Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars"

Season 15, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: The seventh week of performances features fusion dances and a swing-dance marathon. Also: A group of young dancers from Utah perform in a piece that is a fusion of ballroom, hip-hop and contemporary dance styles.
Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 Season 15, Episode 13

Dancing with the Stars' lucky Top 7 mix and match two dance styles with fusion routines and go for extra points in the swing marathon. Plus: Find out if Derek recovered in time to dance with Shawn!

Guys, I'm back! First things first, major thanks to the incomparable and The Boss super-fan Kate Stanhope for subbing in last week while I was powerless from Sandy. Hope you all are safe and sound!

I did catch up on last week online and I am sorely disappointed that I missed Karina dumping quickstep/samba onto Maks live. That was golden! Also, Tom totally drew Kirstie and Maks for Apolo and Karina on purpose, yes? Those mini-Mirrorballs weren't covered. Evil genius.

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff: cha-cha/paso doble
OK, I lied. There is one more thing I'm bummed I missed last week: Apolo and Karina's 30! Though I call bollocks on that "fight" that somehow was not caught on camera and the subject of which Karina doesn't remember. But girl sure knows how to put together a sad routine, huh? Their strategy here is switching back and forth between the dances as quickly as possible. They're starting with cha-cha and ending with paso because it's stronger. It starts off a bit slowly, perhaps because of the beat of the music, but they kick it into gear when it's time to paso, and Apolo starts attacking it with full force. And whoa! He goes shirtless for the first time ever! Len gives him an "Oh-Yes." Bruno says Apolo should be in Twilight. That's not a compliment in my book. Carrie Ann says it's amazing to see him pushing himself. And by that she means, "you took off your shirt." Once a man-eater, always a man-eater.
Score: 27

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke: rumba/samba
Cheryl says they've had some missteps and they need to step it up. She's switching the dances every 10 seconds and Emmitt is getting flummoxed by the counts. He gets through the counts, and the transitions are quite effortless, but he doesn't really seem into the dance at all. I have no idea how Emmitt was during Season 3, but he's kind of like The Forgotten Man here. He's been neither overly impressive and memorable nor abominably bad, but rather just sort of there. The best thing about this is his hot pink outfit. The second best? The look of longing on Gilles' face when it's over. Get over it, dude! You didn't get Cheryl! Bruno says his shoulders went off, but it was wonderful. Carrie Ann says he was lacking in his upper body. Len doesn't think he and his pink tie would've been an adequate replacement for Emmitt.
Score: 27.5

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: quickstep/samba
Kirstie is down about Sabrina's elimination, but she finally feels like she belongs on the show because half the winners weren't the best dancers of their seasons. And you were just a heartbeat from being one of them! They spent most their time last week with hurricane relief. Kirstie organized a semi-truck to bring donations from L.A. to the East Coast. Bravo! The dance? Less so. (This is obviously not counting the sparks that flew out of Maks' crotch before the commercial break. Now that's a fire crotch.) Kirstie's got a dirty maid thing going on, and the quickstep portion is well done, but she falls out of sync once the samba comes in and gets caught up in some of the spins. Plus: This is a 50/50 dance, not a fusion. Carrie Ann says she lost herself in the samba. Len says it was an admirable effort. Bruno says only Kirstie can turn Cinderella into a stripper, but agrees that she lost timing.
Score: 24

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy: foxtrot/cha-cha
And we're back with the showmance, candlelight speech and all. I love how Val gets the "good guy" edit versus Maks' "bad boy" one. Kelly says their chemistry is unexplainable. "People don't know what it is," she says. "We don't know what it is." Well, it's good you egg it on with a faux proposal at the end. This is a nice, cute and almost clean number if not for a flub at the beginning. The cha-cha part gets a little static, but it's taut and flirty. However, Val takes a page of out big bro's book and does a half-and-half routine of each style. Really, man? I get why Maks did it, but there's no need to do that for Kelly. Len points out the foxtrot "incident," but found it lovely. Bruno likes the flash and dash, but agrees she lost balance in the foxtrot. Carrie Ann likes her balance of the styles. Oh, look, Val is not only nice, but funny too! "What can we expect in the finale?" Brooke asks. "Children," Val deadpans.
Score: 27

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani: tango/cha-cha
Melissa is worried because of the heel versus toe leads, but she's determined to step it up for Tony after seeing his Skype convo with his family back on the East Coast. Eavesdropper! Are those boots painted onto Melissa? Or made of latex? It doesn't matter; I want them. This is a funky, cheeky routine, and Melissa's sharp and on-point, but they're not tightly in hold enough. I still think she can dance a little "bigger" though. She always looks like she's holding something back. Bruno basically compares her to Beyonce. OK, then. You've never been sexier," he purrs. "You turn me on!" Carrie Ann calls her a star. Len loves it.
Score: 29

Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas: tango/paso doble

Remember, Derek has an injured neck, so Mark steps in for rehearsals. Shawn and Mark! Together again! "I knew you'd come back," he tells her. "They always do." Somewhere, Bristol's head is exploding. The dance is still Derek's creative vision, but it gets to be too many cooks in the kitchen in rehearsals. Let's just do a trio, guys! Alas, Derek wasn't cleared to perform tonight (he will be back next week), so it'll be Shawn and Mark. And this is by far the best dance of the night: dramatic, powerful, dynamic with seamless transitions and perfect footwork. The benefit of working with two pros! Seriously, though, this probably would've been the outcome anyway had Derek been OK. Carrie Ann calls it the definition of a fusion dance. Len says it was a firecracker. Bruno says each style was performed to the purity of the dance. "Who's the better partner?" Brooke asks Shawn. "I'll take you!" she says. No! Stay away from the Brooke bot! Shawn finally gets her first 30 of the season. How ironic that is comes with Mark.
Score: 30

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd: Argentine tango/samba
Gilles isn't getting the steps, so he has a heart-to-heart with his pal, MMA heavyweight Cheick Kongo. After a shirtless magazine cover photo shoot, of course. Gilles' Argentine tango in Season 8 was flawless, and the A.T. portions here are not, but they're still good, as are the samba sections. I definitely don't "smell" the awesomeness of it like he wants us to. And note to Gilles: Stop telling us that every single one of your dances will be the greatest thing ever. It's obnoxiously off-putting and they're usually not even the greatest of the week. Len says he went all over South America. Bruno says he had great command. Carrie Ann wants him to be careful with his arms.
Score: 28.5

Swing Marathon
Welcome back, Golf Announcer Tom! A refresher: Everyone dances simultaneously for four minutes and get tapped out one by one. First couple eliminated gets four points and last couple standing gets 10 points. Lifts are allowed. Shawn is already dancing like 10 beats faster than anyone else. Unsurprisingly, Kirstie and Maks are out first, followed by Gilles and Peta, Apolo and Karina, and Emmitt and Cheryl. Shawn and Mark keep the gymnastic tricks to a minimum (maybe because Derek's not part of this) and go out in third. I honestly have no idea how Kelly and Val have lasted this long. They've had some nice sections, but they've spent, like, half the time standing in one hold. Val also basically carries Kelly by his crotch at one point. They get second place, which means Melissa and Tony have won. There was a lot of dancing, they were in sync, and Melissa never lost stamina from the first note. Besides, Tony never wins anything, so he finally gets his!

New totals:
Kirstie and Maks: 28
Gilles and Peta: 33.5
Apolo and Karina: 33
Emmitt and Cheryl: 34.5
Shawn and Derek: 38
Kelly and Val: 36
Melissa and Tony: 39

No elimination this week, so there will be a double axing next Tuesday. Go vote and see ya next week!

What do you think? Did you like the fusion dances? Did Melissa and Tony deserve to win the marathon? Do you forget about Emmitt too? Could you smell the greatness of Gilles' dance? Do you like Shawn better with Mark or Derek? Will Kelly and Val have children in three weeks? Are you mesmerized by Maks' fire crotch? Who's your current pick to win?

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Dancing with the Stars' lucky Top 7 mix and match two dance styles with fusion routines and go for extra points in the swing marathon. Plus: Find out if Derek recovered in time to dance with Shawn!
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