Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 14, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: The seventh week of performances features the celebrities dancing to classical music. Performers include Joshua Bell, Jackie Evancho and Vittorio Grigolo.
Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2012
Guest Cast Joshua Bell Jackie Evancho

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 30, 2012 Season 14, Episode 12

Dancing with the Stars' top 7 tackle Classical Week with individual routines and team dances — and one team scores the first perfect 30 of the season? Find out who below!

Can someone tell me who planned team dances when there's an uneven number of teams left? (I like symmetry.) Was it really that hard to wait until next week? Or you know, cut the show by 30 minutes?

Anyhow, it's Katherine Jenkins Classical Week!

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: rumba
Katherine feels at home this week with the theme, but doesn't think it'll be cake for her. (My words, not hers.) She again can't get her sexy on, so Mark reminds her that you can't spell "classical" without "ass." Funny, I thought that was you. Kidding! OK. Mark is just wearing a cape. I cannot even. And not in a good way. It's truly a Greek tragedy, or as Tom calls it, Game of Thrones: The Musical. Of course, Katherine unhooks the cape right from the get-go, so Mark can ham it up the whole way through with no fabric constrictions. Oh, yeah, the dance. Katherine's lines and figures are gorgeous, but the routine is lacking chemistry, rhythm and hip action. Unless you count Mark's. It's all very nice, but boring. Len calls it a classic rumba. Bruno wanted more raunch "to get my juices going." Carrie Ann calls her unmatched, but wanted more passion.
Score: 27

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Melissa Gilbert: Argentine tango
If you haven't heard, Maks has a bum foot. It turns out he has a cyst in his ankle, but his doctor says he can continue. Taking precautionary measures, he enlists Val to join them in rehearsals so he could fill in if worse comes to worse. Luckily, it hasn't, and he kicks things off by carrying Melissa over his head. Careful, dude. People are gonna say you faked this. I don't quite know what to make of this whole routine. The look and music (Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro") are whimsical, but the choreography is wild, forceful and all over the place, and there is no polish at all. They do a bunch of crazy lifts that give me whiplash, which I feel like were just inserted in to compensate for Maks' limited movement. Bruno says it looked like Melissa was riding the Cyclone at times. Carrie Ann calls it "Cirque du Soleil gone terribly wrong" and a "lift-fest." Len loves the lifts, but thinks she sacrificed quality for intensity.
Score: 21

William Levy and Cheryl Burke: Viennese waltz
William wants to show the judges that he's more than a pretty face. He exacerbates his ankle learning the spins and Cheryl offers to change the ending. They're dancing to Jackie Evancho, aka that opera-singing child from America's Got Talent. I am happy to report that William is more than a pretty face. I mean, check out that constipated face! Technique-wise, this is a competent effort. He's not totally sharp and is stiff and heavy in some spots, but he captures the sweetness of the dance well, which means the judges will salivate over him. Again. Carrie Ann calls it true dancing. Gag. Len was nearly transported to Vienna. Bruno loves the vulnerability.
Score: 27

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower: Argentine tango
"I give it my all every week. Something just doesn't seem to be connecting," Roshon says. Word, dude. He's determined to stay out of the bottom two, so he decides to consult Val on how to be manlier. "It's about how you caress her body," he tells him. Can we all take How to Be a Man lessons from Val? I still see Roshon as a young'un, but he's far more confident and sleek. The footwork and hooks are good, but he still doesn't look like he has a solid core. The camera cuts away for a few seconds for what I can only assume is a wardrobe malfunction. Len likes the transitions, but wanted more tension in his feet. Bruno reminds him that size isn't everything. Carrie Ann gives him a hug.
Score: 25

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: Viennese waltz
Donald's goal remains the same: get a perfect 30. After the tongue-lashing from the judges, Peta is putting together a professional routine. To my amateur eyes, this doesn't look that much more difficult that their other routines this season, but it is more elegant and graceful. Donald's light on his feet and his posture is sturdy, and there's no mistake this time, but it still doesn't feel like a 30 dance. Bruno loves it. Carrie Ann did not see a lift! Len calls him a dancing Ferrero Rocher. And now I want some.
Score: 27

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough: paso doble
Oh, look. Maria and Derek get the tense package this week. Which basically amounts to him telling her to pose more attractively and her saying that his past partners were dancers... which is sorta true. Kiddie stuff! This is the best dance of the night so far. It's dramatic, fierce, and they're totally playing into the vampire theme, but not overdoing it. Maria's dynamic, clean, and the tension between them is palpable. Any chance Derek can choreograph Donald's next dance? Carrie Ann says Katherine needs to watch her back. Len says it was crisp as a Pringle. Bruno calls her the Queen of the Night. And they get the first 30! Donald's gonna be pissed. I don't think it was 30-worthy, but this is Derek after all.
Score: 30

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson: Viennese waltz
Kym gives Jaleel a stuffed koala for doing so well last week. So bygones be bygones? "I might not have any Super Bowl rings and I might not be a Latin heartthrob, but this week, I'm gonna be the man to beat," Jaleel says. Uh, not exactly. The routine is fluid and very graceful and definitely has more content than Donald's, but Jaleel's technique is a little loose. It's weird how he can't maintain more than a week's momentum. Len loves the airy feel, but says he had no heel leads. Bruno likes the story, but wants him to watch his arms. Carrie Ann, ditto.
Score: 24

Team Dances
The points will be added to everyone's individual scores. As the two highest scorers, Katherine and William choose the teams. Naturally, Mark chooses his BFF Derek. It's times like these I wish they did this blind. Two judges' pets on one team? Sigh.

Team Tango: Maria and Derek, Katherine and Mark, Roshon and Chelsie, and Jaleel and Kym
If you've lost count, Team Tango has seven Mirrorball trophies between them. Team Paso has two. Derek likes that they have four couples because it gives them more options. As expected, the choreography is intense and the formations are wildly intricate. Surprisingly, Roshon and Chelsie close the solos with a killer sequence before they all engage in more floor acrobatics. Len says it was good overall, but the technique was bad. Bruno calls Roshon a revelation. Carrie Ann calls it incredible and disagrees with Len.
Score: 27

Team Paso Doble: Donald and Peta, Melissa and Maks, and William and Cheryl
Ah, it's the manly team. Val's on standby for Maks, so it's even manlier! Maks lists the pro to the three-couple team, saying that it's an advantage because too many couples can get too messy. William doesn't want to take off his shirt because he's more than a pretty face, people! They compromise with the open jackets... which they eventually take off, obviously. Team Paso has the edge with the flashier dance, which they work to their advantage. It's flashy, intense and full of fireworks and flesh. I have to give the technical mark to Team Tango though. Maks overpowered Melissa at times, and they were a little off sync, which I blame the singer for the cacophonous butchering. But Team Paso wins on the crowd-pleasing (and crowd-drooling) front. Bruno says there's more muscle power than The Avengers (Magic Mike might be more apt) while he bathes in the boys. Carrie Ann says it will go down as the fan favorite paso doble. Len says the guys undressed to impress.
Score: 26

Maria and Derek top the leader board with a 57, while Meliss and Maks are last with a 47.

What do you think? Did Maria deserve a perfect 30? Will Donald ever get a 30? Which team dance did you prefer? Where do we take How to Be a Man lessons from Val? How ridiculous did Mark look? Should Game of Thrones: The Musical happen? Are you excited for Gavin's return tomorrow? Who do you think should go home?

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Dancing with the Stars' top 7 tackle Classical Week with individual routines and team dances — and one team scores the first perfect 30 of the season? Find out who below!
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