Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars"

Season 15, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: The fifth week of competition continues, featuring a mixture of group dances and individual performances. The theme is "Guilty Pleasures."
Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012 Season 15, Episode 10

Dancing with the Stars wraps up Guilty Pleasure Week with Team "Call Me Maybe"'s individual dances and Team "Gangnam Style"'s freestyle. Who returned to the top of the leaderboard? Find out below!

Remember, tonight's show was taped last night while we all were watching Obama and Romney talk about horses and bayonets. Don't let the wardrobe changes fool you! Though I see Brooke didn't even try to tone down the makeup. Sigh.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani: Tango
Melissa's guilty pleasure song is Britney Spears' "Toxic" and she's got the glittery nude bodysuit and red wig on. That's really half the battle, let's be honest. She has a breakdown in rehearsals because she's never done the tango and isn't getting the steps. Now, of course, the steps are the least of their concern. It's a nice routine and Melissa plays the vixen well, but it doesn't seem to "pop" at all — a consequence of her neck injury? I fear she might snap her head off with every head pivot. Len calls it sexy. Bruno calls it intoxicating, but thinks her top-line could be better. He chalks it up to them being cautious with her injury and they concur. Carrie Ann says she was totally in character.
Score: 27
Total: 56.5

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough: Rumba

Shawn's guilty pleasure tune is Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Obviously they're Jack and Rose. Shawn is worried about showing emotion and admits that this is her weakest dance. That may be true, but she did a very pretty rumba in Season 8 with Mark. They're dancing on a raised round stage. Is that supposed to be the floating door? It's a gorgeous, romantic number, and Shawn's lines and extensions are exquisite. She doesn't overdo it on the leg action like Peta did, but she does need more hip action. She lets Derek go at the end and he rolls off into the ocean, er, smoke. Bruno loves the changing shapes. Carrie Ann feels like a proud mama because Shawn has grown so much, but calls them out on a lift. Cue massive boos. "It was a catch, "Derek says. "By the way, tonight, Carrie Ann plays the iceberg," Tom quips. Len hates it and says it wasn't a rumba. He gives them an 8, which is total B.S. You gave Kirstie and 8.5, Len, so are you saying Shawn was worse than her? Because that is categorically false.
Score: 27
Total: 56.5

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff: Samba

Apolo picks Rick James' "Give It To Me Baby" and they want to redeem themselves after her slip-up last week. "I have a feeling this is our comeback week," Karina says. Apolo's wearing a leopard-print silk top, which should just get 10s alone. This isn't better than Apolo's awesome samba with Julianne in Season 4, but it is pretty damn good, especially when you consider that Apolo has a stomach bug. It's clean and on point, and while his samba rolls could be better, his hip action is great. And it's just fun and hot all around. Carrie Ann says his legwork is fantastic, but she isn't feeling the chemistry between them. That's because you want to make babies with Gilles, C.A. Did that fall yesterday knock some brain cells out of you? Len regains his sanity and calls it terrific. Bruno has no idea what Carrie Ann is looking at.
Score: 27
Total: 56.5

Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel: Waltz
Sabrina picks "So This Is Love" from Cinderella. A Disney alum picking a Disney song? If you say so. They do the whole Cinderella and Prince Charming shebang. Guys, Sabrina is not aggressive and fast and furious for once! I mean, if she managed to do that in a waltz, we've got serious issues. She's soft, subtle, though her arms are not as smooth. Still, it's an elegant number. See, Sabrina? Less is more. Len says she's going to the ball. Bruno calls it a magical ride into an enchanted kingdom and flails his arms uncontrollably. Carrie Ann doesn't think she was vulnerable, but thinks she got her happy endings. Er, family show! But great plug! Inexplicably, she still gives them a 10.
Score: 29
Total: 58.5

Team "Gangnam Style" Freestyle
Team "Gangnam Style" (Gilles and Peta, Kelly and Val, Kirstie and Maks, Emmitt and Cheryl) is basically Gilles trying to take charge and order everyone around after giving grandiose speeches about how this is "the dream team." "That's it, you can't speak anymore," Maks hilariously tells him when he tries to change a move. Ego bruised, but not deflated, Gilles says Maks is an alpha male and is not receptive to other people's ideas. Uh, why don't you let the pro choreograph? I really don't have the words to describe what is happening in this dance, except with "WTF" in the hot mess way. Gilles and Peta are literally just in tiny towels. At one point, he spreads her legs and stares at her crotch. Yeah. It's a fun and hilarious number, but I wouldn't even say the entertainment value trumps Team "Call Me Maybe"'s technique. Len says it was the craziest number he's ever seen. Bruno requests Gilles' towel because he's wetting himself and he obliges. Hello, tighty whities. Carrie Ann says it was a fun hot mess.
Score: 27

Gilles and Peta's total: 56.5

Emmitt and Cheryl's total: 56

Kirstie and Maks' total: 52.5

Kelly and Val's total: 51.5

That means Sabrina and Louis are back on top of the leaderboard, and Kelly and Val are last for the first time. Next week is Country Week!

What do you think? Was Team "Gangnam Style" the hottest mess you've ever seen? Do Apolo and Karina not have chemistry? Did Shawn do a lift? Is Carrie Ann an iceberg? What is Bruno doing with Gilles' towel? Should Maks and Gilles have an alpha-male faceoff? Who's your current pick to win?

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Dancing with the Stars wraps up Guilty Pleasure Week with Team "Call Me Maybe"'s individual dances and Team "Gangnam Style"'s freestyle. Who returned to the top of the leaderboard? Find out below!
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Who's your current pick to win?

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