Bathia Mapes, summoned from the supernatural, attempts to lift the curse from Barnabas.
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Episode 449

Mar 13, 1968 Season 6 Episode 449

Nathan sends Millicent to the tower room where she discovers Barnabas. He sinks his fangs into her neck.
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Episode 448

Mar 12, 1968 Season 6 Episode 448

Nathan decides to drive Millicent insane, but then he notices that she sees lights in the tower room.
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Episode 442

Mar 04, 1968 Season 6 Episode 442

Barnabas lures Trask to the basement of the Old House and seals him up behind a brick wall.
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Episode 441

Mar 03, 1968 Season 6 Episode 441

Nathan discovers Maude’s body and promises to help Trask dispose of it in return for Trask’s help.
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Episode 437

Feb 26, 1968 Season 6 Episode 437

Victoria testifies in court. A guilty verdict is announced and she is sentenced to be hanged as a witch.
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Episode 435

Feb 22, 1968 Season 6 Episode 435

At the trial, Ben reveals that Angelique is a witch, but she soon materializes and condemns Victoria.
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Episode 432

Feb 19, 1968 Season 6 Episode 432

Disturbed by Trask’s interrogation of him, Daniel runs outside and discovers the dead body of Abigail.
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Episode 429

Feb 14, 1968 Season 6 Episode 429

Peter realizes he must hide the Collins family history book, fearing it will be used against Victoria at her trial.
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Episode 428

Feb 13, 1968 Season 6 Episode 428

Joshua goes to the mausoleum and finds that the coffin now contains the body of Barnabas.
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Episode 427

Feb 12, 1968 Season 6 Episode 427

Reverend Trask calls upon Abigail to testify against Victoria as her witchcraft trial begins at the courthouse.
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Episode 426

Feb 11, 1968 Season 6 Episode 426

Millicent sees Barnabas in the graveyard. She informs Joshua that Barnabas ran away from her.
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Episode 425

Feb 08, 1968 Season 6 Episode 425

Josette is beckoned by Angelique to Widows’ Hill, where she sees a terrifying vision of herself.
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Episode 419

Jan 31, 1968 Season 6 Episode 419

Barnabas reluctantly informs Josette they must stay apart forever. Suki Forbes arrives in Collinsport.
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