Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 14, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: "Motown Week" is the theme for the sixth week of performances. Also: Smokey Robinson, the Temptations, Martha Reeves and Human Nature perform.
Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2012
Guest Cast Smokey Robinson The Temptations Human Nature Martha Reeves

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 23, 2012 Season 14, Episode 10

It's Motown Week on Dancing with the Stars! And what better way to celebrate than with a Motown Marathon? Who made a comeback? Find out below!

Get ready because here they come. And by "they," I mean Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves and The Temptations. Pulling out all the stops, huh, show? Can we continue the mini concert and skip the dancing? Kidding! Maybe.

OK, camera fail. Unless Donald had a complete body transplant and is now a trumpeter instead of Donald. Speaking of the band, a backup singer is wearing pink pleather. I think my Rollberlbade Barbie wore that exact same outfit back in the day.

So tonight, everyone will do an individual dance and then the Motown Marathon. Motown girl Gladys kicks things off.

Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus: rumba
Gladys is pumped and calls her bro to show Tristan some Motown/Pip moves. They're dancing to The Temptations, who will perform "My Girl" live. Cool, right? Not as cool as Tristan's all-purple outfit. I'm pretty sure he's the only guy who can pull off the Barney look. Anyhow, this is a very sweet routine and Gladys has the stage presence, charisma and rhythm to sell it, but technique-wise, it's not all there. Plus, this is a rumba, and there is zero heat. We don't need Maria and Derek-like floor-writhing  (which would be totally weird with these two), but some sort of chemistry would suffice. Len calls Gladys the most charismatic dancer and would be voting for her if he were at home. Bruno says the Motown details are spot-on, but he likes his rumbas steamier. Carrie Ann is torn because this night ought to belong to Gladys, but there were moments of forgetfulness.
Score: 21

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough: foxtrot
Derek wants to bring the class back. So no sex on the floor? Guess that gown would get in the way. Maria starts off well, but flubs on the stairs, which puts her about a beat behind for a bit. Her frame is solid and the out-of-hold sequences are nicely done, but there's something not sharp about her footwork. Bruno loves the sophistication and elegance. Carrie Ann says her shoulders came up, but found it beautiful. Len calls it a joy to his eyes... and whips out a 9, even with their slip-up. Yawn. Golden Boy can do no wrong.
Score: 26

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower: rumba
"When you hear 'sensual,' what do you think of?" Chelsie asks. "Like... sensual... like... huggy," Roshon says. Oh, you boy-child. How much do we think Roshon weighs soaking wet? I got 110. Anyone else? I don't think he's ever looked skinnier than he does now, which sort of makes the whole routine a little awkward. Roshon hits all the marks, but his movements are a little twitchy, like he doesn't know how to carry through a line and connect. The sensuality is there a little, but dude is definitely trying too hard on that front. Carrie Ann says his movements were over-exaggerated and points out a lift. Len says he liked it, but proceeds to lay into them for being jerky. Bruno concurs with Len and more or less tries to dislocate his hip.
Score: 23

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: samba
Welsh Wiggle, Welsh Warrior and now Welsh Bounce? Katherine can't get the movement down for some reason, which is basically the worst it gets for her. Of course, she's perfectly fine now and nails all the moves. It's a technically proficient dance, but I'm not really feeling it. It doesn't feel fun and carefree like a samba should. "I'm calling you the midwife," Len tells Katheirne, "because you keep delivering week after week." So do OB/GYNs and nurses. What do ya got against them, Len? Bruno loves the marriage between Brazil and funkytown. Carrie Ann calls it amazing.

Score: 29

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: foxtrot
Donald admits he felt like he was underscored last week. Honey, you've been underscored this whole time! Peta brings him a cardboard cutout of Len holding a 10 paddle as inspiration. And it looks like Donald may get it... until he messes up a backpedaling sequence at the end. He's gonna be pissed. Other than that, it's another powerhouse effort from Donald. He's dynamic, captivating and fluid, even though he's basically twirling and dragging Peta around the entire time. Bruno calls him a showman. Carrie Ann says he was in the groove. Len says Donald exploded on the floor. "Peta, this man can give more," he says. "Work him. ... This man can be a great dancer."
Score: 27

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Viennese waltz
Oh, look. Time for the requisite "Maks fights with his partner" package. Melissa confesses that she can't process information quickly. Cue montage of Maks reprimanding her in the most charming way possible, obviously. "Could be worse," he says. "You could have an ugly partner." Can't argue that, right? I'm glad Melissa finally has a slow dance after six friggin' weeks. This is definitely more her speed (no pun intended). She looks relaxed, her steps and spins are more at ease, and for once, she doesn't look brittle and uncomfortable out there. The routine, however, is a little on the snoozy side. Carrie Ann says Melissa's hard work is finally paying off, but warns her to watch her shoulders. Len loves the rotations, but thinks she lost energy. Bruno, ditto.
Score: 24

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson: cha-cha
Jaleel feels demoralized after being in the bottom two and Kym is determined to get the Week 1 Jaleel back. Luckily or unluckily, they have the cha-cha, aka their Dance Duel dance last week. Looks like it's the former. Kym has indeed awoken the Ghost of Jaleel Past. He's loose, carefree, snappy, snazzy and is attacking all the steps without overdoing it. Call it a comeback, kids. Len says he's back. Bruno calls it the biggest sizzler of the season. Carrie Ann says the "A" game has been brought, and I want to watch Bring It On now. She and Bruno whip out the 10 paddles. Donald's gonna be even more pissed.
Score: 29

William Levy and Cheryl Burke: rumba
Of course, give the hottie Latin guy another sexy dance. "Everybody is expecting us to bring a lot of heat," William says. And the fire alarm goes off while the studio fills with smoke. "I brought the fire to the rehearsal, so now I have to bring it to the dance floor," he says. (That was totally rigged.) The dance is hot as expected, but the routine is lacking in every other way. William's way too stiff and three-quarters of the dance is hand-touching and sliding, which means they're back to coasting on William's hotness. Le sigh. Bruno calls it "utter filth, and I loved every minute of it. ... You two are wired for sex." Carrie Ann thanks him on behalf of the ladies, but says it wasn't his best dance. Len says he dances with confidence, but found it too raunchy. "Anyone can rock their hips from side to side," Len says, pulling a Bruno with a demo. "I want to see the back-and-forth hip action. ... I can't go into ecstasy like some people here." Bruno fires back the obvious: "He needs Viagra." "Later at home tonight, Len will be reading 50 Shades of Grey," Tom quips. That's how you do a sex joke, Bruno.
Score: 27

Motown Marathon
Everyone will cha-cha side by side until getting tapped out by the judges. Points range from three to 10. But most importantly, Tom's golf announcer voice is back!

Gladys and Tristan get eliminated first. I would say something about how they looked except they didn't show them and I feel disoriented trying to pay attention.

Maria and Derek, shockingly, are out next. Roshon and Chelsie follow, and then Melissa and Maks.

The last four couples get to use the entire floor, but Donald and Peta get tapped right away. Jaleel and Kym go next even though they're doing way more actual dancing than William and Cheryl. But, of course, the darlings are the last two left. William and Cheryl, thankfully, finish second, and Katherine and Mark, who are still in sync four minutes in, win.

New totals:
Katherine and Mark: 39
Jaleel and Kym: 37
William and Cheryl: 36
Donald and Peta: 34
Maria and Derek: 30
Melissa and Maks: 30
Roshon and Chelsie: 28
Gladys and Tristan: 24

What do you think? Did you like Motown Week and the live performances? Could you pay attention during the Motown Marathon? Is Jaleel on the comeback trail? Will Donald ever get a 10 from Len? Can William's hotness start fires? Can you picture Len reading 50 Shades of Grey? Who do you think will be in the bottom two and go home tomorrow?

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It's Motown Week on Dancing with the Stars! And what better way to celebrate than with a Motown Marathon? Who made a comeback? Find out below!
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