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Latest Episode: Episode 451

Mar 17, 1968 Season 6 Episode 451 watch on Hulu (Free)

In the Old House, Bathia’s spell is interrupted by a visit from Naomi. Bathia is consumed by flames.

Episode 371

Nov 26, 1967 Season 4 Episode 371

A doctor can find nothing physically wrong with Barnabas. Angelique becomes fearful that he may die.
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Episode 368/369

Nov 21, 1967 Season 4 Episode 368

The ship carrying Barnabas’ fiancee, Josette DuPres, from Martinique is late, but Josette’s servant Angelique arrives.
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Episode 367

Nov 20, 1967 Season 4 Episode 367

In 1795, Barnabas’ father Joshua Collins agrees to hire Victoria as the governess for Sarah.
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Episode 366

Nov 19, 1967 Season 4 Episode 366

Victoria finds herself outside the Old House, which looks new. She learns that she has traveled back in time to the year 1795.
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Episode 365

Nov 16, 1967 Season 4 Episode 365

A seance is held at Collinwood to contact the spirit of Sarah. During a blackout, Victoria disappears.
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Episode 363

Nov 14, 1967 Season 4 Episode 363

Tony doesn’t know whether he should believe Carolyn or Julia. Barnabas attempts to strangle Julia.
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Episode 360

Nov 09, 1967 Season 4 Episode 360

Sarah appears to Julia at the Collins Mausoleum but she will not promise to help Julia.
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Episode 359

Nov 08, 1967 Season 4 Episode 359

A traumatized Julia hears the voice of Dr. Woodard. Barnabas deceives Julia into believing he now has a conscience.
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Episode 357

Nov 06, 1967 Season 4 Episode 357

Julia takes her notebook into town and leaves it with Tony Peterson, a lawyer who dislikes the Collins family.
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Episode 354

Nov 01, 1967 Season 4 Episode 354

Julia shows Victoria, under hypnosis, the coffin Barnabas plans for her. Carolyn tells Barnabas of Julia’s betrayal.
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Episode 350

Oct 26, 1967 Season 4 Episode 350

Carolyn secretly goes to the Old House to investigate and makes a startling discovery.
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Episode 347

Oct 23, 1967 Season 4 Episode 347

Barnabas is jubilant over the results of his treatments. Julia hypnotizes Victoria and shows her Barnabas’ coffin.
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Episode 345

Oct 19, 1967 Season 4 Episode 345

Elizabeth receives word that Burke’s plane has crashed, but Victoria refuses to believe Burke is dead.
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Episode 344

Oct 18, 1967 Season 4 Episode 344

Sarah warns David that a disaster will happen soon. David is distraught over Burke’s trip to Brazil.
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Episode 343

Oct 17, 1967 Season 4 Episode 343

Julia spies on Barnabas as he tries to become closer to Victoria and cause a wedge between her and Burke.
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Episode 342

Oct 16, 1967 Season 4 Episode 342

Sam and Burke suspect that Dr. Woodard was murdered although the coroner rules otherwise.
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Episode 338

Oct 10, 1967 Season 4 Episode 338

Dr. Woodard overhears Julia tell Barnabas of the location of the notebook which has records of her experiments.
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Episode 337

Oct 09, 1967 Season 4 Episode 337

After researching the Collins’ family history, Dr. Woodard decides to have a confrontation with Barnabas.
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Episode 336

Oct 08, 1967 Season 4 Episode 336

The ghost of Sarah appears to an astonished Dr. Woodard inside the mausoleum.
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Episode 334

Oct 04, 1967 Season 4 Episode 334

Desperate to be believed, David informs Burke and Dr. Woodard of the secret room in the Collins Mausoleum.
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Episode 333

Oct 03, 1967 Season 4 Episode 333

David convinces Burke and Dr. Woodard to go to the Old House, where they search for the coffin.
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Episode 331

Oct 01, 1967 Season 4 Episode 331

Sarah gives David a toy soldier as protection and warns him there is danger at the Old House.
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Episode 329

Sep 28, 1967 Season 4 Episode 39

When Willie awakens, the sheriff questions him. Later, the sheriff tells Barnabas that Willie's mind is completely gone.
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Episode 328

Sep 27, 1967 Season 4 Episode 38

Barnabas hides Maggie's ring in Willie's room, hoping Sheriff Patterson will find it.
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Episode 326

Sep 25, 1967 Season 4 Episode 36

While Willie clings to life, Julia attempts to hypnotize David to stop his prying into Barnabas' affairs.
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Episode 323

Sep 20, 1967 Season 4 Episode 33

At the hospital, Willie lies in a coma. Everyone finds it difficult to accept that Willie could have been Maggie's kidnapper.
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Episode 321

Sep 18, 1967 Season 4 Episode 31

Sarah appears to Maggie but suddenly vanishes. Sam assures Maggie that she is being protected by policemen outside their cottage.
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Episode 320

Sep 15, 1967 Season 4 Episode 30

David confides his fear of Barnabas to Burke. Barnabas disbelieves Julia's assurances that Maggie's memory is still gone.
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Episode 318

Sep 13, 1967 Season 4 Episode 28

Dr. Woodard takes Maggie out of Julia's care. Barnabas prepares to kill David but is stopped by the evidence of Sarah's presence.
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Episode 316

Sep 11, 1967 Season 4 Episode 26

After Burke rescues David from Barnabas, David feels someone evil is watching him at Collinwood.
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Episode 315

Sep 08, 1967 Season 4 Episode 25

Sarah appears inside the mausoleum secret room to David, who is terrified when he runs into the arms of Barnabas outside.
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Episode 314

Sep 07, 1967 Season 4 Episode 24

Sarah appears to Willie. Dr. Woodard says an expert claims that Sarah's doll is over one-hundred and fifty years old.
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Episode 313

Sep 06, 1967 Season 4 Episode 23

Roger returns from Boston and joins Joe in the search for David. The cemetery caretaker warns them that the dead are restless and will take revenge.
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Episode 312

Sep 05, 1967 Season 4 Episode 22

Barnabas is disturbed to learn that David has been looking for Sarah. He tells Willie they must find David before anyone else.
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Episode 311

Sep 04, 1967 Season 4 Episode 21

David is trapped in the secret room of the mausoleum. Barnabas comforts Victoria, who is distraught over David's disappearance.
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Episode 310

Sep 01, 1967 Season 4 Episode 20

While he's searching for Sarah in the mausoleum secret room, David hides when Barnabas and Willie arrive.
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Episode 309

Aug 31, 1967 Season 4 Episode 19

Julia tells Barnabas that Sarah has been to the Old House. He's convinced Sarah will eventually appear to him.
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Episode 308

Aug 30, 1967 Season 4 Episode 18

Sam angrily accuses Julia of lying. In her bedroom, Maggie discovers Sarah's doll has been left behind.
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Episode 307

Aug 29, 1967 Season 4 Episode 17

Victoria warns Burke that she will end their engagement if he does not stop his investigation of Barnabas.
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Episode 306

Aug 28, 1967 Season 4 Episode 16

Barnabas informs Victoria that Burke is having him investigated. Victoria assures Barnabas she will come to his defense.
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Episode 305

Aug 25, 1967 Season 4 Episode 15

Barnabas feels Julia's treatments are weakening him. Sarah shows David the secret room in the mausoleum.
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Episode 304

Aug 24, 1967 Season 4 Episode 14

Julia and David go in search of Sarah. A concerned Burke asks Victoria to stay away from Barnabas.
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Episode 303

Aug 23, 1967 Season 4 Episode 13

Burke's suspicions of Barnabas continue to grow after he questions Dr. Woodard and Maggie.
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Episode 302

Aug 22, 1967 Season 4 Episode 12

Intent on preventing the marriage of Victoria and Burke, Barnabas is eager for Julia to finish the treatments to cure him.
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Episode 301

Aug 21, 1967 Season 4 Episode 11

Barnabas and Burke compare their competition for Victoria to a game. Barnabas believes the stakes may be life or death.
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Episode 300

Aug 18, 1967 Season 4 Episode 10

Victoria dreams that someone entered her bedroom during the night. Barnabas is alarmed that Victoria may marry Burke.
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Episode 299

Aug 17, 1967 Season 4 Episode 9

Julia warns Barnabas to stay away from Victoria. Barnabas learns of Victoria's romantic interest in Burke.
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Episode 298

Aug 16, 1967 Season 4 Episode 8

Burke asks Elizabeth to sell Seaview to him. Maggie's memory of what happened to her begins to return.
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Episode 297

Aug 15, 1967 Season 4 Episode 7

Maggie tells Barnabas about her visit from Sarah. Later, Barnabas tries to kill Maggie and hears Sarah.
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Episode 296

Aug 14, 1967 Season 4 Episode 6

Unconvinced that Maggie is unable to remember the identity of her kidnapper, Barnabas plans to kill her.
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Episode 295

Aug 11, 1967 Season 4 Episode 5

Maggie's memory returns, but Julia quickly hypnotizes her before she can say anything damaging about Barnabas.
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Episode 294

Aug 10, 1967 Season 4 Episode 4

Sarah helps Maggie escape from Windcliff. Barnabas, Victoria and Burke explore the house called Seaview.
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Episode 293

Aug 09, 1967 Season 4 Episode 3

Victoria tells Burke about an old house she has fallen in love with. Burke and Barnabas pry into each other's past.
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Episode 292

Aug 08, 1967 Season 4 Episode 2

Sarah informs David that Maggie is still alive. Victoria finds Sarah's cap on the floor.
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Episode 291

Aug 07, 1967 Season 4 Episode 1

After telling a stunned Barnabas she believes she can cure him, Julia reveals she is treating Maggie, who is hidden away.
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