Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars"

Season 15, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: The fourth week of performances includes dances not usually featured on the show, such as disco and the bolero. Also: Paula Abdul serves as a guest judge.
Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Occt. 15, 2012 Season 15, Episode 7

Dancing with the Stars' top 9 tackle nine completely different dances they chose for each other. Plus: Paula Abdul guest-judges. Who scored the first 10s of the season? Hint: It's two couples!

Paula Abdul in the house! Is she heavily medicated? This is the most coherent she's been since the mid-'90s, I think. Or maybe it's a benefit of not being next to Simon?

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Charleston
Maks wants Kirstie to push it, so he tosses in a cartwheel trick that literally reduces her to tears. "I'm trying to channel Shawn, but I'm channeling Psycho and the girl being killed in the shower," Kirstie cries. She nails the trick on the floor and most of the rest of the routine. She's not light enough on her feet for the rest of it to truly pop, but as per usual, she sells the performance factor. They end with something that is probably out of 50 Shades of Maks: head to crotch and a rollover to do a swim move. Kinky! Len says she turns Mondays into fundays.  Paula says she takes on her characters wonderfully. Bruno calls her a madwoman. Carrie Ann says she played to her strengths.
Score: 30

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: rock 'n' roll
Oh, look, everyone, they re-love each other! Mark wants them  to be bunnies because their song is "At the Hop," but Bristol bails halfway through the week since she still has nightmares about their gorilla routine. Don't we all. Mark acquiesces, but notes that they're now "dumbing down the routine." Uh, that's debatable, but I gotta give Bristol props for wanting to do a straight routine innstead of relying on a Ballas gimmick. I also think I speak for 12 people when I say I'd rather see the rabbit routine since this is kind of a snooze. Bristol's moving well and is hitting the steps, but there's no spark or energy. At least with rabbits, they could do the Energizer bunny. Thanks, I'm here all week. Paula says it looks like Bristol is having fun and manages to throw in some shade too: "What Mark is trying to do is to keep you pushing those boundaries because otherwise they push you." Bruno says she got pumping out there. Carrie Ann gives Bristol a double high-five. Len says she gave it her all. And they get all 8s, which is very generous. So is everyone gonna be on the same page the whole night, guys?
Score: 32

Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel: disco
Is the Wednesday morning breakfast pow-wow the new rehearsal footage staple? They bring in a "staging connsultant" to help them "wow" Carrie Ann after playing it safe last week. Well, dressing like Cookie Monster certainly is a start. This is the best number so far, but it's also typical Sabrina: aggressive, spunky and overly frantic. Someone give the woman a valium. Or give some of her energy to Bristol. A little refinement goes a long way, Sabrina. Bruno calls her a disco diva, but says she lost timing. Carrie Ann says she hit the floor on a dismount. Len is having hot flashes back to '78 in his white suit. Paula says Louis choreographed to Sabrina's strengths.
Score: 35.5

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke: bolero
Ah, they get the Thursday morning airport footage. Cheryl's not trained in bolero, so she brings in not one, not two, not three, but four choreographers to help. Can we give them a piece of the Mirrorball as compensation if Emmitt and Cheryl win? It's a little "too many cooks in the kitchen" for Emmitt, but he does a respectable job with the steaminess of the dance. He's a little lumbering, but his lines are clean and the connection between them is palpable. Carrie Ann says there's nothing better than "watching a big burly man get sexy." Len loves the little raunchy touches. Paula calls Emmitt a sexy beast. Bruno is ready to pounce, basically.
Score: 36

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd: Bollywood
Wednesday morning heart-to-heart in Miami! Peta recruits a Bollywood expert and Gilles request that they do the hardest routine possible because he only wants to do it once and do it right and get 10s. Set-up! "I look so bad doing it," Gilles, bloody knee and all, says on Saturday. I gotta say, I'm not feeling Gilles' intensity this season. I don't know if he feels pressure to win since he gets the "he wuz robbed" label more than anyone except maybe Mel B., but the charisma from Season 8 is hard to come by this time. Gilles is channeling Aladdin, but I take any excuse to see his eight-pack. I'm not sure what he was so worried about, but he's doing a decent job and it's a total crowd-pleasing, vibrant number. He gets a little out of sync, but he gets points for not reeking of desperation like last week. Len says it was hotter than curry. Paula pulls a Bruno and undresses Gilles with her eyes. Bruno says a Bollywood star is born. "Namaste," Carrie Ann says. They get the first 10s of the season from Carrie Ann, Paula and Bruno.
Score: 39.5

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani: jitterbug
Melissa is only concerned with one thing, or person, rather: Shawn. "I'm thinking of Shawn in particular, so Tony and I really need to make these flips and tricks our own," she says. Tony is only concerned with one thing: showing his SKILLZ! Me too, dude. "I'm finally getting a chance to show what I'm capable of with my choreography," he grins. Melissa takes one more opportunity to call out Shawn. Leave <strike>Britney</strike>  Shawn alone! This is the perfect dance for Melissa, if you've seen her Season 8 lindy hop. It's lively and charming, and Melissa's technically on-point. They overdo it on the number of lifts and flips — and the dismounts are a little iffy (also, don't beat Shawn at her own game), but a nice effort overall. Paula says they fit hand to glove. Bruno calls her a swinger. I don't think he means it like that. Carrie Ann says Tony's choreography is exceptional, but says Melissa had trouble with some lifts. Len says she made little Lenny very happy.
Score: 37

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough: mambo
Of course, Shawn has to follow Melissa. They head to Shawn's hometown of Des Moines and meet up with the Fierce Five. McKayla is impressed. And I'm impressed with her leopard print leggings. I'm gonna start the McKayla for Season 16 petition now. Form an orderly queue. Melissa must be feeling the wind leave her sails now. This is by far the best routine. I've never pictured Shawn as sexy, but she's completely embracing that part of the dance and is owning it. The flip and trick count is lower than Melissa's, but it's quality that counts, right? And you can't beat stopping dead on one arm in the middle of a routine. Bruno calls it out of the world. Carrie Ann says she'd be a little scared if she were the other contestants. Len loves it. Paula massages Bruno's pec and says Shawn was "down and dirty with the hips." They get 10s too from everyone but Len.
Score: 39.5

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff: hip-hop
Wednesday morning massage! Hot! Karina is freaking out about hip-hop and calls their Bel Biv DeVoe song, "Poison," "sh--." Watch it, K! She brings in help for both of them to learn swag. "People expect me to be really good at hip-hop because of the Season 4 freestyle, but this is entirely different because it's a whole routine," Apolo says. It all starts swimmingly until two simultaneous boo-boos: Apolo's mic pack falls out and Karina slips. They recover well enough, and he even manages to toss the pack off as if it was part of the routine, but Karina is clearly shaken by her faux pas. She bursts into tears when it's over. It's OK, Karina! Seriously, the slip-up wasn't that big of a deal, but this will likely get them some sympathy votes. "I'm sorry. I feel like I messed up the whole routine," she says. "The beauty of tonight is everybody is outside of their comfort zone. ... We know that," Carrie Ann says, adding that Apolo did a great job. Len throws a gangsta sign and a "Yo, dawg." Where's Randy? Paula says Apolo's got the swagger. Bruno says he even made the Runninng Man looked good and covered the mistake well.
Score:  34.5

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy: contemporary
"Chery's such a b----," Val whispered to Kelly after they got their dance last week. Ha. Love you, Val! Kelly hurt her toe earlier today, but who's paying attention to footwork when they're basically naked? Seriously, even if they were wearing garbage bags, these two have the hottest chemistry of any couple left. It gets a little bedroom-y and loose here and there, but the routine is smolderinng, emotional and electric. Len says Kelly's been the biggest revelation. Paula says it was beautiful. Bruno says her dance was the hardest and she nailed it. Carrie Ann says it stunning, but says some of the moves were beyond her.
Score: 37.5

Gilles and Peta, and Shawn and Derek are tied in first with 39.5, and Kirstie and Maks are last with 30.

What did you think? Were Gilles and Shawn the best of the night? How did Paula do? Do you feel bad for Karina? Why is Melissa obsessed with Shawn? How should Cheryl repay her four choreographers? Does McKayla need to do Dancing? Do you want to see Bristol as a bunny? Who do you think will be eliminated?

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Dancing with the Stars' top 9 tackle nine completely different dances they chose for each other. Plus: Paula Abdul guest-judges. Who scored the first 10s of the season? Hint: It's two couples!

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