Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 14, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: "Latin Week" is the theme for the fifth week of performances, with couples dancing the Argentine tango, salsa or samba. Also: Carlos Santana performs.
Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2012
Guest Cast Carlos Santana

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 16, 2012 Season 14, Episode 8

Dancing with the Stars' top 9 tackle Latin night with salsas, sambas and Argentine tangos galore. Who was muy caliente and who may be in danger of saying adios? Plus: How are the walking dancing wounded doing?

Should we take a shot every time they say "Sherri" tonight? Because, guys, get over it. She's gone. Move on. Anyhow, it's Latin night, which surely must put William at an advantage, right? How shrewd of him to injure his ankle to milk some sympathy. Kidding! Sort of.

After Santana performs (aka filler to clog up two hours of our lives), we get down to business.

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson: samba
Jaleel's still mourning the Ghost of Sherri. At this rate, I might be gone before the show's over. Kym wants Jaleel to shake his booty like he's never shaken it before and threatens to expose his "eight pack." I wouldn't call that an eight-pack, but Jaleel's fit (the spray tan surely helps). This is a snazzy number and he seems way more into it than he has the past few dances. He's playing a little fast and loose with the technique, but his hips and booty-shaking make up for it. Len loves Jaleel's hips so much he's standing. Bruno says his butt was unstoppable. The phrase "mini me" was also thrown around. Carrie Ann loves the attack and wants him to watch his arms out of hold. Ah, now we know why Jaleel's so happy. "I got a spray tan with Maks," Jaleel tells Brooke, "and he came out darker than me." By the by, did the Cowardly Lion do Brooke's hair?
Score: 24

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: salsa
Melissa must avoid getting a headache in rehearsals. So that means Maks can't talk! Har har. He gives her a bedazzled hard hat and neck brace. "What do you want from me?" she says. "Sex," he says. She's totes uncomfortable playing a sex kitten. And it shows. There's something about Melissa when she performs that is never quite there. You think this is finally gonna be the time that she nails something, but she always falls a little short somehow. There are parts here where she's totally on rhythm and five seconds later, Maks is pulling her around to keep pace. Bruno wants her to control her movement. Carrie Ann loves seeing her confidence, but agrees with Bruno and thinks her steps are too big. Len says it was half good and half bad.
Score: 21

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough: salsa
Not to be upstaged, the queen of injuries is next. Derek puts a bunch of tricks in the routine and drops Maria face first on the floor. She cries for ice for her chin and comes in the next day covered in bubble wrap, which is way sexier than the Vegas showgirl getup she has for the real thing. It's another solid performance from Maria. Her technique has gotten better and so has her frame. Derek strips for good measure and he clearly missed out on Jaleel and Maks' tanning session. And then he and Maria kiss, which somehow actually made the routine less hot. What's next week? You're gonna have sex on the floor? Oh, wait, you already did. Dr. Drew likes it! Carrie Ann likes the performance, but turns into a "fuddy duddy" about the kiss. "Dance is about the illusion of passion," she says. "Don't go at it in front of us!" Len says two things were revealed: "Derek's body and your talent." Bruno asks if he can join in.
Score: 27

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: Argentine tango
Katherine was convinced they were going home last week, but they refrain from saying "Sherri"! Katherine kicks Mark in the balls multiple times, which I feel like she did for us. They have a speakeasy theme going on, so that always means for a good time. Katherine is back, people. She's sharp, clean, in sync with Mark, and the kicks and flicks go nowhere near his naughty bits. The whole routine is taut, sensual and brimming with chemistry. Len calls it a rose. "It has beauty, but underneath, it was sharp, menacing. Well done," he says. Bruno says it was played to perfection. Carrie Ann calls it poetry in motion.
Score: 29

Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff: samba
"The samba has a lot of sexy time. Looks a little awkward right now," Gavin says of his hip action. Understatement of the year. He admits that he may need to rely on fan votes more than ever this week. Gotta say, I'm loving Gavin's 'tude this season. He knows he's far from the best, but he's humble, eager to learn and doesn't think he's above it all. He's not a complete eyesore here. The hip action is lacking and so is basically all of the samba, but Gavin doesn't care! He's just going for it, dancing his little heart out. And it's kind of adorable. Bruno likes the effort. "You let yourself go, hoping for the best," he says. Carrie Ann says he was lacking form. "It was more a struggle than a samba," Gavin responds. Len says it's more of a shamba than a samba. Oh, snap! "It was a gallant effort," he says.
Score: 19

William Levy and Cheryl Burke: Argentine tango
William's mad about last week and is determined to make a comeback. "When people expect you to come out and do well, it's a lot of pressure," he says. "I don't want the only Latino going out on Latin Week." No mention of his ankle injury, so it's not that bad. And it's safe to say that William will not disgrace his Latino heritage and get the book tomorrow. The routine is packing heat and passion, and his form and footwork are probably the best they've been all season. Carrie Ann is hyperventilating and calls him the Latin-dancing James Bond. Len gives him a "well done." Bruno rolls his Rs at William. Down, boy. Backstage, William tells Brooke a ligament in his ankle was "messed up."
Score: 29

Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus: samba
"It's a chance to shake everything that you've been keeping inside the past few weeks," Tristan tells Gladys of the samba. I need Tristan to explain everything in life to me. They have a bunch of late-night rehearsals because of her touring schedule. And they pay off for the most part. The samba rolls are... well, the less said the better. But Gladys does a better job staying on beat than Melissa did in her dance, and she's got sass and rhythm. But like her past few dances, it's on the simple side and there's not much energy to this that screams "PARTY!" Len says she's easy on the eyes and has great musicality. Bruno says she played to her audience. Carrie Ann says she commands the stage.
Score: 22

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower: salsa
Roshon never wants to be in the bottom two again, so he vows to give it his all. Except he can't turn off his goofy self and turn on the sexy. Solution: Copy William. That includes a hat, a bandana and a shirtless poster of William. You know Bruno is gonna take that. I wouldn't classify this performance as William sexy, but it's fun and flirty. Roshon is a little too spastic to sell the suaveness. Technique-wise, he's killing the moves and doesn't lose timing despite the uber-fast pace. Bruno says he's wild for salsa. Carrie Ann says he has his own mojo. "I'm not being a cougar," she assures him. Len loves his enthusiasm, but wants him to slow down sometimes.
Score: 26

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: Argentine tango
Donald is not feeling all the twisting and bending, but dude treats dancing like football, so he looks at video and gets it. "Unbelievable. This is gonna be our dance," Peta tells him. If it's not, then it's definitely close. It's not as steamy or as well-choreographed as William and Cheryl's, but the intensity and chemistry are equally palpable. Donald gets the edge with his stellar movement: compact second before bursting into powerful lifts and spins the next. Donald's dying to get a 30, but he's not gonna get one here. Carrie Ann calls it divine and says he was in control of the whole dance. Len thought the lifts were spectacular, but not the rest. Bruno loved the build-up, but felt the payoff underwhelmed.
Score: 27

So Katherine and Mark are back on top, sharing it with William and Cheryl, while Gavin and Karina are on the bottom once again. Remember: The dance duel between the bottom two starts tomorrow.

What did you think of Latin night? Is Katherine back? Did William benefit from the theme? When will Donald get his 30? Did Gavin dance a shamba? How long did Jaleel and Maks spend in their spray tan session? How many times did they mention Sherri (or how many shots did you take?) Who do you think will go home tomorrow?

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Dancing with the Stars' top 9 tackle Latin night with salsas, sambas and Argentine tangos galore. Who was muy caliente and who may be in danger of saying adios? Plus: How are the walking dancing wounded doing?
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