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Mar 17, 1968 Season 6 Episode 451 watch on Hulu (Free)

In the Old House, Bathia’s spell is interrupted by a visit from Naomi. Bathia is consumed by flames.

Episode 327

Sep 25, 1967 Season 3 Episode 327

While talking to Sarah, David realizes there is a coffin the Old House basement, but Sarah warns him to stay away.
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Episode 326

Sep 24, 1967 Season 3 Episode 326

While Willie clings to life, Julia attempts to hypnotize David to stop his prying into Barnabas’ affairs.
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Episode 324

Sep 20, 1967 Season 3 Episode 324

David refuses to tell Victoria what has upset him. But he insists that Willie is innocent of kidnapping Maggie.
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Episode 322

Sep 18, 1967 Season 3 Episode 322

Willie agonizes over his helplessness, knowing he is unable to warn Maggie about Barnabas’ plan to kill her.
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Episode 321

Sep 17, 1967 Season 3 Episode 321

Sarah appears to Maggie but suddenly vanishes. Sam assures Maggie that she is being protected by policemen outside their cottage.
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Episode 319

Sep 13, 1967 Season 3 Episode 319

Hoping to trap her kidnapper, Dr. Woodard decides to pretend publicly that Maggie’s memory is returning.
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Episode 318

Sep 12, 1967 Season 3 Episode 318

Dr. Woodard takes Maggie out of Julia’s care. Barnabas prepares to kill David but is stopped by the evidence of Sarah’s presence.
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Episode 315

Sep 07, 1967 Season 3 Episode 315

Sarah appears inside the mausoleum secret room to David, who is terrified when he runs into the arms of Barnabas outside.
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Episode 314

Sep 06, 1967 Season 3 Episode 314

Sarah appears to Willie. Dr. Woodard says an expert claims that Sarah’s doll is over one-hundred and fifty years old.
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Episode 312

Sep 04, 1967 Season 3 Episode 312

Barnabas is disturbed to learn that David has been looking for Sarah. He tells Willie they must find David before anyone else.
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Episode 311

Sep 03, 1967 Season 3 Episode 311

David is trapped in the secret room of the mausoleum. Barnabas comforts Victoria, who is distraught over David’s disappearance.
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Episode 310

Aug 31, 1967 Season 3 Episode 310

While he’s searching for Sarah in the mausoleum secret room, David hides when Barnabas and Willie arrive.
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Episode 309

Aug 30, 1967 Season 3 Episode 309

Julia tells Barnabas that Sarah has been to the Old House. He’s convinced Sarah will eventually appear to him.
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Episode 306

Aug 27, 1967 Season 3 Episode 306

Barnabas informs Victoria that Burke is having him investigated. Victoria assures Barnabas she will come to his defense.
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Episode 303

Aug 22, 1967 Season 3 Episode 303

Burke’s suspicions of Barnabas continue to grow after he questions Dr. Woodard and Maggie.
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Episode 302

Aug 21, 1967 Season 3 Episode 302

Intent on preventing the marriage of Victoria and Burke, Barnabas is eager for Julia to finish the treatments to cure him.
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Episode 301

Aug 20, 1967 Season 3 Episode 301

Barnabas and Burke compare their competition for Victoria to a game. Barnabas believes the stakes may be life or death.
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Episode 297

Aug 14, 1967 Season 3 Episode 297

Maggie tells Barnabas about her visit from Sarah. Later, Barnabas tries to kill Maggie and hears Sarah.
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Episode 291

Aug 06, 1967 Season 3 Episode 291

After telling a stunned Barnabas she believes she can cure him, Julia reveals she is treating Maggie, who is hidden away.
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Episode 290

Aug 04, 1967 Season 3 Episode 40

Victoria suddenly becomes afraid of the past. During the night, Barnabas comes to Julia's room to strangle her.
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Episode 289

Aug 03, 1967 Season 3 Episode 39

Barnabas cannot bring himself to bite Victoria. Julia enters the Old House and discovers Barnabas inside his coffin.
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Episode 288

Aug 02, 1967 Season 3 Episode 38

Julia questions David about Sarah. She goes to the Old House and finds that Barnabas casts no reflection in a mirror.
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Episode 287

Aug 01, 1967 Season 3 Episode 37

Elizabeth allows Julia to stay at Collinwood to conduct her supposed research of the Collins family history.
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Episode 286

Jul 31, 1967 Season 3 Episode 36

In Josette's room, Victoria hears Sarah's singing. As Victoria sleeps, Barnabas enters, intending to bite her.
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Episode 285

Jul 28, 1967 Season 3 Episode 35

Victoria goes to the Old House. A sudden storm appears and Barnabas urges her to spend the night in Josette's room.
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Episode 284

Jul 27, 1967 Season 3 Episode 34

Posing as an historian, Julia Hoffman arrives at Collinwood to search for clues surrounding Maggie's disappearance.
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Episode 283

Jul 26, 1967 Season 3 Episode 33

Victoria sees Maggie in the cemetery, but Burke convinces her otherwise. Maggie is disturbed when she enters the mausoleum.
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Episode 282

Jul 25, 1967 Season 3 Episode 32

Victoria becomes entranced by Josette's music boc. Under hypnosis by Dr. Hoffman, Maggie recalls being in the cemetary.
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Episode 281

Jul 24, 1967 Season 3 Episode 31

During the séance, Victoria relives the death of Josette. Later, Barnabas visits Victoria and gives her Josette's music boc.
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Episode 279

Jul 20, 1967 Season 3 Episode 29

At Victoria's request, Barnabas invites Burke to the party. He will dress as Jeremiah Collins, Barnabas' rival fror Josette.
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Episode 278

Jul 19, 1967 Season 3 Episode 28

Victoria goes to the Old House to select her costume for the party. Sarah finds her own dress in an old trunk in Josette's room.
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Episode 277

Jul 18, 1967 Season 3 Episode 27

Barnabas decides to hold a costume party, with everyone to dress as Collins ancestors. He suggests Victoria come as Josette.
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Episode 276

Jul 17, 1967 Season 3 Episode 26

At Windcliff, Maggie appears to recognize a sketch of Sarah. In the mausoleum, Sarah appears beside her own tomb.
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Episode 275

Jul 14, 1967 Season 3 Episode 25

Jason opens Barnabas' coffin in the basement of the Old House. Barnabas' hand reaches out and begins to choke Jason.
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Episode 274

Jul 13, 1967 Season 3 Episode 24

Jason spies on Willie and Barnabas holding jewels. After Willie refuses to be blackmailed, Jason breaks into the Old House.
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Episode 273

Jul 12, 1967 Season 3 Episode 23

Jason explains that Paul was not killed and that he helped him escape. Elizabeth insists Jason be allowed to leave without arrest.
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Episode 272

Jul 11, 1967 Season 3 Episode 22

After the police arrive, the locked room in the Collinwood basement is investigated. A buried trunk is found beneath the floor.
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Episode 271

Jul 10, 1967 Season 3 Episode 21

Elizabeth tells the story of what happened at Collinwood eighteen years earlier, when she thought she killed Paul.
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Episode 268

Jul 05, 1967 Season 3 Episode 18

Elizabeth says goodbye to Carolyn and David. She then goes to Widow's Hill and prepares to jump to her death.
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Episode 266

Jul 03, 1967 Season 3 Episode 16

Elizabeth dreams of the legend of the widows. Mrs. Johnson stops a despondent Elizabeth from jumping off Widow's Hill.
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Episode 261

Jun 26, 1967 Season 3 Episode 11

Sam filnds Maggie on the beach. He and Dr. Woodward decide to send Maggie to a sanitarium and pretend that she is dead.
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Episode 259

Jun 22, 1967 Season 3 Episode 9

Victoria discovers Elizabeth crying. She confesses to Victoria that she killed her long-missing husband, Paul Stoddard.
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Episode 257

Jun 20, 1967 Season 3 Episode 7

Jason promises a worried Elizabeth he will stop Carolyn from marrying Buzz, but Buzz turns down Jason's bribe.
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Episode 256

Jun 19, 1967 Season 3 Episode 6

Maggie cannot understand the meaning of what the little girl says. David meets the girl, who reveals her name is Sarah.
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Episode 255

Jun 16, 1967 Season 3 Episode 5

Sam tells Barnabas that Maggie is thought to be dead. Maggie hears a strange little girl singing outside her cell.
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Episode 254

Jun 15, 1967 Season 3 Episode 4

A rebellious Carolyn announces that she will marry Buzz on the same day her mother is scheduled to marry Jason.
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Episode 252

Jun 13, 1967 Season 3 Episode 2

Carolyn and Elizabeth argue over Elizabeth's approaching marriage. Carolyn begins dating a hippie motorcyclist named Buzz.
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Episode 251

Jun 12, 1967 Season 3 Episode 1

Barnabas locks Maggie in an Old House basement cell and informs her that he will wait until she becomes Josette.
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