Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 14, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The ninth week of performances. The four remaining couples perform a ballroom and a Latin dance.
Original Air Date: May 14, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, May 14, 2012 Season 14, Episode 16

Dancing with the Stars' final four face off with two individual dances in the semifinals. Who almost got a perfect 60? Find out below!

Guys! It's only 90 minutes tonight! Can you believe it?! I think we all need to send roses to Emily Maynard. Let's not stall a minute longer.

William Levy and Cheryl Burke: tango
Cheryl can't believe they're in the semis. "Was I that bad?" William asks. No, but you were too hot. They're tangoing to "Sweet Dreams" in The Matrix apparently. William's got the smoldering look down (surprise, surprise) and the routine is captivating enough, but he's too flimsy and flat-footed. Not to mention Cheryl is totally leading him sometimes instead of vice versa. Len declares that it's gonna be the best semifinals ever. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, dude. Bruno says he was full of magnetism. "For me, it was ace!" he proclaims. Carrie Ann likes it, but says he over-rotated one turn and messed another one up.
Score: 28

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: quickstep
Breaking news! Mark wears tighty whities! And good night, everyone! Seriously, is there anything else to say? Katherine's awesome, as usual, although she flubs the footwork at the beginning. Like last week, she quickly recovers and the routine is a jovial ode to the roaring '20s. Bruno calls it outstanding. Carrie Ann says she brought her A+ game and says it's the best dance ever on the show. Ugh. These people have never met a hyperbole they don't like. Len notes Katherine's slip-up, which Mark says was due to him kneeing her. "Something happened. I know you're shortsighted, Carrie Ann," Len says. Oh, snap!
Score: 29

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: waltz
Peta thinks Donald will rock the waltz because his "strength is his emotion." Really? I thought his strength was his, um, strength. They're dancing to that song from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet when they see each other through the fish tank. The emotion is definitely there and by that I mean you can totally feel Donald wanting this 30! In all seriousness, it's a gorgeous, romantic routine and my favorite so far. Donald's smooth, light on his feet. Carrie Ann calls it dreamy, but didn't think he finished his steps. Len calls it absolutely charming and calls it a "big, rough, touch cream puff." Bruno says it's harder to impress with a waltz than it is with a tango or quickstep, and Donald did just that.
Score: 28

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough: Argentine tango
Maria says Derek has all the pressure because he has to come up with "amazing routines." So he flips out, throws a bunch of cups and walk out of rehearsals. Is this is "I quit"? They have a heart to heart and it's all good. Like this dance. Yeah, the judges heart Derek, but when he comes up with stuff like this, it's hard to hold it against them. It's a slick, taut, sultry number, and Maria has legs for days. If only her extensions were sharper. Whatever. You know the judges will eat it up. Len loves it. Bruno caresses Len. Carrie Ann spews about 23 adjectives for "great."
Score: 30

William Levy and Cheryl Burke: samba
Time for backstory sob stories! OK, William was adorable as a kid. Cuba? Not so much, obviously. I know they do these packages every season, but this is the best excuse to show more gratuitous shots of him. Shockingly, he doesn't go shirtless during the dance, but he is wearing the whitest and tightest pants ever. It's an energetic, rhythmic routine, but too jerky at times, but that's probably due to William's butt thrusts working overtime. Throw in some hips too, man. Bruno is gonna die with bum envy. Carrie Ann says he lived up to every expectation. "I've never looked at a man's bum for so long in my life," Len says.
Score: 30
Total: 58

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: salsa

Katherine's hometown of Neath looks like Belle's village in Beauty and the Beast. How quaint! She was engaged to Welsh TV presenter Gethin Jones until December and had a hard time getting through the breakup publicly, which I guess after her dad's death was the saddest story they could include. They're doing a snake-dancing number, which is like a quasi-rip-off of Maria's Bollywood fiasco last week. Except there's more content here. Katherine's shaking her naughty bits like there's no tomorrow and it's all going swimmingly until the end when she seems to over-spin (or get dizzy?) and almost topples over. Mark catches her and she apologizes profusely for letting him down. Don't worry about him, girl! Carrie Ann says she must have hung out with Beyonce over the weekend. And Blue too, I hope. Len calls her Katherine the Great. Bruno says it was wonderful until the end and not to punish herself over it. In the skybox, Katherine says she felt her back go out and Brooke says doctors will tend to her.
Score: 27
Total: 56

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: samba
Donald grew up in Houston. His dad was in prison, so his mom had to raise five kids. She eventually sent him and his brother Marvin to live with his grandmother. Donald says he was a bad boy until he met his wife, Betina, whom he took to McDonald's on their first date. No judgment, people. I had a first date at a Wendy's. Talking head from Aaron Rodgers and he sings Donald's praises. And he's in the house too! This is a very ballsy routine. They're eschewing the usual Brazilian, bubblegum pink bonanza for a suited-up theme (to go with their "Mr. Big Stuff" song). But it works. It's fun, flirty, and Donald's sharp and on-point and has decent hip action. Len gives him a well done. Bruno says it was wonderful. Carrie Ann smiles and calls it an A+ game. That doesn't exist in sports, C.A. And Len still won't give him a 10! What the hell is it gonna take?
Score: 29
Total: 57

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough: jive

Maria's from Medford, Mass. Her parents came from, duh, Greece, and worked every day. She put herself through college, where she studied journalism. I have to say, her parents are adorable and so proud. This routine is a little gimmicky for me. It doesn't really feel like a jive and there are almost no flicks and kicks. Maria's steps are also a tad slow, but as a performance, it's entertaining. Bruno calls it reanimated. Carrie Ann calls her a winner. Len doesn't care that it wasn't a traditional jive. Ugh. Wasn't it just seven days ago that you couldn't handle their non-traditional samba? Pick a side and stick with it.
Score: 29
Total: 59

Update on Katherine: She'll have medical attention after the show.

So Maria and Derek are on top with a 59, and Katherine and Mark are last with a 56.

What did you think? Was this the best semifinals ever? Did Maria deserve two perfect 30s? What the hell does Len have against Donald? Is Carrie Ann shortsighted? Are you feeling Mark's tighty whities? Who do you think will make the finals?

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Dancing with the Stars' final four face off with two individual dances in the semifinals. Who almost got a perfect 60? Find out below!
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