Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars"

Season 15, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: The remaining couples perform one final routine before a winner is announced in the 15th-season finale.
Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012 Season 15, Episode 19

Dancing with the Stars' final three face off one last time before the best of the best is crowned. Did Shawn or Kelly win their second Mirrorball? Or did Melissa claim her first? Plus: DanceCenter is finally back!

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Guys, we're almost there! Stay with me. So we agree it's down to Shawn and Melissa, yes? (Sorry, Kelly, thanks for playing!) Who would've thought a month ago that it's not completely in the bag for Shawn? But the show seems hell-bent on propping up Melissa and Tony ever since Sabrina bit it. They're great and I completely support them as winners, but I wouldn't say they were 3.5 points from perfection the past four weeks, which is what their scores through Monday would have you believe. (After last night, they officially dethroned Shawn and Derek for the highest cumulative score and season average.) Or you Shawn and Derek optimists could argue that this is just their way of creating draaama and a tight contest. And we've still got one more dance to go.

After a cast opening number choreographed by Lacey and the freestyle encore by Shawn and Derek, the three finalists pick their Instant Dance styles and songs. They have 20 minutes to prepare. Kelly and Val will jive to "Cat & Mouse." Melissa and Tony will samba to "Life Is a Highway" and Shawn and Derek will cha-cha to "Respect." Totally coincidental that Melissa is doing a samba for the second night in a row and just happened to pick a mini-Mirrorball that was accidentally opened, right? #sarcasm

Parade of Fallen Stars
Only here would Bristol serve as an opening act for Pam, who does her own "It's Raining Men" burlesque show in elbow-length ballroom gloves and thigh-high latex boots, and I shudder to think what a Pam freestyle would look like. Helio and Chelsie follow, but not before we see this epic blond moment again. Drew and Anna redo their cha-cha with a very special guest: his 6-year-old daughter Isabella, who wasn't even born when Drew won Season 2. "It's really exciting because I finally get to dance with my daddy," she says. It's all one big ball of adorableness. Dancing with the Stars Season 33 featuring Isabella Lachey, coming to you in 2026!

Joey goes all Back to the Future to 1987 to tell his 10-year-old self that boy bands are cool (Heck yeah! Well, '90s boy bands), lay off the French fries and to start learning his cha-cha now. He and Kym end up dancing with their younger selves, obviously. Oh, Joey. First a Star Wars tango and now this. You really should've stayed longer. Further evidence: He and Kym sub in for Kelly and Val in the Team Gangnam Style redux, and we all know Joey was born to do it "Gangnam Style." Helio and Chelsie, and Drew and Anna sub in for Shawn and Derek, and Melissa and Tony on Team Call Me Maybe.

Sabrina, Gilles, Kirstie, Apolo and Emmitt follow Joey's time-travel routine with repeat dances. Apparently Apolo and Karina wanted to do the freestyle they were planning, but were shut down. I choose to believe this means that producers were worried it would trump those of the final three. (Yeah, I'm still bitter.) Also, who else wanted to see Helio, Sabrina and Gilles perform the dances they were assigned on the results shows right before they were eliminated? 

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Instant Dance
Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy: jive
This is so unlike them! It's fun, bouncy and energetic. Kelly's kicks and flicks are well done, but she loses timing a little bit while side-by-side with Val. Of course, Val has to go shirtless one final time. Len loves her spins. Bruno says they have the energy of two young, randy rabbits. Emphasis on randy, duh. Carrie Ann "Bangs" Inaba says they've won her heart. Brooke does us all proud and follows up on her romance inquiry from last night. "Listen, I hope everybody can have friendships like this," Kelly says. "This is the foundation of an amazing friendship." "It's unconditional love," Val says. "It doesn't have to be boyfriend and girlfriend." So friends with benefits? Kidding! (Sort of.)
Score: 28.5
Total: 87.5

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani: samba
This is like the opposite of their samba last night. I partially blame this on the song (who the hell sambas to "Life Is a Highway"?), but it's a little uneven and sloppy in certain areas and never takes flight. You can totally see the wheels turning in their heads. Bruno says Melissa's turned into a South American siren. Carrie Ann says they rushed the music and thinks they wanted to go the pace of last night's. Len says Melissa's been his greatest pleasure to watch.
Score: 28.5
Total: 88.5

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough: cha-cha
Derek is crying in the rehearsal talking head. "To win the All-Stars season would be a perfect ending," he says. If that doesn't scream "last season," I don't know what does. This is the best dance of the three, as if you had any doubt. It's sassy, dynamic, sharp, and unlike Melissa, Shawn looks 4903 times more prepared and confident in the routine. It gets all acrobatic at the end, but it wouldn't be a Shawn and Derek routine without some rule-bending. Carrie Ann calls it a star-studded performance. Len calls it fantastic. Bruno says it was perfection.
Score: 30
Total: 87

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The standings don't change, but the spread between first and third is now only 1.5 points as opposed to 3.

Third place goes to Kelly and Val. "It's a completely different experience for me. The journey was amazing," Kelly says. "This guy is the most incredible man and he's the most talented dancer out there."

It sucks Kelly never got a 30 (could've spared one of Melissa's!), but she repped Season 1 well and I hope no one questions her win anymore. Now Maks can unabashedly root for his BFF Tony.

So a Season 8 finale re-face-off. And the winners are... Melissa and Tony!

Melissa's in shock, while Tony goes berserk and lets out a string of "holy sh--!"'s, Can't blame the dude and you can't help but be happy for him. The man suffered through Kate Gosselin! If they hadn't won, he — and we all — knew that he'll probably never get another sniff at it again with his array of cannon fodder partners. Ironic that Melissa was a replacement partner for him.

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to know how much the (slightly) inflated scores aided them, but they might have won without the extra help anyway, and they deserve it. They were a great partnership — talented, drama-free, nice and just so damn likeable — and no doubt picked up more fans along the way. Tony actually stepped up his choreography for the first time as well. Plus: How can you resist those glowing white teeth, right? And for all the flack the show gets for not casting real "stars," it's kind of perfect that the winner of its All-Stars season got her claim to fame on another reality show.

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That being said, Shawn and Derek were still the standout pair throughout the whole season and their dances are arguably the most memorable and likely still will be further down the road. If this is Derek's last season, it's rough to go out on a bittersweet note, but he's onto bigger and better things. There is a reason he's Mr. Choreography.

So what do you think? Are Melissa and Tony deserving winners? Were Shawn and Derek robbed? Is this Derek's last season? What would you tell your Back to the Future self? Should Crest snap up Melissa and Tony as spokespeople ASAP? Who do you want to see on the show next season?

It's been real, guys. Happy holidays and see ya next year. I'll leave you with the highlights of this season's much-delayed DanceCenter.

- "Maks can't keep his hands off of Maks. If he were any more in love with himself, he'd be on cable."

- "Bristol took Mark to a gun range this year. Unfortunately she missed."

- "[Mark's] entire job is to make his partner look good." Cue footage of Mark doing what he does best: hamming it up.

- "Gilles is a Frenchman, so he really knows how to surrender to the dance. That's for you history buffs out there."

- "[Apolo] has an upper body that would invite drug-testing in some sports." (You're welcome, by the way.)

- "This year, [Shawn] claims to be 20. We checked into her past. We can't find a birth certificate from Hawaii."

- Re: Kelly and Val's showmance: "Guys, I'm not really into the gossip-y part of the show. Did they or didn't they? They did."

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Dancing with the Stars' final three face off one last time before the best of the best is crowned. Did Shawn or Kelly win their second Mirrorball? Or did Melissa claim her first? Plus: DanceCenter is finally back!

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