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Mar 17, 1968 Season 6 Episode 451 watch on Hulu (Free)

In the Old House, Bathia’s spell is interrupted by a visit from Naomi. Bathia is consumed by flames.

Episode 412

Jan 22, 1968 Season 5 Episode 412

Peter secretly allows Victoria to temporarily leave her jail cell and Natalie discovers her at Collinwood.
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Episode 411

Jan 21, 1968 Season 5 Episode 411

Barnabas strangles Angelique. He discovers that he needs the blood of others to survive.
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Episode 408

Jan 16, 1968 Season 5 Episode 408

Josette finds the Collins family history book from 1967 and is horrified to read of her own suicide.
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Episode 407

Jan 15, 1968 Season 5 Episode 407

Josette searches for Barnabas, who has become delirious and is unable to recognize her.
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Episode 403

Jan 09, 1968 Season 5 Episode 403

Angry and frightened by Angelique, Barnabas attempts to meet Josette. Angelique sends a bat to spy on him.
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Episode 397

Jan 01, 1968 Season 5 Episode 397

Angelique and Barnabas are married. Later, Angelique is again threatened by the ghost of Jeremiah.
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Episode 396

Dec 31, 1967 Season 5 Episode 396

The ghost of Jeremiah abducts Angelique and begins to bury her in a grave. Barnabas hides Victoria.
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Episode 395

Dec 28, 1967 Season 5 Episode 395

Joshua disinherits Barnabas for insisting on an immediate wedding. Naomi gives the Old House to Barnabas.
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Episode 393

Dec 26, 1967 Season 5 Episode 393

When Angelique reveals that she is to marry Barnabas, Josette attempts to hide her shock and hurt.
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Episode 392

Dec 25, 1967 Season 5 Episode 392

When Josette goes to the grave of Jeremiah and calls to him, a hand reaches out to her from the ground.
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Episode 387

Dec 18, 1967 Season 5 Episode 387

Nathan Forbes smuggles food to Victoria, hiding in Collinwood. Trask and Joshua search for Victoria.
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Episode 383

Dec 12, 1967 Season 5 Episode 383

On the night they intend to be married, Jeremiah and Josette realize they have betrayed their families.
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Episode 382

Dec 11, 1967 Season 5 Episode 382

Abigail Collins discovers Victoria’s charm bracelet and becomes convinced that Victoria is a witch.
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Episode 380

Dec 07, 1967 Season 5 Episode 380

Angelique casts a spell while helping Josette prepare for her wedding and Josette soon vanishes.
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Episode 378

Dec 05, 1967 Season 5 Episode 378

Determined to prevent Jeremiah from leaving town, Angelique transforms Joshua into a cat.
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Episode 376

Dec 03, 1967 Season 5 Episode 376

Natalie believes a witch is preventing Josette and Barnabas’ marriage. Naomi has a terrifying vision.
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Episode 375

Nov 30, 1967 Season 5 Episode 375

Angelique uses a magic potion to make Jeremiah love Josette. Natalie witnesses Josette meeting with Jeremiah.
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Episode 373

Nov 28, 1967 Season 5 Episode 373

Angelique plans to make Josette fall in love with Jeremiah. She orders Ben to steal a lock of Jeremiah’s hair.
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Episode 372

Nov 27, 1967 Season 5 Episode 372

Joshua implies that Jeremiah is to marry Millicent Collins. Angelique makes servant Ben Stokes her slave.
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Episode 370

Nov 24, 1967 Season 5 Episode 39

Josette's love for Barnabas makes Angelique jealous. Angelique practices witchcraft that causes Barnabas to choke.
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Episode 368/369

Nov 22, 1967 Season 5 Episode 38

The ship carrying Barnabas' fiancee, Josette DuPres, from Martinique is late, but Josette's servant Angelique arrives.
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Episode 367

Nov 21, 1967 Season 5 Episode 37

In 1795, Barnabas' father Joshua Collins agrees to hire Victoria as the governess for Sarah.
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Episode 362

Nov 14, 1967 Season 5 Episode 32

Carolyn steals Tony's keys and breaks into his office to open the safe containing Julia's notebook.
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Episode 361

Nov 13, 1967 Season 5 Episode 31

Alone at Collinwood, a horrified Julia receives a telephone call telling her she will die soon.
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Episode 360

Nov 10, 1967 Season 5 Episode 30

Sarah appears to Julia at the Collins Mausoleum but she will not promise to help Julia.
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Episode 359

Nov 09, 1967 Season 5 Episode 29

A traumatized Julia hears the voice of Dr. Woodard. Barnabas deceives Julia into believing he now has a conscience.
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Episode 358

Nov 08, 1967 Season 5 Episode 28

Barnabas decides on supernatural tactics intended to drive Julia insane.
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Episode 357

Nov 07, 1967 Season 5 Episode 27

Julia takes her notebook into town and leaves it with Tony Peterson, a lawyer whodislikes the Collins family.
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Episode 355

Nov 03, 1967 Season 5 Episode 25

Barnabas instructs Carolyn to steal Julia's notebook. Julia realizes that Barnabas plans to kill her.
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Episode 353

Nov 01, 1967 Season 5 Episode 23

Barnabas threatens to kill Julia unless she refrains from interfering with his plans for Victoria.
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Episode 351

Oct 30, 1967 Season 5 Episode 21

Under Barnabas' control, Carolyn is ordered to help him win over Victoria's affections and to discredit David.
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Episode 350

Oct 27, 1967 Season 5 Episode 20

Carolyn secretly goes to the Old House to investigate and makes a startling discovery.
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Episode 349

Oct 26, 1967 Season 5 Episode 19

An aged and withered Barnabas must seek a victim, but he cannot bring himself to attack Victoria.
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Episode 348

Oct 25, 1967 Season 5 Episode 18

Julia reluctantly proceeds with a massive treatment for Barnabas, but she becomesterrified at the result.
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Episode 345

Oct 20, 1967 Season 5 Episode 15

Elizabeth receives word that Burke's plane has crashed, but Victoria refuses to believe Burke is dead.
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Episode 342

Oct 17, 1967 Season 5 Episode 12

Sam and Burke suspect that Dr. Woodard was murdered although the coroner rules otherwise.
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Episode 340

Oct 13, 1967 Season 5 Episode 10

Barnabas tells a horrified Julia of his plans for Dr. Woodard and she reluctantly agrees to assist him.
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Episode 338

Oct 11, 1967 Season 5 Episode 8

Dr. Woodard overhears Julia tell Barnabas of the location of the notebook which has records of her experiments.
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Episode 337

Oct 10, 1967 Season 5 Episode 7

After researching the Collins' family history, Dr. Woodard decides to have a confrontation with Barnabas.
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Episode 334

Oct 05, 1967 Season 5 Episode 4

Desperate to be believed, David informs Burke and Dr. Woodard of the secret room in the Collins Mausoleum.
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