Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars"

Season 15, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: The third week of performances. The theme is "Iconic Dance Night," and the celebrities get to take creative control of the performances.
Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 8, 2012 Season 15, Episode 5

Dancing with the Stars' top 11 try to top their peers on Iconic Dances Week with statues, a donkey and a chessboard. Who's redo was the best? Plus: Which star had a breakdown?

Lots going on tonight, guys. If you need a refresher, couples must put their own spin on an iconic dance from previous seasons, and the stars are the creative directors this week, meaning they basically have the final say on everything except actually choreographing the dance. This can all be very good or very bad. Or so bad it's good. The donkey we just saw means it's the latter, obviously.

Before we get to the dances, two pieces of intel from Tom for next week's show: Paula Abdul will guest-judge next Monday. (Does Simon know about this?) And the stars will pick the style of dance for each other tomorrow, and some of these styles will be brand-spankin'-new to the show.

Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya: cha-cha
They dipped all the way back to Season 1 and chose Joey McIntyre and Ashly DelGrosso's cha-cha to "Crazy in Love." I've never seen it before, so I have no frame of reference, but Drew wants to make it sensual. "Unleash your inner stripper," he orders Anna. It's not quite stripper-ish, but Anna is working it. This is their most fun and relaxed routine yet. Anna's doing most of the dancing, but Drew's solid enough. And he bares his chest! Whoa, there! I don't think he ever went bare-chested in 98 Degrees. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Nick and Vanessa love it! Len likes the concept and content. Bruno compares Drew to Magic Mike and a power drill. Carrie Ann loves sexy Anna.
Score: 24

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd: tango
Gilles is against the whole iconic dances idea. "Do not repaint Picasso. Be one," he says. Loosen up, man. It's just a TV show! He finally chooses a dance by someone who's not in the current cast "out of respect" (which is like 95 percent of the dances): Erin and Maks' tango. I don't remember much about that dance, except that Erin was just there, as was the case with all of her routines. Gilles decides he wants to fly and is lowered onto the stage, to meet Peta, who's stepped out of a Victoria's Secret lingerie ad. The number should be hot and sultry, but it's very shaky and awkward. Gilles is attacking this way too much and it's sort of uncomfortable. Also, dude: The weird huffing-and-puffing the bed is more predatory than sexy. Bruno calls it 50 Shades of Gilles. I think I prefer Kirstie's 50 Shades of Maks, latex gloves and all. Carrie Ann says they were out of sync energetically, but likes it. Len says their hold could've been tighter, but loves the performance.
Score: 25.5

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani: samba
They're doing J.R. and Karina's samba, which was awesome. Melissa was definitely looked at as fodder almost in this all-star cast, mostly because of her reality pedigree, but I think we all need to take her very seriously after this. This is by far the best dance so far: fast, fun, dynamic and rockin'. Her samba rolls are on-point, and though the dance is trick-heavy, she's nailing every move after another. I know I made fun of Tony a few weeks ago, but it's honestly great to see him step up his choreography for her. See what happens when you give him a decent partner, show? Carrie Ann calls it fantastic. Len calls it a "can of cola: fizzy, satisfying." Bruno wants her to shake him. They get a 27, the highest score of the season so far.
Score: 27

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff: foxtrot
They picked Gilles and Cheryl's foxtrot because Apolo wants to show a different side to him. "[I'm doing as much as I can] to emulate Gilles' sexiness without taking my shirt off and showing my man boobs," he says. Um, please do! Apolo's concept is statues, with him imagining Karina as a statue coming to life, as she is surrounded by two other live Greco-Roman statues. I gotta give extra kudos to the pairs who had the balls to pick a ballroom dance since they're not inherently as eye-popping as, say, a paso doble (of which we have four tonight). That's a true test of ability, and Apolo passes with flying colors. He's fluid, elegant and the whole thing is sensually tense. Len calls it terrific, but wishes they were in hold more. Bruno says it's exquisite. Carrie Ann calls it absolutely stunning and says it's a number we won't forget from an artistic standpoint. All that praise, and they only get a 25.5. I think we've established that Apolo will be the underscored one this season.
Score: 25.5

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy: paso doble
And so we enter the Maks trilogy of the night. Kelly chose Laila and Maks' paso because "I think you can do it better than your brother." Oh, snap! I barely remember Laila and Maks' routine, but I feel pretty safe saying this is a whole lot better. It's dramatic, powerful, and Kelly's control is phenomenal. Guys, Val might actually make it past Week 3 for the first time! "I'm tingling with pleasure," Bruno purrs. TMI, man. Power dramatic Carrie Ann says they're the couple to watch. "Where did that come from?" Len demands.
Score: 27

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: cha-cha
As Maks shared in his blog, they're doing Carson and Anna's "Moves Like Jagger" cha-cha because that was simply unforgettable, for so many reasons besides dancing. "I want to see dancing, but I want to see entertainment," Kirstie says. Maks looks more like Freddie Mercury than Mick, but who cares when he's in super-tight pants? This isn't as hilariously goofy as Carson's routine, but it's amusing and Kirstie looks like she's actually trying to hit the steps. Plus, any dance with chicken moves wins. Carrie Ann says it's her best dance so far. Len calls it the whole package. "He's like an extra from Boogie Nights," Bruno says of Maks.
Score: 24

Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel: paso doble
They picked Mel and Maks' legendary "Free Your Mind" paso, which Mel and Maks dedicated to Sabrina the week after she was eliminated. Ugh. Can we make it through one week without mentioning your SHOCKING elimination? You're already back on the show. Get over it. It's another technically proficient turn from Sabrina, and the paso is obviously in her wheelhouse: aggressive and forceful. Outside of that, though, it doesn't hold a candle to Mel and Maks'. Mel was perfect in the leather-bound dominatrix role, and I'm not even sure what Sabrina's supposed to be in this purple get-up. An ode to Barney? Len loves her twists and turns. Bruno loves the firepower. Carrie Ann doesn't think she brought anything new to the dance creatively.
Score: 25.5

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke: paso doble
They're doing Mario and Karina's paso from Season 3, another one I've never seen. They brought on a donkey, but unfortunately, the donkey wasn't feeling it. What an ass. This is a nice rebound dance for Emmitt after last week. He's strong, intimidating and has great posture. But it's not as compelling as Kelly's though and he's a little stompy at points. He caps it off by sliding through Cheryl's legs at the end. "The raging bull is back!" Bruno bellows. Carrie Ann calls him the human torpedo. Len wants more finesse, but loves his presence.
Score: 25

Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower: quickstep
Helio selects Apolo and Julianne's quickstep, mostly because he's determined to wear a pinstripe suit. "Don't let me down, bro. What was 10s [in my season] will be 5s now," Apolo taunts him in rehearsal. OK, first things first, I covet Chelsie's black-and-white striped dress. Unfortunately, that lovely dress bites them in the booty when Helio gets caught up in it. And it was all going so well until that point. Helio tries his best to reset, but it's not quite up to the pre-trip, high-energy standard. Carrie Ann calls Helio the quickstep king. Len says he deserves to be back next week. Bruno says he collapsed after the skirt snafu. "The wardrobe did an amazing job making me look like a pimp," Helio, happy as ever, says in the skybox.
Score: 25.5

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: paso doble
Bristol breakdown time! She's still down about last week. "I know you're bummed that you don't have Sabrina or Shawn," she accuses Mark. "It's just a weird, like, oh, you got paired with Bristol [feeling]," she says. "I've been on the show for 11 seasons. I don't always get a Sabrina or Shawn," Mark says. "I've never once not stepped up for you." Bristol then points out that he bailed on rehearsal one day, for which Mark took responsibility. "You're not there," Bristol cries. "I swear to God, I feel like you want to go home." "Can you not be not like that?" Mark asks as she walks out. Bristol, you're supposed to say, "I quit!" when you walk off! It's kind of perfect they're doing the paso (Joanna and Derek's futuristic one) then, huh? So much tension and hate! They're dancing on a chessboard, and the whole thing is strange in your typical Mark Ballas-mugging way. Bristol looks like the Evil Queen's ice-queen twin from Once Upon a Time. It's low on energy, but Bristol's passable, technique-wise. Len says it had the most content in all of her dances. "Checkmate," Bruno says. Carrie Ann says she's proving herself to be a worthy competitor. "That was the first fight we've ever had ... and hopefully we won't have any more," Bristol tells Brooke. "We've gone past that. ... I'll always love her and I'll always support her," Mark says. Oh, what I'd pay to see "make-up" footage.
Score: 22.5

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough: quickstep
They picked Helio and Julianne's banana man quickstep. Shawn wants to bring in trampolines, which automatically leads into Derek breaking one rule after another. Surprise, surprise! "If we can show the judges something they've never seen before, I think it's worth it," Shawn says. It is, if only because the people will eat this up. This is a fantastic routine, full of flips, jumps, and infectious, bouncy energy, but it's not really a quickstep. Bruno says it's one of the best dances, if not the best in all 15 seasons. Uh, I wouldn't go that far, especially since they, you know, broke the rules. Carrie Ann has "happy feet," but notes the "breakage of the rules." Len loves the performance, but says he has to dock a point for the rule-breaking. Bruno breaks out the 9.5 paddle, the highest one used so far. "I thought we were going to get slammed so hard!" Derek says.
Score: 26.5  

So Melissa and Tony, and Kelly and Val are tied at the top with 27, and Bristol and Mark are last with 22.5.

What did you think of iconic dances redux? Were Melissa and Kelly the best of the night? Should Shawn and Derek have been punished more for breaking the rules? Do you think Mark wishes he had Sabrina or Shawn instead of Bristol? Is 50 Shades of Gilles better than 50 Shades of Maks? Why did the donkey get stage fright? Which two couples do you think are going home tomorrow?

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Dancing with the Stars' top 11 try to top their peers on Iconic Dances Week with statues, a donkey and a chessboard. Who's redo was the best? Plus: Which star had a breakdown?
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