Dangerous Flights

  • 2012
  • TV Show
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Following pilots as they work for an aircraft-delivery company.

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A Pilot's Point of No Return
03:48 — For ferry pilots, the point of no return is the moment when the plane's tank has just enough fuel to turn around, and going any further means there's (more…)
Flying in Subzero Temperatures
03:41 — Flying over Russia in subzero temperatures, the cockpit's heater malfunctions, and Cory and Randy become at risk of hypothermia.
Avoiding Onboard Explosives
03:23 — Some people would love to blow up an American airplane, so it's never a bad thing to err on the side of caution when flying over and landing in other (more…)
This is a Pilot's Worst Fea
03:43 — Soon after two pilots lift off on a 6,000 mile journey to Poland, a heavy stream of fuel starts flowing out of the right wing, and they're forced to t (more…)
This is Why Ferry Pilots Should Always Test-Fly Old Planes
03:42 — In Boca Raton, Florida, Pete and Brad take a 32-year-old plane for a test flight, before beginning their journey halfway around the world.
In Trouble in Indonesia
03:39 — When the pilots land in Indonesia, Immigration officials hold them up for failing to bring the proper paperwork.
The Dangers of Ferry Flying
02:20 — In order to deliver a client's plane on time, Cory and Randy have to fly more than 2,000 miles in just four days.
You Can't Fake This Kind of Flying
01:36 — Going from a large commercial jet to a small single-engine airplane is not easy, but Randy McGehee is the perfect man for the job. He has the versatil (more…)
Navigating a Minefield of Thunderstorms Over Brazil
03:26 — With just 900 miles to go, Cory and Randy encounter vultures and dozens of storm clouds blocking their route to Cuiaba, Brazil.
Pilots Are Forced to Land When Their Plane's Heater Fails
02:25 — While airborne on the first leg of their 10,000-mile journey from Florida to the Philippines, Pete and Brad encounter a host of avionics problems, and (more…)
How Many Brushes With Death Can One Man Survive?
02:02 — Kerry McCauley not only loves to fly the planes, he loves to jump out of them as well. Kerry has been a pilot for 12 years and has flown all over the (more…)
Jammed Landing Gear
02:38 — On a ferry flight out of Florida, Cory and Randy have to decide what to do when the plane's landing gear jams mid-flight.
Flying Without Autopilot
04:02 — In a training session, pilot Randy McGehee has to hand-fly a Dornier, without the use of autopilot.
A Breathtaking Flight Over the Rainforests of Brazil
04:02 — Kerry and Stu's scenic flight from Georgetown, Guyana to Goiania, Brazil is cut short when they stop to refuel in Macapa, and realize that customs is (more…)
Tension in the Cockpit
03:28 — There's tension in the cockpit when Stu takes the captain's seat and Kerry, a more experienced pilot, flies as his second-in-command.
Flying High on Fumes
04:03 — When pilots Cory and Randy realize that they need to check their diminishing fuel tank mid-flight, the tank's cap blows off and fumes fill the small c (more…)
Risky Flying for this Adventurer
02:30 — Though Brad White still refers to himself as a bush pilot, he was a jet pilot for the United Nations. He flew covert missions with presidents and terr (more…)
Have You Ever Met An Air Racer?
02:19 — Pete Zaccagnino has made a career of out taking risks so that other pilots don’t need to. He is the guy who will find out if the plane can be flo (more…)
Out of Power and Out of Time
03:19 — Already in a rush to depart for Brazil, Cory and Kerry face another obstacle when they realize that their plane's battery is dead.
Sneak Peek
00:35 — Aviation’s final frontier is "ferry flying" and these are the pilots who are crazy enough to take on these dangerous jobs.
Caught in the Deep of a Desert Storm
02:53 — Caught in the middle of a desert storm over the Middle East, pilots Stu and Kerry are forced to fly through a tight opening in a wall of thunderheads.
Fly Big or Fly Home
03:44 — Brad and Pete are finally taking off on their flight to the Philippines, but during a pit stop in Washington, bad news finds Pete, and he's faced with (more…)
A Modern-Day Air Cowboy
02:32 — Before becoming a pilot, Stu Sprung was a firefighter and paramedic, and a flight medic for FEMA. He has responded to thousands of US emergencies, inc (more…)
Will Cory Make This Narrow Landing?
01:58 — Pilots Cory and Randy are flying into Greenland and must make a flawless landing on a narrow 2.5 mile strip.
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