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Latest Episode: Episode 452

Mar 19, 1968 Season 6 Episode 452 watch on Hulu (Free)

Threatening the jailer with a gun, Peter leads Victoria from her cell, but she is wounded as she escapes.

Episode 370

Nov 24, 1967 Season 4 Episode 370

Josette’s love for Barnabas makes Angelique jealous. Angelique practices witchcraft that causes Barnabas to choke.
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Episode 365

Nov 17, 1967 Season 4 Episode 365

A seance is held at Collinwood to contact the spirit of Sarah. During a blackout, Victoria disappears.
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Episode 364

Nov 16, 1967 Season 4 Episode 364

Sarah informs David that the dead will shortly destroy someone living at Collinwood.
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Episode 363

Nov 15, 1967 Season 4 Episode 363

Tony doesn’t know whether he should believe Carolyn or Julia. Barnabas attempts to strangle Julia.
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Episode 362

Nov 14, 1967 Season 4 Episode 362

Carolyn steals Tony’s keys and breaks into his office to open the safe containing Julia’s notebook.
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Episode 361

Nov 13, 1967 Season 4 Episode 361

Alone at Collinwood, a horrified Julia receives a telephone call telling her she will die soon.
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Episode 359

Nov 09, 1967 Season 4 Episode 359

A traumatized Julia hears the voice of Dr. Woodard. Barnabas deceives Julia into believing he now has a conscience.
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Episode 356

Nov 06, 1967 Season 4 Episode 356

Julia hides her notebook in the Collinwood foyer clock. Barnabas orders Carolyn to keep watch on Julia.
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Episode 355

Nov 03, 1967 Season 4 Episode 355

Barnabas instructs Carolyn to steal Julia’s notebook. Julia realizes that Barnabas plans to kill her.
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Episode 354

Nov 02, 1967 Season 4 Episode 354

Julia shows Victoria, under hypnosis, the coffin Barnabas plans for her. Carolyn tells Barnabas of Julia’s betrayal.
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Episode 352

Oct 31, 1967 Season 4 Episode 352

A jealous Julia again hypnotizes Victoria and warns her that Barnabas intends to turn her into Josette.
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Episode 351

Oct 30, 1967 Season 4 Episode 351

Under Barnabas’ control, Carolyn is ordered to help him win over Victoria’s affections and to discredit David.
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Episode 348

Oct 25, 1967 Season 4 Episode 348

Julia reluctantly proceeds with a massive treatment for Barnabas, but she becomes terrified at the result.
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Episode 346

Oct 23, 1967 Season 4 Episode 346

Barnabas warns Julia not to let her jealousy interfere with his treatments, which he wants accelerated.
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Episode 344

Oct 19, 1967 Season 4 Episode 344

Sarah warns David that a disaster will happen soon. David is distraught over Burke’s trip to Brazil.
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Episode 343

Oct 18, 1967 Season 4 Episode 343

Julia spies on Barnabas as he tries to become closer to Victoria and cause a wedge between her and Burke.
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Episode 342

Oct 17, 1967 Season 4 Episode 342

Sam and Burke suspect that Dr. Woodard was murdered although the coroner rules otherwise.
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Episode 341

Oct 16, 1967 Season 4 Episode 341

Dr. Woodard defiantly informs Julia that he would rather die than become a loathsome thing such as Barnabas.
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Episode 338

Oct 11, 1967 Season 4 Episode 338

Dr. Woodard overhears Julia tell Barnabas of the location of the notebook which has records of her experiments.
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Episode 337

Oct 10, 1967 Season 4 Episode 337

After researching the Collins’ family history, Dr. Woodard decides to have a confrontation with Barnabas.
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Episode 332

Oct 03, 1967 Season 4 Episode 332

David returns to the Old House, where he finds an open coffin, followed by an angry Barnabas.
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