Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars"

Season 15, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: The eighth week of performances features dances inspired by Veterans Day for the ballroom round and trio dances for the Latin round.
Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Nov. 12, 2012 Season 15, Episode 14

Dancing with the Stars' Top 7 hit the floor again with two individual routines for the first time, including trios. Whose tribal number pushed the wrong buttons and who had a perfect night?

And we're not off to a good start. Some technical difficulties mean we miss the whole opening introductions and are instead treated to a gazillion commercials. Sigh. It's gonna be a long night, isn't it?

"That was the most amazing open we've ever had!" Tom jokes. "When the space shuttle landed right here... So sorry we had technical difficulties."

Tonight's individual routines will pay tribute to vets for Veterans Day. And guess who's back? J.R., alongside his fellow vets!

Remember: Scores from tonight will be combined with last week's scores.

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough: Viennese waltz
Reunited and it feels so bitter. Shawn says she wishes she got a 30 with Derek instead of Mark last week. Derek says it's cool because he's gotten plenty of 30s. He's joking, people! They're dedicating the routine to soldiers in the war zone with no hope but have angels looking out for them. Yes, angels. Because they're dancing to "Angel." I see what you did there, Derek. It's a lovely, soft and lyrical number, if too short, and Shawn's extensions are great. Len says it was poignant. Bruno calls it "heavenly perfection." Carrie Ann says Shawn has turned into an in-depth performer.
Score: 29.5

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff: tango
Apolo is discouraged by the 9s last week. You're not the only one, dude. He says they can't play it safe anymore. Apparently that means having him zipline from the skybox to the dance floor. Uh, how about just upping the choreography? First of all, I love that he's dancing to "Holding Out for a Hero." Is this a tribute to Julianne and Footloose? The routine gets kind of frenetic, but it's taut, full of attack, and Apolo's frame and connection are on-point. He's the only male celeb left who actually leads. Also: Thanks for the gun show. Bruno calls it a daredevil of a tango. Carrie Ann likens it to an action film. Len loves the verve and energy.
Score: 29.5

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Viennese waltz
Maks says Kirstie's the most improved out of everyone and says they're the little engine that could. I'm just gonna stay away from that one. This is one of Kirstie's better performances, mostly because it's so slow and she thrives on the emotional dances. It's elegant and sweet, but it's mostly just a lot of twirling and arm waves. C'mon, Kirstie, step it up! Do a zipline! The hunter green, though, is a lovely shade on both of them. Carrie Ann loves her musical interpretation, but wants more difficulty. Len says it's her best dance. Bruno says her boobs were in place. Ugh, guys, please score her appropriately. That was not worthy of more than a 25 at most.
Score: 27

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy: Viennese waltz
Kelly is not confident because she's thinking about the double elimination, so they talk it out. So it's a 7.5 on the showmance scale this week. They're dancing to "I'll Be," which is sped up, like, five beats and it's totally distracting. They're also wearing yellow. And that's all I got. No, it's a nice routine — flowy and very spinn-y, but there's something disconnected about it. Len found some of the movement too sharp. "I have my standards. She has none," he says of Carrie Ann. Bruno loves it. Carrie Ann says she's growing every week. Backstage, Brooke's mind goes blank: "This is the furthest you've gone in the show," she says to Val. "Um... how worried are you about tomorrow's elimination?" Val: "Um, I'm not concerned at all." He totally mocked her, yes? (On a serious note, best wishes to Brooke as she embarks on kicking cancer's ass.)
Score: 28

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd: quickstep
Gilles wants a perfect score to offset his slide down the leader board. "This competition means the world to me," he says. This is all the more hilarious given what Val just said to Brooke about there being more important things in the world than the show. They're dancing to "Danger Zone" and this whole thing gets a little dangerous. It's very fast and Gilles loses his footing in the middle, and it's too skipp-y and unrefined overall. Kiss that perfect score goodbye! Bruno says he took off like an F-18. "Definitely Top Gun!" he screams. Carrie Ann points out the slips. Len loves the energy and speed.
Score: 29.5

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke: Viennese waltz
Emmitt is feeling the pressure, so he has a heart-to-heart with is old teammate Darryl Johnston. Football players have all the answers to ballroom dancing! Emmitt's looking mighty dapper in his suit! He's smooth like butter until a wobble in the middle. It's a passable routine, but as per usual, there's nothing jaw-droppingly excellent or bad about it. Carrie Ann says he slipped and wants to see him push himself. Len says Emmitt puts the "oo" in "smooth" and agrees about the slip. Bruno says it was a classic interpretation.
Score: 28

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani: quickstep
Melissa never thought they'd make it this far. I don't think most people did, but being talented, hard-working and drama-free goes a long way. Although, I do wonder how big her fan base is now that we're really getting down to it. Is that why they're propping them up with high scores? Hmm... It's a cute, little routine. Melissa's sharp and luckily for her, the dance is in hold so much that she can dance insular like she likes to. Len says it was quick and it had steps. Really. Bruno calls it fantastic and wants to join the Navy. Carrie Ann salutes them. They get their first perfect 30 of the season.
Score: 30

Shawn Johnson, Derek Hough and Mark Ballas: samba
Last season, Derek concocted a Bollywood trio. This season? A tribal trio. Seriously. It's the Jungle Book and The Lion King rolled into one, and it's kind of awesome as a singular performance piece. The percussion beats and staccato moves are killer, but it's more Simba than samba. Rimshot! Len found it self-indulgent because there wasn't enough samba. "Shawn, if you go home tomorrow, don't blame me," he says. "Blame those two." That's way harsh, Tai. Bruno loves the routine, but concurs with Len about the lack of samba. Carrie Ann disagrees because the samba they did was "perfection" and she loves the risk. Len busts out the 7 he should've used on Kirstie. "You were roundly booed by people who are trained in combat," Tom quips.
Score: 26
Total: 93.5

Apolo Anton Ohno, Karina Smirnoff and Sasha Farber: jive
They chose Sasha because Apolo wanted another guy to show him what moves should look like. He's the only celebrity who chose a trio member who's the same gender. Ballsy! And it pays off. They go with the "Grease Lightning" theme and it's a gem: tight, sharp, dynamic. Apolo keeps pace with Sasha effortlessly and they even toss in a chest bump. But the downside of choosing another guy is that Karina becomes the focus of the dance when it ought to be Apolo. Bruno says Apolo was asking for trouble mirroring a pro, but he conquered it brilliantly. "It was like twins!" Carrie Ann says it was one of his best performances. Len says it was fast and together.
Score: 29
Total: 91.5

Kirstie Alley, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Tristan MacManus: paso doble
Let's all take a moment to thank Kirstie and Maks for bringing Tristan back on our screens. You guys are the bestest! So angels is the theme of the night, clearly. All three are sporting angel wings (white for Kirstie and black for the boys) because the guys are sucking the life out of Kirstie a la their song "Bring Me to Life." Would you be surprised if I said the wings are the best part of the dance? Because they are. This is kind of weird all around. Kirstie's barefoot for a freakin' paso doble! It's very clumsy and kind of haphazard. Not to mention, it's not a true trio: She kicks it with Tristan for half of it and then tosses him for Maks for the last half. Lazy! Carrie loves basically everything but the dance. Len says there were no incidents, but it lacked finesse. Bruno says it was like watching Valley of the Dolls. Kirstie proceeds to lose it in the skybox and gets a giggle fit while sharing how she thought they could've gotten a 10.5. Yeah, I don't know either. "Welcome to Delirium with the Stars," Tom says.
Score: 24
Total: 79

Kelly Monaco, Val Chmerkovskiy and Louis van Amstel: jive
Kelly picked Louis because she thinks he's the best dancer and she's known him for a long time. "We've known each other longer, but you know each other deeper," Louis tells Val. Again, I'm staying away from that one. This is a peppy routine and the transitions between the three of them are great. Kelly's hitting her marks, but you can see the wheels turning in her head. She ends it by leaping onto the table to kiss Len. Sychophant. "Well, I liked the end," Len says. "It was fast, it was fun and it was flamboyant." Bruno loves the sequence when she was leading. Carrie Ann loves the transitions, but wanted her to point her toes more.
Score: 28.5
Total: 92.5

Gilles Marini, Peta Murgatroyd and Chelsie Hightower: salsa
"This is going to be one hot sexy trio," Chelsie says. As if Gilles could do anything else! The good thing about this? Gilles is front and center and has a lot of solo time. The bad thing? It's mostly shimmying and hip gyrations, and it's a tad sloppy. Let's not forget how Peta and Chelsie spent like a quarter of it writhing on the floor. Bruno says he lost timing. Carrie Ann agrees, but loves how he took control. Len says he exposed himself. Not like that!
Score: 29
Total: 92

Emmitt Smith, Cheryl Burke and Kym Johnson: salsa
Cheryl chose Kym because she wants Emmitt to lead two girls. "Trying to please two women — it's tricky," Kym says. This is a little better than Gilles' salsa, if only because Emmitt has the charisma that Gilles left behind in Season 8 to sell the whole package. But he's wooden and is basically a prop for Cheryl and Kym to dance around. Carrie Ann says he's can handle his women. Len loves the choreography and musicality. Bruno says it looked natural. They get their first perfect 30 of the season. Undeserved if you ask me.
Score: 30
Total: 92.5

Melissa Rycroft, Tony Dovolani and Henry Byalikov: paso doble
Melissa is the dominatrix, but has trouble getting into character. It's the big, smiley white teeth. She's not a dominatrix in the Mel B. vein, but Melissa is the most aggressive she's ever been and is crackling with panache. I could've done without the random yelling into the middle. Len says Melissa impresses him the most. Bruno calls her a Queen B. Carrie Ann says she owned that paso. They get another perplexing 30. Uh, it was good, but not that good. "I'm having the best time of my life right now!" Tony says. Oh, Tony. Savor it, seriously. You know they'll try to screw you again next season.
Score: 30
Total: 99

So Melissa and Tony are on top with 99, and Kirstie and Maks are last with 79. Don't let the 20-point margin fool you. The more points there are, the smaller the margins are, so it's really down to the votes now. And we know Kirstie has the fan base.

What do you think? Was Melissa doubly perfect? Is Kirstie dunzo tomorrow? Did that African tribal number put Shawn in danger? Would you watch Delirium with the Stars? Which two couples do you think are going home tomorrow?

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Dancing with the Stars' Top 7 hit the floor again with two individual routines for the first time, including trios. Whose tribal number pushed the wrong buttons and who had a perfect night?
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